Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Regulus, OC
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2006-12-21 22:38:16
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Morgan

The first chapter. Please R&R....

982 16
2 The New Girl.

A new girl comes to school? The first person she talks to is guess who? Sirius Black. 
Please Reveiw.

869 8
3 A Painful answer.

disclaimer: I don't own anyone except for Isabella and Morgan. Everyone else is from the genius mind of JKR.
Isabella's anwer finally arrives, but not the way she wanted,

680 10
4 The End of Sixth Year

Read and Review....also enjoy.

A/N: More chapters coming sooner and thats a promise.

1062 7
5 Isabella

Sirius warms up to Isabella, she gets confused. Then begins to see whats happening.

1331 6
6 The Detention She'll Never Forget

Yay! A new chapter!!! Please Read and Review. 

Isabella and Sirius go to detention and to the kitchens. And Isabella asks more about Morgan

1354 5
7 New Love. (Or so we think)

Sorry about the delay. 

So Isabella is dragged along to Hogsmeade with Lily, and after the long night she had before she isn't very excited. But then its Sirius Black to the rescue

Please review

1621 5
8 First Flight

What happens when Sirius and Isabella take their first flight together? Well lets just say Sirius ruins any chance of her liking him quickly. 

Please review thanks =)

993 3
9 Prank Wars- Battle One

Isabella decides its now a really good time to get back at Sirius. But sometimes good plans can backfire, or even cause a pranking war.

2051 5
10 A Bet

Everyone knows making a bet with a Marauder isn't the smartest idea, but who knows maybe sometimes you can use it to your own advantage.
Please R/R =)

1965 4
11 The Marauders strike back ((a secert))

What happens when Lily and Isabella's plan backfires??
A whole lot of drama please read and review

613 4
12 Professor Dumbledore

Isabella talks to Professor Dumbledore
a/n: Dumbledore is wise, I am not,  so this is probably not the best Dumbledore thing you've read
please review

1081 5
13 Flashbacks

Isabella and  Sirius get into talking about the flashbacks
and maybe even a little about Sirius.

1170 6
14 Summer Break

Yay! New chapter finally. I'm sorry for the wait please read and review

997 2
15 Visitors And Getting Away

Isabella is home to house she doesn't think is her's
Read and Review

1844 4
16 Dreams, Sirius, and Mrs. Potter

Time to know who did it, but she as bigger issues before that. Also her talk with Mrs. Potter, and a find run in with James. Please Read and Review

2739 6
17 Talking to James, Movies and Bacon?

Everything seems to fall into place. Isabella talks to James, and she and Sirius have an encounter with bacon? please review, Also this is the chapter were i begin to call Isabella by the name Morgan, so be aware of that. She'll go by that the rest of the story =]

1855 4
18 Lily learns a lesson & Morgan asks questions

Lily and Morgan talk about James, and Lily asks Morgan about Sirius. What will happen?

Read and Review

2547 7
19 A Crush, A Friend, A Fight.

Morgan has had it with the marauders, deciding that for a next few days she'll invite Lily over to end her misery, but when an unexpected visior arrives, everything and one goes crazy, and leaves tension between Morgan and Sirius.

3289 5
20 With Him...Without Him

James and Lily finally have some alone time, but when Lily gets too close something happens she never expected.

Please Read & Review

1413 5
21 Just a little chat...

Title sort of says it all. =] Please review

1616 1
22 Somethings need to be forced.

When Sirius and Morgan get sick of James and Lily being sad and mad they decide to take matters into their own hands. Will their plan work or go down in flames? Read and Review.

2220 0
23 Back To School

Morgan and the gang return to the first day back at Hogwarts. And already things aren't looking so pretty. Please review.

1227 0
24 To the point of Insanity...

Morgan's issues take over, and once she starts there is no turning back.
Please read and review.

2837 1
25 Just Remember.

Morgan is offically in the mad-house. But someone comes who could change everything. All she has to do is remember. ((Sorry it took so long to update. School and sports aren't always the best things ever))

1058 0
26 Werewolves.

Morgan is finally getting memory back, including some that even she isn't used to.

1188 0
27 Home.


1542 0
28 Chats.

Morgan is home. Time for buisness.

1398 0
29 Playful Talks.

**I'm going to be updating more...next chapters will be longer**

1205 0
30 Safety.

**First time I posted it I put the wrong chapter. Sorry!!**

1469 0
31 Leaving

Morgan thinks she knows what's best...too bad no one else agrees.
**Coming close to the ending!!! Then I might go back and re-do some of the old chapters, until then...review!**

1142 0
32 Alone

Morgan is fighting alone...

1093 0
33 Hope.

Morgan and Sirius...both are hurt, and both want to see each other. The end of the battle, who is going to win?

1121 0
34 Epilogue / The End

The life after, the end of the story. ((I can't believe it over! Please tell me what you think!))

1122 2


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