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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Molly, Fleur, Luna, Fred/George, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-12-09 4:09pm
Last Chapter
2007-06-23 7:18pm
Last Updated
2007-07-02 4:21pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Hermione is on her way to the Burrow. Everything happens traditionally, the way it's supposed to, the way it's happened every summer. But Hermione's in for a grand surprise.

1,840 37
2 The Morning After

What is Ron's reaction to last night's incident the next day? And what wedding-related surprise does Fleur have in store for Hermione and Ginny?

2,448 30
3 Recent Memories

Ginny asks Hermione about a recent memory she's had. How much information will Mr. Weasley's Pensieve reveal?

2,532 26
4 Heartbreaking Honesty

The day begins normally, but by the end Hermione feels as if she is part of a horrible, unreal world.

1,948 27
5 Choleric Enchantania

What happened to Hermione? Will Ron ever forgive her for what she said to him?

1,920 18
6 Weasley's Wrath

Ginny has just overheard the conversation between Harry and Hermione. What is her reaction?

1,831 25
7 Tragedies and Realizations

Someone very close to the Weasley family is badly injured. Who is it?

1,863 24
8 A Tale of Sorrow

Hermione notices something curious in the Weasley garden and Luna makes an unexpected appearence.

2,760 14
9 The Right Decision

Hermione talks to Ginny about her part in the war. It is decided whether Luna will stay at the Burrow or not. Ron and Hermione fight some more and Hermione finds a peculiar object on the floor of the hallway.

2,367 22
10 Necklace of Truth

It is the day before the wedding. Hermione discovers who the mysterious necklace belongs to and what is special about it. She also has a "special" conversation with Fred and George.

2,705 20
11 One Big Mess

The day of the wedding has finally arrived. However, everyone has forgotten one very important detail...

2,774 29
12 Confessions and Last-Minute Preparations

Hermione attempts to clean the mess they made and confesses something of huge significance to Ginny. Harry and Ginny discuss their new relationship and everyone puts on final touches for the wedding as the guests arrive.

3,423 21
13 A Ceremony and Reception

Bill and Fleur's wedding ceremony comes and goes, and Hermione ponders over her possible future, or lack thereof. Then the reception begins, and there is dancing, disappointments and tears. What happens when a spell comes out of no where and hits someone?

3,247 20
14 Ambush

The minister who married Bill and Fleur has just been killed, seemingly out of no where. What is going on? Who fired the curse? What absolute chaos awaits our heroes? And will Hermione finally find it in herself to apologize to Ron?

3,595 27
15 Flicker of Confidence

It's the aftermath of the attack, and soon enough, everyone is sent to bed. But what will Hermione do when she can't sleep because she's too busy thinking of Ron?

3,813 35
16 Epilogue

Hermione and Ron awaken to find that they have been discovered. Questions will be answered, such as: will Hogwarts reopen? Ron and Hermione prepare for the death-defying journey they are about to take.

2,002 45


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