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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, James/OC, Lily/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing)
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-12-28 10:39am
Last Chapter
2007-02-14 8:32pm
Last Updated
2007-02-14 9:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Saturday, September 17th.

When I see him my stomach jolts, my blood gets pumping, something triggers inside me and I get really self-conscious and annoying. My mind gets really flustered (...haha...more then usual...) and I can’t think of anything to say, if I can manage something brilliant or witty or sane it is time for a medal.

899 15
2 Wednesday, September 22nd.

“Demonstrate, if you would,” Professor McGonagall said with a hint of exasperation. I took a deep breath and...set the poor kitten on fire. I. Set. A. Kitten. On. Fire. I am a horrible, horrible human being. I should dig a hole and stay down there, or better yet set my own tail on fire to see how it feels.

1,013 8
3 Sunday, September 27th

That’s our routine. I know if James fancied me he would tell Remus, but Remus is James’ Marauder before my friend. Just like how I am Abby’s half-sister before his friend and I would never tell him that she is madly in love with him, and that she is just going out with everyone else for kicks. “Those frogs have feelings! FEELINGS!”

812 6
4 Thursday, October 1st

James told him something. And I think...maybe....he planned the whole thing...he knew I would be coming from the dorms to the library so he set James to bump into me...or maybe he made the flats turn against me too...damn the murderous flats...

I blew it.

1,302 9
5 Sunday October 4th

I didn’t know what to say. My tongue seemed to be glued to the roof of my mouth. No wait, IT WAS! I looked at him helplessly as he sort of blushed and turned around. I made squeaky sounds and flailed my hands around like a git, trying to let them know someone had jinxed my tongue to the roof of my mouth.

1,176 13
6 Wednesday, October 7th.

So I finally started it. I was spewing out facts that were coming out of nowhere and made no sense, and I was trying not to concentrate on the deliciously tantalizing scent of food wafting from the Great Hall. Dammit. Today was mince meat pie day. Well, I looked up from my incredibly dreadful essay and jumped. James Potter had sat down across from me.

Uncontrollable butterflies, let me tell you.

628 8
7 Friday, October 15th


That means tears are coming usually. God I am an idiot, this isn’t even sad...Iris Skylar Harris never cries...seriously...I am the idiot watching an incredibly sad movie when everyone else is tearing up and sobbing I am just sitting there with a placid expression on my face because the tears just won’t come...

1,231 8
8 Sunday, October 17th

It started to rain really heavily as I got up into the sky, and I was soaked through and shaking, it was cold and I was beginning to get scared. The broom touched down in front of his huge stone house. I held the broom and knocked on the door fiercely with the knocker, and ended up pounding on the door with all of my weight. He opened it, looking annoyed, and then a look of bewilderment bloomed across his features.

1,275 9
9 Sunday, October 31st

Did I mention we were sitting by Ravenclaw sixth years? One big girl knocked her elbow into my head as she lumbered past to pay the bill and my face smashed into James’, and once our lips meant we got to kissing. My hand went up to my head to hold the spot where it was throbbing, but that was not my main concentration.

1,267 13
10 Friday, November 5th

We looked at each other and burst out laughing as we headed up the stairs to classes.
Which, speaking of classes, went fine. But during Defense against the Dark Arts I had to use the loo, so I got up and asked for a pass and left the room. Halfway down the hallway Charlie Goldstein, a semi-handsome but very weirdish sixth year came out of nowhere and walked up to me. Before I knew what was happening, he had me pinned against the wall.

1,021 11
11 Thursday, November 11th

An art that must be crafted and perfected. And I think this boy has had some serious perfecting time. He knows what he is doing, I think. Or maybe he is just a natural. He’ll make a woman happy someday. (Cough, me, cough.) No, that is just a tad stalkerish. This entry was boring. My life is getting dull. I should liven it up. Cheat or run away or fall off a broom or something to make it interesting.

820 11
12 Tuesday, November 16th,

Then, in a huge stampede, kittens, rabbits, birds, frogs, porcupines, beetles, and mice came running, hopping, bouncing, crawling, scuttling, and screeching down the halls. I grabbed James’ elbow and he pulled me to the side as we stood against the wall as we watched a frantic McGonagall chase them, wand forgotten.

1,384 14
13 Sunday, November 21st

To leave me for Lily? Lily? Lily. The girl who borrows my clothes. The girl who helps me with my homework. The girl who leant me the broom to run away with. The girl who cried on my shoulder when her boyfriend cheated on her. How could he? Fine. I sound like a huge hypocrite. Because I have to admit, after that hell of a kiss I think I may have feelings for his best friend too.

2,164 28
14 Thursday, November 25th

When mum turned around, she looked a little shocked, and then Abby pulled me into the hug. My mum smelled heavily of a thick, tingly store bought muggle perfume I can never place. After the waterworks subsided and we had all gotten a chance to relax, Dumbledore offered to ready means of transportation to Hogsmeade. We said yes. But, but, BUT, then Abby said she wasn’t feeling up to going, and that she was going to the Hospital Wing for something to cure her headache. So now it is me and mum. Mum and me. Somebody, take me now.

1,798 10
15 Sunday, December 5th

I was shaking and cold and felt so horrible and scared. I tried to remember the way to the open door but began to panic. I was afraid I would be lost in the house. I finally made it to the rickety stairs when I heard whispers. It was scary, really, and when I put my foot down on a stair it fell through, and I tripped, grabbing the banister, which collapsed, and brought old portraits and such down on me. Amidst shattering glass, things falling, including me, and me screaming bloody murder, I felt two hands pick me up and steady me.

890 13
16 Saturday, December 10th

We began to laugh, and I knew I didn’t like him. I knew I liked Sirius, and that James was just a good friend. I was positive at that moment.
Then, I saw a huge spider, crawling on the wall above his head. I screamed, and he turned around, and screamed louder, and he jumped over the bucket to be opposite it, like me, and we clung to each other, yelling about the spider. “KILL IT!” I screeched.

1,434 13
17 Thursday, December 15th

I knew I was falling, and I felt the sensation of nothing, just air, snow, and someone’s hands, (all you need, eh?) and when I felt myself fall into the snow, which was soft and fluffy, and I stood up, I realized I hadn’t broken any bones. Interesting. Then i thought maybe I had died.

1,228 10
18 Tuesday December 20th

So we are sliding down the slopes on plastic sleds and garbage bin lids, and I got on, with Sirius behind me, and we went down so fast...the air was freezing but I was warm and his arms were around me as I held the little string to steer the sled, but lost control. It flipped us off, and we went flying and tumbling down the hill the rest of the way, and when we landed at the bottom, covered in snow and laughing, I felt like my life was perfect. And when we looked up at what was going on at the top of the hill, I gasped and Sirius held my hand tight as we ran up.

1,473 17
19 Monday, January 1st

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

I smiled and kissed Sirius; everywhere around us people were snogging and toasting champagne, and hugging each other. James shot confetti out of his wand when no one was looking, and tons of it were cascading down from the ceiling. “Happy New Year, love,” Sirius whispered.

1,391 9
20 Wednesday, July 3rd

Life is like writing with a pen on paper, don’t you think? You can write as much as you have room for and anything you want, you can cross it out but you can never truly erase it. Well, my life has been invaded by Sirius once again, and this time he isn’t ever getting to leave.

1,268 30


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