Dumbledore, Slughorn, Voldemort, Grindelwald , OC
Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2006-11-16 01:32:08
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2010-04-03 00:37:07
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2010-04-08 22:43:31
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 An Odd Meeting

A certain dark-haired, brooding Slytherin begins acting strangely...well, more strangely than he normally does.

1701 19
2 A Family Matter

After failing in her attempts to avoid Tom, Maura dicovers something that she really didn't want to know...

2840 12
3 Manipulation

Maura and Tom have a "little talk"...

3216 12
4 Letters and Suspicions

Maura finally decides to do something about Tom...

3825 10
5 The Morning After

Tom's strange behaviour continues, and Dumbledore confronts Maura.

3056 12
6 Persuasion

Maura finally gets some information...but at what price?

A/N: Sorry about the long wait, I'll try to update sooner from now on. On the plus side, its a long chapter!

4764 11
7 Lessons

Tom reminds Maura of her promise...

4648 15
8 Complications

Malfoy gets revenge and Tom reveals yet another peculiarity...

A/N I am so, so sorry for the wait, I know it's been ages, but hopefully I'll have more time now to work on this story!

5230 5
9 Strange Portents

Maura finds out some surprising things about herself...with a little help.

4728 5
10 Detention

Maura runs into some trouble...

5723 9
11 Caught - Part One

Some true colours are revealed...

4328 6
12 Caught - Part Two

Maura gets more answers...

4940 6
13 Discoveries

Maura makes some illuminating discoveries about Tom's intentions...

6986 11
14 A Proposal

Maura tries to relax over the holidays...

4287 15
15 Lies

Maura finds herself in a very tight spot...

A/N: This chapter contains strong violence. Please do not read if you feel that you might be upset by it.

6170 17
16 Escape

Plans - or a lack thereof - are revealed and executed.

5629 18
17 Aftermath

Maura and Tom make it back to the manor...

5782 21
18 Reactions

Tom finds out some things about Maura for a change...

7120 20
19 Temptation

Maura is tempted...does she give in?

A/N: This chapter is definitely rated mature; please do not read if you think that you might be offended by mature situations. 

7598 19
20 Revelations

The person behind the curtain is revealed...and consequences follow.

4941 24
21 Erasure - Part One

Tom apologises to Maura...in his own special way.

A/N: Sorry for the long wait, this chapter is actually a lot longer, but I split it so that I could give you guys something while you wait for the other half. I hope you like it!

6488 12
22 Erasure - Part Two

Maura's assumptions are erased...violently.

6483 12
23 Fracture

Things start to fall apart...

A/N: Sorry (again) for the long wait, and Happy Holidays!

8083 14
24 New Beginnings - Part One

The aftermath...

A/N: Hey everyone. So, this chapter is a little slower than the last few, but it's still important. It's also the first half of the last official chapter in this story. I will post the second half to this chapter, and then there will be an epilogue, and then that's it! Thanks for sticking with me for so long, I never would have been this close to finishing if it weren't for you guys. I hope you like the chapter!

7267 8
25 New Beginnings - Part Two

Some confrontations....and Maura finally makes a decision.

A/N: So, this is the last official chapter, but there will be an epilogue. Sorry (again) for the long wait, but it is a really long chapter, I hope you enjoy it!

9538 7
26 Epilogue


8594 44


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