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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Voldemort, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Draco/Ginny, Ron/Luna, Other Pairing
Horror/Dark, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-27 1:00pm
Last Chapter
2010-06-19 11:28am
Last Updated
2010-06-19 11:28am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Prince of Souls

Harry Potter is assumed dead and only his Hunters know of his true status. Upon following his friends, but not revealing himself, Harry decides when he should return to the public. He hears progress of Hermione's pregnancy.

2,528 41
2 New to The Family

Harry and his Hunters head to St Mungo's, to watch the birth of Harry's child. However, ocne they get there, they are met with a big surprise, as are those who are already there.

5,146 31
3 Shopping for Two

Harry and Hermione spend the day in Diagon Alley, where they are faced with the press and fans. Once they are away from Gringott's, they enter Muggle London to buy baby things.

6,012 29
4 A Home, A Car and Rehabilitation

Harry and Hermione have finished their shopping for their babies, but they now need a home, instead of using the huge castle of Harry's. How will Ron be with his offered help?

5,219 25
5 Moving, Return of A Friend and The Minister

Harry and Hermione move into their new home, where they are given a pleasant return of a friend. Also, Harry has a meeting with the Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour.

4,184 26
6 Home Tutoring and An Auror Academy.

Harry and Hermione enter the stages in their lives where they are about to enter some form of further education. How will Hermione learn whilst looking after the little ones? How will have handle Auror Academy?

4,466 26
7 Training Progress.

Upon being at Auror Academy for over a year, progress reports are created and Harry's gives everyone a little shock.

2,183 24
8 Graduation

Harry and his fellow aurors have finally arrived at the graduation ceremony, to see if they pass the training. Hermione and Ron have also completed their training and their children are growing perfectly.

4,377 17
9 Booze, Fights and Drunken Generals.

Harry, Hermione, Ron and a mystery person attend the graduation party of those who attended the Auror Academy, Hartwood. What will alcohol produce?

4,151 26
10 First Day of Work

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna have their first day of work and they begin to settle within it.

3,769 24
11 Attack of The Mythical Race

Harry is warned by his Hunters, but is still faced with grave danger, alongside Ron.

4,239 31
12 Quidditch World Cup Final

The Quidditch World Cup Final has dawned on the Wizarding Community and Harry Potter has fully recovered from his leg injury, ready to play as the Seeker.

4,251 51
13 Meeting of The Seniors.

The races of the attack have their own private meetings to discuss what had happened. What will they plan next?

2,736 23
14 Horror in The Alley.

Harry sets out to improve the Ministry's security and defence, whilst Ron roams Diagon Alley for a birthday present for Susan. What will happen during this?

4,698 12
15 Ron's Limelight.

After the attack at Diagon Alley, it is now Ron's turn to be the hero and it is now his turn to escape the shadow cast by the infamous Harry Potter.

3,933 11
16 First Mission.

Harry meets his new team and then they all begin their first service for the Ministry ... Protecting the Hogwarts students, as they return to Hogwarts.

4,490 22
17 The Depths of The Mind of Lord Voldemort

Harry begins his reading of the old journals of Lord Voldemort. He discovers something in which he cannot let lay and something which he must persue. What is it?

4,442 30
18 Plans, Fires and A Departure.

Harry and his team do one mission, where rumours of fires and deaths have been made. Then, Harry departs, to gain knowledge of the Ancient Magic.

3,570 26
19 Ancient Magic

Harry and Ron travel the African lands, deep in search for the magic long lost to civilisatino. What will he find? Will he succeed? What powers are involved with the Ancient Magic?

4,774 20
20 Dark Force One Down

Harry and his team take up another mission, where they take it upon themselves to completely eliminate one of the Dark Forces threatening to cause problems.
But first, we see some changes in the next generation, Bradley, Jessica and Susan and we also see more of the mysterious Samantha.

5,135 34
21 A Request Between Lovers

Harry has a day off and he promises to take Hermione out for a good time. They travel to the best restaurant in town and have a little fun. However, Hermione has a surprising question for Harry and his career. What will that be?

5,867 27
22 The Beginning of An Addiction

Harry and Hermione are now closer once more and begin to look at methods of tackling Harry's addiction of discovery, where they can do it together. Will St Mungo's allow Harry to take over the case of Alice and Frank Longbottom's insanity and attempt to bring the impossible possible?

5,854 22
23 Brain Scans, Experiments and Success

Harry has entered his stage of discovery and great wonders he begins to fulfill. What will his new challenge turn out to be? Failure or Success?

5,453 16
24 Possession.

Harry and Hermione introduce their discovery to the world, where some interesting offers are made for the research notes. Once Harry and Hermione are allowed to finally relieve themselves with each other, an interest twist appears, revolving around Draco Malfoy.

5,983 14
25 The Take Over

Harry and Hermione finally feel comfortable, after finally showing their love once more for each other. However, dark things are being placed into action whilst the two lovers spend time having fun. From disturbing news from Ron, Harry is sent on the run from the Ministry.

5,700 22
26 Death to Immortals.

Harry and his Hunters decide to even the odds, by removing another Dark Force from the Earth. However, Harry decides to bring forth more force to the good side of the world ... the Heirs that have been long since lost.

3,936 25
27 The Return of A King

Hary is situated in his mind, listening to what he now understands to be, the god himself, The King of Souls. What will these two powerful beings discuss and what will be the result of this new intrusion?

3,765 20
28 Love.

Harry begins his challenge of fulfilling the Kings' request. Who will be the other mothers? How will they be approached?

2,667 23
29 Lust.

Harry moves on to the final mother ... who will it be?

4,318 30
30 Potter's Reborn.

Thoughts are handed between people and opinions are clearly stated. Before a pair of souls is combined.

5,161 38
31 A Change before A Duel.

Slowly, but surely, Harry's name begins to become clear and his innocence realised. However, Ron's temper and anger at Harry remains ... what is to become of their friendship?

4,983 18
32 An Escape Planned.

Harry's eyes are set on a new target, a new ambition and he won't let anything get in his way.

3,407 18
33 Released into Civilisation

Harry releases the former Dark Lord into the world once more and enters himself into Diagon Alley ... a place filled with people who are confused of his situation.

4,483 16
34 Hogwarts Restarted and the New Apprentice

The next generation of Hogwarts is sent off to begin their First Year, whilst an unexpected apprentice is on the uprise.

2,681 17
35 Hogwarts

Hogwarts has restarted and Bradley, Jessica and Susan have rejoined the ranks of students. It is not long before they settle and it is not long before they begin training for their special abilities.

3,326 2
36 Entrepreneurialism

Harry enters the stage of business and decides to reform the name of Potter once more, bringing it back to its former glory and taking the first step in doing that.

6,790 2
37 Hogsmeade Evolution

Harry begins his business empire and involves stand out people to take a chance of being in his empire. However, someone attempts to take his life ... betrayal or enemy?

3,756 14
38 Lord Grindelwald

Grindelwald begins amassing his prime forces and becomes visible to the world, whilst the Auror squadron is moved into action.

4,484 18
39 Hogwarts Reunion

Harry enters Hogwarts, whilst expanding it to new heights. He and the new staff invade the historic school, planning to bring it to great lengths.

4,783 21
40 The Potter Empire

Harry takes his friends and business Empire to the World Gathering where he intends on being the forefront of all his business interests. What new ventures will interest him this time around?

3,881 2
41 Spending and Eureka Moments

Harry continues through his business Empire, spending wherever he can to expand his glorious creation, rejecting where it is not wanted. He is oddly struck by an overwhelming urge to continue one of his three obsessions ...

6,436 7
42 Laboratory Experiments

Harry begins his secret promise to Remus, to try and discover the cure to the Curse of the Werewolf...

4,723 9
43 Moonlight

Harry's progression with Remus' cure continues as he attempts more and more ways to exile or reduce the curse ripping its way into Remus' life. Will he succeed or will he fail for the first time?

4,167 11
44 The Fortress of Great Britain

Britain's forces are mounting to become completely worldwide superior. But why? What is going on to create such a huge mobilisation?

4,089 8


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