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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Ginny, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-13 10:52am
Last Chapter
2007-02-19 6:40pm
Last Updated
2007-02-19 6:40pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Grief, Beatings, and The Potter Family Fortune

Harry Returns to Privet Drive for the summer after Sirius's death, and his life is turned upside down

1,317 23
2 Escape from Privet Drive

Harry leaves Privet Drive forever

1,347 8
3 A Lack of Faith

Dumbledore realizes his mistakes and misreads the letter sent to him

1,301 8
4 The Devil's Lair

Lord Voldemort finally has what he wants, the key to ultimate power...

1,328 6
5 A Charm Long Forgotten

A step back in time to a very important event in the history of the Gryffindor line.

1,043 7
6 The Torture of Waiting

Voldy has a little fun!

1,052 3
7 The Fallen Hero

An attack in Muggle London

906 6
8 Contego el funis, nullus Fateor excessum de extremus, simper simul

Hogwarts..... in its fourth year open

1,184 6
9 Lord Slytherin

Harry meets a man he's supposed to hate.....but will he?

1,538 5
10 Lord Gryffindor

A lesson in swordplay

776 4
11 Lady Hufflepuff

Animagus training!

1,287 5
12 July 31st

Harry's Funeral

1,302 3
13 The King of the Magi

a man's thrist for the destruction of the Slytherin family.

1,636 3
14 Lady Ravenclaw

Harry learns more of the history of his mentors

1,248 5
15 The Departure

Harry leaves Hogwarts with Salazar, Godric, and Helga

1,082 6
16 At The Crossroads

A final goodbye between friends

782 3
17 The Journey

Harry and Salazar travel to Evans Manor to visit Sarai.

1,058 1
18 Evans Manor

Harry's in the company of Two Lords, a Lady, and a Knight, with some sparring on the side.

1,071 4
19 Flames, Festivals, and Knights

A lesson in fire, A festival in the City, and a Knight

2,125 4
20 An Official Document

You'll have to read to find out!

1,086 6
21 A Ring Of Fire

Elemental Training is going well...

852 3
22 Goodbye Medieval Britain

Harry leaves the middle ages

988 4
23 Letters of a Time Traveler

Harry has returned to 1996... what surprises are waiting for him?

1,754 8
24 Return to Gringotts

Harry's leaves Evans manor....

1,813 4
25 Return of a Hero

Harry returns!

1,409 11
26 Scars, Swords, and Snakes

Harry has returned to Hogwarts...

983 7
27 Breakfast Surprises

Breakfast Surprises

911 9
28 N.E.W.T. Classes

Harry's classes of the school year

1,784 11
29 Sir Harry James Godric Salazar Evans Potter

The beginning of a beautiful thing

1,311 9
30 Lions and Quidditch

Finishing the story, Harry and Ginny find themselves running off to class... literally

1,571 8
31 The Order of the Phoenix

An order meeting.... and betrayal...

1,433 10
32 Of Protections and Armies

Harry battles with Hermione, Brews Veritaserum, and discovers a probable reason to why he is actually still alive....

1,262 13
33 Dumbledore's Army-Revised

Dumbledore's Army comes back!

1,135 10
34 The Order of the Controlling

An order meeting where one young witch, displays logic beyond her years....

1,424 11
35 Reconciliation

Harry is interrupted as he tries to leave the school

810 9
36 Into the Forest

Harry starts to build his army....

1,006 8
37 The Ministry's Attempt

The Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Magic pays a visit to Hogwarts

1,292 16
38 Goodbye Hogwarts

Harry has left Hogwarts and will soon be joined by some others

1,535 11
39 Friends and Howlers

Friends and Howlers

1,218 13
40 The New Recruits

The New Recruits

1,190 15
41 Into the Dark

Harry seeks the aid of another magical species

1,003 14
42 The Request

Harry has a request for Dumbledore

1,625 22
43 Tracking the Mark

Harry needs the Dark Mark for something....

1,197 14
44 Not a Full Moon

Harry recruits another group....

991 16
45 Christmas at Evans Manor

Just what it says, What Christmas surprises come this year?

1,011 16
46 The Lair of the Serpent

Voldy's pissed!

1,181 14
47 Preparations of an Army

Harry begins to prepare his army....

996 13
48 Goblin Nation

Harry recruits some more

1,251 25
49 Crazy Dragons and the Insane Hogwarts House-elves

Harry recruits more for his army

1,462 12
50 Conversations

Harry has several conversations with people.....

1,029 14
51 Gathering of an Army

The battle is quickly approaching....

1,638 10
52 The Battle of Hogwarts

Its here.....the final battle between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort

2,008 100


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