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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Sirius/OC
Crossover, Humor
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-25 5:43am
Last Chapter
2007-08-08 4:53pm
Last Updated
2007-08-08 4:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Half-bloods, Hellos and The Hogwarts Express

Faith Begins her journey on the Hogwarts express where she meets Sirius Black and James Potter along with other friends and foes.

1,118 31
2 Sorting Hats and Second Attempts

“Careful Moony, she might rip your hand off,” said Black giving Faith a roguish grin. “I don’t think so,” she said comparing Black to Lupin. “He’s not nearly as big-headed as you.” “Now, now. No need to get nasty!” he said, his grin not fading. “I have a theory about your friend here,” she said to Lupin, gesturing at Black with her head. “It is my guess that if his penis was as big as his ego he could, in fact, satisfy a blue whale.” Black choked on his pumpkin juice, spraying it all over James.

1,515 41
3 Detentions, Dares and Drawings

"So who wants to go first?” asked Sirius that smug look spread across his face. “I will,” said Faith, no trace of fear or worry in her voice. “Ok then,” said Sirius, smiling even more broadly. “truth or dare?” “Dare.” “Ok…something fun to start off with, kiss Evans.” Black smiled at Faith.

1,656 16
4 Tricks or Treats and Tryouts

In the next few weeks Faith had hexed Sirius 28 times, broken his nose 3 times and still wasn’t talking to him. Sirius, after a very painful hex where she bewitched his bag and everything in it to start bashing him, decided to give up.

2,173 17
5 Close Calls and Closet Mistakes

As the game progressed Gryffindor moved further into the lead. The score was 120-30. Faith swung at a passing bludger and it hit Malfoy square in the back. Then he turned to face her. Something strange happened, her broom began to shake violently and she was thrown off. Faith hung there about 100 feet above the ground. The broom shook again and she slipped. There was a scream as she fell.

726 46
6 Godrics Hollow and Giving Black The Run Around

Faith read the letter through twice before what was written actually sunk in. Her mother wanted her home for Christmas. Her brother was going to be there. Faith hadn’t seen her brother for three years since he moved from Boston to LA. Maybe she could give her mother another chance, for her brother.

676 21
7 Chapter 7 - Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings

“Hey there firecracker,” came the voice of a young man. Faith turned her head to see standing in the doorway her older brother Liam. There were three words that would describe Liam: Tall, dark and brooding. He was about 6”4 with dark hair and dark eyes. A grin spread across Faith’s face as she ran over and jumped on her brother wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

908 31
8 Chapter 8 - Potters, Presents and Peeping Toms

James grabbed her around the waist, lifting her off the ground, and she squealed and kicked her legs. “Give-it-here!” He cried. “Never!” she cried struggling to break free. “James Matthew Potter what is going on?” came the stern voice, which Faith took to be Mrs. Potter’s. James and Faith froze. “Ah, is this the miss Evans we’ve been hearing so much about?” Mrs. Potter smiled looking expectantly at Faith. James turned a deep shade of red and dropped Faith who landed flat on her arse.

2,770 25
9 Chapter 9 – One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor

Remus vomited and Faith, the most sober of them all, was able to mutter “Scourgefy” before he collapsed into unconsciousness. Lily and James were soon to follow with Lily collapsing on James and James falling to sleep stroking her hair. “Well they certainly can’t hold their hard liquor,” Faith said looking at Sirius. “And apparently you aren’t doing so good yourself,” she added when he nearly toppled over.

1,690 15
10 Chapter 10 - Relapse, Resist and Regret

Faith watched him look at her bruised arm, the deep cuts in her shoulder, the grazes and bruises all over her chest and back and although he couldn’t see it Faith new that a couple of her ribs were cracked.

1,440 26
11 Chapter 11 - Unearthed Truths and Unwanted Help

Remus was standing there too shocked to move, Faith and Sirius were standing at opposite ends of the room screaming at each other sending curses everywhere. First-years were cowering in the corners; chairs and tables lay splintered and charred all over the floor.

2,454 23
12 Chapter 12 - Practice, Potions and Padded Cells

The entire class drew its breath. Although the school missed the James and Lily fights, the Sirius and Faith fights were growing evermore popular over the past couple of days. With the Lily and James fights they normally involved James asking Lily out, Lily refusing, Lily hexing James. Whereas the Faith and Sirius fights were way more violent and nobody had a clue as to what they were fighting about.

1,956 19
13 Chapter 13 – Chums, Crumpets & Cracking Shots

The Common room went silent. “Run for your lives!” Peter screamed. The room erupted. First years ran around gathering their things before springing up the stairs. Peter was frantically running around crashing into things until he decided to hide behind a door. Faith looked bewilderedly at Sirius before shrugging, linking arms and skipping over to James, Lily and Remus who were sitting at a table laughing.

1,018 25
14 Chapter 14 – Balls, Oh Bugger, Oh Bloody Hell

“I kissed her Moony,” he said I a voice that was barely audible. “Mate you’re gonna have to be a little more specific, you’ve snogged a lot of girls.” Remus said smiling to himself a little. “Faith!” Sirius cried jumping to his feet and beginning to pace again. Remus stopped smiling.

912 24
15 Chapter 15 – Pranks, Pride and Proud Mary

“Oh please, girls are so much better than pranking,” Faith scoffed. “Plus we’re hotter.” “Please, I am so much prettier than you,” Sirius retaliated. “Not even, besides girls are way better in bed.” It was Sirius’ turn to scoff, “No offense, but our little ‘encounter’ didn’t exactly rock my world.” “That was rock ‘em sock ‘em!” she cried disbelievingly. “Oh that’s it, we’re going again!”

5,042 28
16 Chapter 16 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

“Look around and see if you can spot G,” she said craning her neck to look for her best friend. “How will we know it is her if we’ve never seen her before?” Remus asked looking around the crowded airport. “Trust me when I say you’ll know.” “OH MY GOD! FAITH!” Every one whirled around, their eyes falling on a slender girl with black/purple hair. “Oh good Godoric,” Lily whispered.

3,126 24
17 Chapter 17 - Georgia, Jesse and Just Go To Sleep

When she stepped into the light from the street outside that was coming into the room through the windows, Remus could see it was Georgia. She was wearing her underwear with a red tank top that had been ripped around the middle leaving a large section of her midriff showing. She was wearing a set of old-styled headphones and was obviously dancing o the music.

3,289 25
18 Chapter 18 – Charla Temprana De La Mañana

She was off to work and decided to take a cab so that the others could “see the sights.” She had chosen Lily for chauffer because Remus and Faith couldn’t drive (well the latter not well anyways) and Sirius and James didn’t even really know what a car was let alone how to operate one. That and Lily was the most responsible.

1,831 25
19 Chapter 19 - Bump and Grind

“This is your last night my new Pommy friends,” Georgia said wiping away a fake tear. “I just want to say it was great while it lasted. And I’ll never forget you and-”

“Shut up and let’s go.” Remus said wrapping his arm around her and pushing her towards the door. 

2,725 26
20 Chapter 20 – Bad News and Breakdowns

“The headmaster would like to see you,” she replied simply. Faith walked silently, wracking her brains for a prank she could have pulled with Sirius and James that would get her into this much trouble. McGonogall said the password to the griffon and lead Faith up a flight of stairs. Faith entered the Headmasters office and sat in one of the chairs.

2,301 33
21 Chapter 21 - Depressed, Dejected, Despondent

She just didn’t have the energy to care anymore. She knew her grades were slipping, she knew she’d fail her NEWTs and wouldn’t get the job as a curse-breaker that she wanted. But it was all too much. McGonogall and the other teachers had been a little lenient but their patience was tiring, she could tell. If it wasn’t for Lily and Remus doing a few homework assignments for her when she refused to she was pretty sure she’d be in detention.

3,566 29
22 Chapter 22 - Normalcy


That was the only way to describe how things were.

1,634 21
23 Chapter 23 - Nights of Last and New Beginnings

“Sorry Lils,” James said. “But shockingly enough Padfoot is right. It is the last night that we will be able to be the Marauders. It’s a legacy Lils. We can’t ignore the call of our childish natures.”

1,812 25
24 Chapter 24 - Wedding Bells and Walking With Vampires

They were interrupted by a screech.

“FAITH PORTER!” Lily shrieked.

She was wearing some sweats and a faded purple t-shirt and her hair was tied roughly up in a ponytail.

She was extremely red and looked just about ready to burst.

1,779 26
25 Chapter 25 - Goodbye

“Final call for the three o’clock departure to America,” came a loud monotonous voice over the loudspeaker. “Guess this is it!” she said kissing him one last time before walking up the platform so that she was standing with a group of witches and wizards. “I love you,” Sirius called over the loud beeping sound counting down the time for apparation. “Me too!” she called back. “See you after Halloween!”

1,070 36


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