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Harry, Voldemort, Luna, Draco, Fred/George, OC, OtherCanon
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Harry/OC, OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
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First Published
2006-11-15 8:13pm
Last Chapter
2007-05-18 8:32am
Last Updated
2007-05-18 8:32am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One; The Return

Meledy walked onto the platform to go to her last year of Hogwarts with her fathers words still ringing in her ears.
"Are you alright?" Nick asked his younger sister.
"I'll be fine. Well, when it stops hurting so much." The Egyptian sighed.

1,603 4
2 Chapter Two; First Day Back

Meledy sat over at the Griffindor table, with Kandy's approval, as she was able to force her way into Kandy's life and gain her trust hurriedly. "You really eat those things?" Meledy asked as she looked at the yellow eggs on Kandy's plate with a disgusted look. "Yes, I do. Don't you have eggs in Egypt?" Kandy asked as she cocked her head to the side.

1,903 0
3 Chapter Three; to loose all you had

Meledy found herself on the floor of a dungeon when she opened her eyes and let out a groan. "Where am I?" She questioned as she sat up and held her head. "Well, I see you're awake." Josh's voice shot through the room. Meledy flipped up and grabbed her daggers from her ankle. She held it up to chest height and pointed it straight at Josh's heart.

1,836 0
4 Chapter Four: Old Friends

Meledy opened her eyes and the light from the sun blinded her. A moan escaped her lips as she held her head and looked away from the light. 
"Meledy!" Someone exclaimed breathlessly and grabbed her hand.
"Who is it?" Meledy asked as she looked over at the black haired Harry Potter who had concern and dark circles all etched into his face at once.
"I've been worried, Mel. All of us had. They went to get some food, I volunteered to stay here." Harry said all in one breath.

2,063 0
5 Chapter Five: Fourth Year Memories

Meledy ran through the grave yard and got to the house that was there. The door was open and she ran on in. She knew she had to get up there before Harry found his way to the middle of the maze. Crouch was waiting for her signal for him to get Harry to the cup and she couldn't send that until she got Wormtail to hurry and get Voldemort down into the graveyard.

1,781 0
6 Chapter Six: Invitation and Bad News

September flew by and October replaced it. The first Hogsmede trip was the next day and Harry found himself not to be able to stay away from Meledy. On this day, Harry stood outside the DADA class room and didn't want to go in.

1,585 0
7 Chapter Seven: The Night Before

Harry sat in the Griffindor Common room that night, working on some homework so he could spend the whole day out with Meledy.
"Who are you going with, Harry?" Ron asked as he sat down next to his girlfriend, Hermione.
"I'm going with Meledy." Harry said with a smile and scratched out some words in his Potions essay.
"You mean Riddle?" Ron asked shocked.

1,426 0
8 Chapter Eight: Hogsmede

"You look so hot!" Kandy exclaimed as she looked over at her friend.
"Thank you, thank you. You are all too kind." Meledy said in a fake celebrity tone.
"Let's finish in here and get going." Trinity said with an eye roll and the girls began to get to work.

2,026 0
9 Chapter Nine: It's Starting

As October passed and November replaced it, the first Quidditch match was coming up, Slytherin VS Griffindor. Meledy was a Chaser and knew that she would have to be better than any of the others on the Griffindor team. Ethan was walking with her to practice and as they came to the pitch, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter were at it again, but this time in the air.

1,586 0
10 Chapter Ten: The First Dream

Meledy stood in the middle of a grave yard, the same grave yard that her grandfather was buried in. She looked around and knew that there was something she was there for. Something for her to do. As she walked along the path, the path that led up to the large house on the hill, she heard something in the wood.

1,537 0
11 Chapter Eleven: "Where am I?"

Harry sat in the in door garden at the hospital and breathed in some of the clean air. It smelled as if he was back outside and he didn't have everyone looking at him. Many of the patients out there didn't know who he was and didn't care. The birds chirped in their nests and the many insects fluttered around.

2,005 1
12 Chapter Twelve: Their First Kiss

"How do we get rid of the Enders?" Trinity asked once they got back to the school and into the Room of Requirement.
"I need to talk to Mikey." Meledy said as she fiddled with a book.
"Why do you need to talk to him?" Harry asked, who was sitting next to Meledy.
"Because they are his brother's. He could help." Meledy tried to explain.
"Isn't he the reason you got in the hospital wing the first time?" Nick asked.
"Yes, so you don't trust him?" Meledy asked quietly.
"No, I don't." Nick sighed.

1,538 0
13 Chapter Thirteen: The Dream

Meledy sat in the library and chiseled more spells into the large golden box and worked on rubbing off some of the spells that worked to keep the nightmares in. She sat back as she looked at it with a smile on her face. She wiped her head and sat down her tools.

1,242 0
14 Chapter Fourteen; Falling

"I cannot believe her!" Meledy growled in Egyptian.
"What's wrong, My Queen?" Neva asked as she looked at Meledy with concern.

1,610 0
15 Chapter Fifteen: The Change in One

Meledy sat with Kandy and Trinity that morning talking of the ball that would be held in two weeks.
"So, do you think you are going to stay?" Kandy asked as she looked up from her food.
"Yeah, Father already told me that we did not have to come home this break because our mother's were delayed." Meledy said and Trinity looked up as a large eagle owl landed in front of her.
"Isn't this Draco's owl?" She questioned and looked over at the blonde.
"I guess it is. He's looking at you." Meledy said and Kandy took the letter.

1,957 0
16 Chapter Sixteen; Don't!

Meledy woke up in a dungeon like room, the same one she was locked in long ago to be specific, with Nick chained to the wall. She saw that she was in a chair and that her daggers were taken away. She didn't know what happened to Nick or how to get out of here. She would have to rely on Harry and Trinity.

1,554 0
17 Chapter Seventeen; "Mom, Dad, please help me"

Harry paced outside of the Hospital Wing, not really knowing why he was there. Meledy had killed someone, could he really look at her the way he used to? Yet, Kandy had told him when she calmed down that it was true that Josh, John, and Jake had tried to kill them all before. All at the same time it seemed. Harry just wasn't sure what to do anymore.

1,941 0
18 Chapter Eighteen; Christmas Shopping

Meledy woke up on the day of the ball still in the Hospital Wing. She was hoping that she would be able to go. Madam Pomfrey knew she was better, by Meledy helping around the Wing. She just wanted to go and get everything ready to go and spend a night with Harry. It would have to be the best night she'd ever spend with anyone ever again.

1,950 0
19 Chapter Nineteen; The Christmas Ball

It was time for the ball, and Harry was waiting for Meledy in the Entrance Hall. He couldn't wait until he could see her, he hadn't seen her until the girls had left this morning. Harry fiddled with the edge of his emerald green dress robes he had from fourth year, just a little bit bigger. As Harry's shoulder was tapped on, he turned around to see Kandy pointing up the marble staircase.

1,342 0
20 Chapter Twenty: Love Never Changes

You're always told that love is only for the weak, but these were two strong 17-year-olds. Now that their love has broken, will it ever be the same again?
"Why are you telling me this?" Harry asked as he looked away. "I want you to fix the dream that you destroyed for my sister. I know you both love each other. I also know that the love will never go away." Nick said as he stood up. "And how do you know?" Harry asked as he followed suit. "Because love never changes." Nick replied with a smile and walked away so Harry could think.

920 0
21 Chapter Twenty-One: A Love's Goodbye

When Meledy leaves how will everyone else who loved her dearly live? What will they do and what will happen to her once she leaves?"The time we all get what we want, is the time that we all loose what we thought we'd always have. You taught me that, Mel. I never thought I'd understand it." "I just want you all to know, that what ever happens from the time I am gone from when I come back please don't count it against anyone. If my father disappears, live your lives until he returns. Then fight him with all you're worth."

917 1


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