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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-27 2:06pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-22 2:38pm
Last Updated
2008-03-11 4:33pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

I own nothing - Please read A/N's

1,918 9
2 Chapter Two

I own nothing - Harry wakes up to find himself in a very peculiar situation, and needing some help.

2,362 7
3 Chapter Three

I own nothing - Harry meets up with Dumbledore...but what will happen? no one knows but me..and you..soon..hah okay please read and hopefully enjoy ^_^

2,247 8
4 Chapter Four

Again everything belongs to nothing...Harry finally says what he wants to Dumbledore but i must say it is rather breif..hmm..i guess my muse was not willing ack lol but please still enjoy

1,336 4
5 Chapter Five

okay so here is the next chapter after that lovely break everyone took to relax ^_^ i hope everyone enjoys!

1,573 4
6 Chapter Six

enter sirius, sirius's brother, and remus...and thats about it....please enjoy cuz i don't when i'm going to be getting the next out ^_^

2,557 7
7 Chapter Seven

I own nothing - Remus finds out something rather shocking and we find how he's dealing with it.

1,672 7
8 Chapter Eight

Ah haha..i'm so back, and here we know what? you'll find out soon k? Well until then JKR owns everything me nothing...please enjoy!! ^_^

1,994 5
9 Chapter Nine

Ah yet another one. I just wanted to thank everyone thats left reviews thus far...really sweet of you all. Emily, your review expecially got to me. Not because I found it hurtful or anything quite on the opened my eyes a bit. Thanks again and I own nothing! nothing at all!!

2,261 5
10 Chapter Ten

I own nothing - Hermione has some interesting views about time travel.

1,751 7
11 Chapter Eleven

I own nothing - Harry finally desides he can't wait anymore and runs into a bit of trouble for his efforts. Remus is having a hard time as well.

2,307 4
12 Chapter Twelve

I own nothing - Hermione has found some interesting dicoveries regarding time turners Harry is up to something and poor Remus is just plain tired

2,399 6
13 Chapter Thirteen

I own nothing - Harry has something up his sleeve(somewhat) more break throughs in the enigma of the broken timeturner and a trip to a desert! ^_^ Enjoy

2,500 4
14 Chapter Fourteen

I own nothing - Well Harry meets up with some really shady character (literally) and Hermione - well they just hit another dead end!

2,586 4
15 Chapter Fifteen

I own nothing - Harry and Regulus spend some 'quality' time together. Hermione is back at square one, and all and all the plot is starting to thicken ^_^ Enjoy!

3,035 4
16 Chapter Sixteen

I own nothing!! - well Remus thinks a little, Harry and Regulus do some walking and talking (somewhat), Lily and James have a nice chat with Dumbledore, and Voldemort...well...he's just being voldemort! Enjoy everyone ^_^

2,187 2
17 Chapter Seventeen

I own nothing - a small time jump and we catch up where and what Regulus and Harry are doing, how Lily and James are fairing, and what Hermione has come up with so far. ^_^ Enjoy

2,410 3
18 Chapter Eighteen

I own nothing!! - Howdy all! Well, here Hermione we find Hermione making head way again, Lily is still acting a little...weird, Remus remembers some more stuff, and Regulus as well as Harry take off for an interesting discovery ^_^ Enjoy

3,420 3
19 Chapter Nineteen

Disclaimer - I own nothing! asbolutely nothing is mine that is mentioned in this story!! remember that dang it i don't want to be sued. Anyways Hermione and headmaster as well as the monk go to the temple of moon and we hear an interesting tale. Harry and Regulus are about to go into the cave near stockwell...wonder what they will find?? Enjoy ^_^

3,843 5
20 Chapter Twenty

I own nothing! - Regulus has a look see on that island in the cave...and Hermione and Dumbledore have a short chat. Short but I hope you all like anyways -^_^-

2,246 5
21 Chapter Twenty One

I own nothing - Here we find what everyone is up too.

2,098 3
22 Chapter Twenty Two

I own nothing - Hermione finally comes up with a solid conclusion of what to do. Harry and Regulus run into some MORE trouble ^_^

2,795 2
23 Chapter Twenty Three

I own nothing

2,740 4
24 Chapter Twenty Four

I own nothing

2,327 2
25 Chapter Twenty - Five

I own nothing - The end...or is it? NO really it is thanks for reading! ^_^

3,995 3


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