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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Lily/OC, OC/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-12 8:39pm
Last Chapter
2006-12-27 7:38pm
Last Updated
2006-12-28 10:31am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 You Never Had it at All.

There was probably a pile of rocks at the bottom she had thrown in over the years about six feet high. One for everytime she came there to think or cry. Or both.The silence wasn't awkward anymore, just accepted. They stared at the lake, Lily watched the small waves the rock had made. She gazed at the sky, the swishing grass, the first fallen gleaves that had sprinkled around them. She just breathed it all in.

1,397 20
2 Sirus Black is one Stupid Bloke.

Hogsmeade was emptying, the wind was picking up, and the sky was darkening. It was going to storm soon, that much was completely evident. Lily decided to cut through an alley to get out of the village faster, and she came face to face with...

1,135 16
3 Yet Utterly Fascinating.

Minutes folded effortlessly into hours, and just as Lily as slipping into sleep she was awoken by the sounds of people being brought into the Wing; the Marauders. Lily glanced at the sky. The sun was rising, had it been that long? Silhouetted in the light of dawn, Lily watched James’ face. She studied it, his kind of longish nose, his tan even though everyone else’s was almost faded completely, his long eyelashes, his messy hair, and his broad shoulders.

1,381 11
4 Truth or dare, Hogwarts style.

She laughed and her hair fell on his shoulders as she propped herself up to look into his eyes. He was laughing, eyes gleaming, and the look in his eyes triggered something, a chemical reaction, in her brain, and she, well, Lily Evans fell in love. In a surreal, muggle-movie kind of way, she tilted her head downwards and kissed him; Lily. Evans. Kissed. James. Potter.

2,771 11
5 Gone with the Wind.

Overall, the night was incredibly insane, leading to many intense hangovers, and an unfortunate hangover effect of firewhisky is smoke trickling from your ears, a dead give away if you don’t want people to know you’ve been drinking. Lily’s head looked like it was on fire. She distinctly remember reading that there was no charm to get rid of hangovers because the witch or wizard was supposed to learn their lesson.

1,891 7
6 Lord-He-Who-Thinks-He Will-Win.

Her cheeks were hot, so she figured she had to be crying, but she wasn’t positive. She felt her shoulders shake, and two strong arms around her, leading her to the Hospital Wing, and then she didn’t remember anything up until she awoke in the Hospital Wing, moonlight pouring in through the windows. Her eyes connected with a pair of hazel ones that pierced through the darkness. “It’ll be okay Lily, I love you and I’m here.”

1,445 9
7 Talk About the Potter's Charm

James and her. Her and James. She made up her mind right then that she wanted to marry him, and have kids with him and grow old with him...she’d even knit stupid sweaters for him if need be. They flew, no, they soared, closer and closer to the stars, up into the chilly night air, and Lily felt completely exhilarated.

1,331 7
8 Memories on Grimmauld Place

A few hours later, Lily, Emmeline, Rebecca, and Sirius were on a train zooming towards London. They were going to stay at Emmeline’s, and since it was Thursday they were only missing two days of school, because they were due back Sunday. Emmeline cried the whole time, and Sirius just held her. Rebecca and Lily tried small talk but it didn’t really work, every attempt at conversation fizzled and died.

1,411 6
9 Three Weddings and a Funeral.

The ring was cold as she slipped it on her finger. It seemed vaguely familiar. She remembered now, she had told him about the one her mum had gotten her that she had lost when James and the Marauders pushed her into the lake fourth year. This new one was identical to it, and it even said, ‘For my own Lily,’ inscribed, just like the other one.

1,810 11
10 Infamous Escapes and Nervous Breakdowns

People started heading for lunch, and the corridors got full, but they both stood there in a silent duel, people gave them odd looks but they stood still, eyes never breaking the gaze, challenging each other to cave. Then the traffic slowed and most people were in the Great Hall, they kept there, each too full of pride to step down. “Apologize and you can go, turn back if you will,” Bellatrix challenged.

2,136 8
11 Melodramatic Reuinions.

She cleared her throat. “As I previously stated, this castle, for seven years, has been our home. It’s where we feel comfortable, and its where most of the memories of our teenage years can be found. The good and the bad. Here’s where we were when most of us had our first real boyfriend, our first heartbreak, the first time we ever fell into a lake. All here. "

1,342 9
12 Charming Whales and Burning Memories.

Half-heartedly, Lily knocked on the door, and Sirius answered, looking quite happy. Lily’s eyes were dull and puffy, and her hair was limp, dressed in a sweatshirt, she pushed passed him and went straight into James’ arms as he held a spoon with cake batter on it over his head and put his arm around her waist with his other hand. “She burned it,” Lily whispered as she cried.

1,201 7
13 Meeting Regulus and Nymphie.

She ran through the yard, hand on her wand, trying to yank open the front door, but it had locked behind her and the din inside was so loud they wouldn’t hear her knock. The house had such precautions and safety charms against intruders it would take minutes to break them all if she could and he was coming closer.

1,571 7
14 The Return of Mickey.

It couldn’t be. It wouldn’t be. She threw open the door and Rebecca was standing there, holding a little boy, who gurgled and shook his little rattle. Miniature snitches bounced around in the clear ball and he bit the gold rubber.

1,443 6
15 Nymphadora Daffodil Potter.

“Let’s take a picture,” Sirius said, clutching his new camera, “Honorary Order members. Bill, you take it,” he said as he handed the camera to Bill as everyone crowded together and snapped the picture. “The greatest heroes in history,” Bill said loudly as everyone cheered. “To us,” Fabian said as he raised his glass, “To all of us.” Everyone smiled and clinked glasses and drank and then kissed.

1,180 14
16 One second, Two words, and a flick of a wand.

Lily stood, leaned against the wall and shut her eyes tightly. It had been so hard, trying to break it down to talk to an extremely intelligent four year old about it. It was hard for her to talk about with anyone; just because it was muggleborn people like herself he was after.

1,380 6
17 Promises.

“Fine. Goodbye, Petunia,” Lily said as she picked up Harry and Apparated on the spot. She set Harry in his cradle and sat down on the floor of the Nursery and sobbed. She cried and cried and wished for this to all to be a horrible dream...she’d wake up and she’d be a Fourth Year girl worrying about her missing quill and life would be so simple...where her biggest problem besides that was the Marauders bothering her...

1,450 8
18 Em-zing.

The first broom ride. James was holding onto Harry and flying him around and around, it was Christmas Eve and Lily was pacing around below, worrying herself sick about James dropping their son. He swooped down to the ground and hopped off, spinning Harry around who laughed joyfully.

1,042 10
19 Talks of Childhood and Farewell.

Andromeda was kissing Ted rather passionately underneath a willow tree, partially obscured from view. Peter was glaring reproachfully at Muffy and Bobbie. George and Fred were chasing Ron, who was running around Molly, who was quite large, due in one week with their seventh child. James grabbed Lily from behind and kissed her. Molly, who had finally untangled herself from the twins, had put out a tray of chocolate strawberries.

1,125 8
20 October 30th, 1981.

They were sitting on the island in their kitchen, again, Harry was sleeping, and October rain was steadily pattering against the windows. It was nearing midnight, on October 30th, 1981. A feeling of dread at settled in Lily’s stomach, and it was making her sick.

577 25


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