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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-12-07 6:17pm
Last Chapter
2008-05-21 8:24am
Last Updated
2008-05-21 8:24am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Friends First

Katie encounters Draco Malfoy for the first time. She becomes friends with the trio, and a new friend all at once.

662 9
2 Not Always Forgiving

this chapter is about introducing Katie and Ginger to Snape. And the Halloween dance is coming up. Does Katie has a thing for Harry or is it Draco?

706 8
3 Are They More Than Friends

This Chapter is about the Halloween dance. Katie finds the nerve to ask Harry, but Draco, is kind of jealous. So Ginger asks him instead. And Ron goes to the dance with.......well you'll just have to read the chapter to find out.

1,001 3
4 Dance Disaster

Katie goes to the dance with Harry. And Ginger goes with Draco. Ron gets slapped around a bit. Hermione, does not like Ginger too much. Katie and Draco start getting closer.

646 3
5 Tug Of Ron

A new character is introduced. Hermione is stunned. Ginger makes her desicion on Draco, Katie moves in, and Draco moves on. Katie starts to have feelings for Draco, but does he feel the same??

1,250 1
6 The New Draco

Draco's cousin Tom Lestrange, shows up at Hogwarts unexpectedly. Ginger falls head over heels for him. Draco and Katie become closer. Harry also catches her off guard with an unexplained question, that she does answer.

1,193 3
7 The Relationship

Katie arrives late, and Umbridges class, and gets detention with Filch. Katie also finishes a foot long essay in one class.  After her detention she and Draco meets up and they go out onto the grounds in the middle of the night. And Draco tells her..........

2,216 1
8 Relationship Match

Draco and Katie's relationship is a match so far, Draco gives Katie a Promise Ring. Ginger and Tom are also together, and Tom also gives Ginger a Promise Ring identical to Katie's. Katie has a little run in with Pansy but all is well.

1,646 4
9 Truth or Dare

Katie and Ginger steal vertisurem from Snape's Potion class, than later that night they play truth or dare. Which reveals some truth.

1,816 2
10 Secrets Be Told

Secrets are told within the group.

771 0
11 The Dream

Katie has a dream, and Draco gives her an amazing gift.
not much for a summary but really this chapter is a fill in..

889 2
12 The Plans and the party

This is actually two chapters in one, its chapter 12 and 13 because neither are long enough. but these chapters is about Katie sweet 16 and Ginger is in for trouble.

1,634 0
13 Are They Over and Are They Forever?

Are Katie and Draco in love forever? What about Tom And Ginger will they last forever also? guess you'll have to read the chapter to find out

1,206 2
14 When an Old Friend Calls

Katie gets a letter from and old friend. Who is it? And why do they want to come to hogwarts?

1,341 0
15 More Secrets Are Told

Katie's friend from school is at Hogwarts. What will happen? What did Katie and Draco's date consist of anyways?

2,049 1
16 The Unexpected

Katie's friend leaves, and she recieves a letter from someone. Who is this someone, and what does the letter say? Who knows whats gonna happen next in Katie's life.  Please read and Review

1,171 1
17 Encountering Malfoy

Katie, Draco, Ron, Hermione, Ginger, and Harry are all on there way to Hogsmeade, when they are randomly attacked. Who are they attacked by? What do they want? Well I guess you'll have to read the chapter to find out.

1,398 4
18 When Happiness Ends

A/N: Finally the last chapter is here, hope you all read and review, thanks for all your reviews loved them all. :))Katie and Ginger follow Draco into the Forbidden Forest. What happens? Who will they meet? Katie looses someone, who is that someone. Read to find out.

1,222 4


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