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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-14 3:57pm
Last Chapter
2007-07-02 6:48pm
Last Updated
2013-04-22 1:26am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 What's Wrong With Me?

Moisture gathered suddenly in my eyes. I didn’t know if my eyes were watering from irritation, or if they were true tears. My mind kept asking,

“What’s wrong with me?”

2,067 14
2 Of Pimples and Peter

Trying to obtain clear skin is very much like fighting a war. The pimples are an invasion; they are taking over the territory of… my face. Pimples are smarter than I thought. Every time I truly believe that I have zapped them to oblivion for good, they reappear in greater numbers.

2,014 11
3 Beauty and the Beast

I used to watch Beauty and the Beast when I was younger over and over convinced that I was exactly like Belle. We both have brown hair, brown eyes, and we both love to read. As the years have passed, I realize that I am truly more like the Beast. He’s trapped inside himself and needs someone to love him to truly be free again.

2,480 5
4 He Notices

Oh sure,” Peter snapped, sounding pretty annoyed. “I’m not allowed to have Sirius’ back when he’s being a jerk but you are able to be head over heels in love with him when he is being oh yes, you guessed it, a jerk!” My jaw dropped. I sidestepped the truth in his words and decided to focus on the aspect that he even knew about my crush.

“Cripe!” I yelled, standing up. “How do you even know about that?”

2,405 5
5 Ripples

“I heard something about you today,” she continued in an I-know-something-you-don’t-know voice.

“What?” I asked, not truly interested.

“Like you don’t already know!”

“Enlighten me.”

“The whole school is talking about how you were snogging Peter Pettigrew down by the lake!”

Oh My God…

2,374 6
6 Kissing Peter

“Nothing is going on between you two?” James asked, apparently needing more confirmation.

“No James,” I answered, patting his shoulder. “And you need to learn the difference between rumors and facts. If you really wanted to know what happened you should have just asked me or Peter.”

Now James looked really confused.

“I did,” he said in a slightly raised voice. “I talked to Peter last night.”


“And that’s not what he said,” James finished.

2,688 7
7 Kissing Peter (For Real)

"It’s you. That’s all that I know. I’ve been scared of it, I’ve tried to hide it but it’s finally out. I like you."

2,336 10
8 Wormtail

“Sorry, we didn’t want to be over there right now,” James answered, jerking his head over to the Gryffindor table.

“Because?” I asked, flooding my mashed potato mountain with gravy.

“Because Peter is just about to tell Valarie that he wants to break it off,” Sirius said. “Prepare for all out war.”

2,895 10
9 Saving Words

“Tell them what we did Pete,” Sirius said, almost pink with his contained joy. “It was your idea.”

Peter smiled and looked very proud.

“Well,” he said mischievously. “What is the worst color you can make hair with magical dye?” My eyes got wide. They dyed her hair!

3,148 8
10 Secrets Revealed and Favors Given

“Remus is a werewolf.”

3,317 9
11 Fights

His head was kind of tilted to the side and he was staring right across the table at Lily. There was no mistaking it. His eyes were fixed on Lily.

3,172 6
12 Merry Christmas Eve

“Peter, what are you doing?” I hissed as he raised the glass to his lips. “Your father might see.” I tried to scare him out of it.

“He hasn’t noticed me for seventeen years,” Peter answered darkly. “I don’t see why he would start now.”

6,424 11
13 For Pete's Sake

“Hey,” Aaron said sharply, pointing his finger at me. “Spending an evening with my family doesn’t make you an expert on what they feel or think.”

I shouted back, “Well clearly spending your whole life with them hasn’t made you one either.”

4,297 9
14 The Promise

“Just go!” I ordered, pointing at the door. I stood up and started to shove him to the door. He grabbed both of my hands and started speaking in a steady voice,

“Katie, if you had caught me kissing someone else why would I completely deny it? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I swear.”

4,737 11
15 The Start of My Future

March came. March Madness as it was called for seventh years. March is the time when seventh years must actually start finding a job in the field of work they are interested in. We all scramble around, turning in applications and putting together portfolios.

4,947 10
16 Done

It hurt to talk. It hurt to think. It hurt just to be. This was really happening.

4,148 13
17 How Can I Forgive You?

“How can I forgive you?” he demanded loudly. “When people have problems in a relationship, they work them out!”

“Peter, we were never together enough to work it out!” I insisted back.

“And whose fault was that? You were the one spending all hours at that stupid paper!”

4,121 5
18 Graduation

Graduation day! I woke up for the last time in my Hogwarts bed with a wild mix of feelings coursing through my body.

4,350 8
19 Longer

“Lily, what is that?” I asked, still in shock.

“I think it’s a ring,” Claire breathed, her eyes wide. Lily smiled as wide as I had ever seen.

“Ladies,” she said dramatically. “I’m getting married!” More silence. Our jaws dropped. Just dropped.

5,871 5
20 Gallgrin Nott

“Katie,” Peter said, coming up behind me and leading me closer to the blonde man, who had risen to his feet. “This is Gallgrin Nott.” I shook Nott’s hand gently. Somehow his hand was warm and cold at the same time.

4,574 4
21 My Betrayal

I didn’t realize then that I had just made the biggest mistake of my life.

9,025 5
22 Peter's Betrayal

“Everyone thought Black was the Potter’s secret keeper,” Nott shrugged. “Hopefully everyone will be more focused on finding him.”

“And putting him where he belongs,” Peter added darkly.

I couldn’t bear to listen to anymore. I slipped away from the door and backed myself into the kitchen, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do next.

3,906 6
23 Dead While Alive

“Your friends are no longer living, Remus. Don’t you stop living too

1,513 13


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