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Lucius, Narcissa, Voldemort, Cedric, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, OC/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-11-12 7:29pm
Last Chapter
2007-03-24 8:01pm
Last Updated
2007-03-24 8:01pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A New Beginning/Intro

Introduction/characters introduced.

709 0
2 A Whole New Life!

Sarah and Jena go shopping; Sarah has an important chat with her mom; The girls get ready to leave for Hogwarts.

1,242 0
3 "I am Draco Malfoy"

Sarah meets Draco. dun dun dun.

1,827 0
4 Boyfriends and Letters and Owls, oh my!

Sarah gets settled in her dorm; sends letters to dad and Svet.

864 1
5 Breakin' the Rules

Secret Hogsmeade Trip;

1,177 0
6 Unexpected Run-Ins & Unexpected Dates.

Unexpected Unexpected Unexpected. Malfoy= evil. But Sarah is strangely attracted to him anyway.

1,443 0
7 "Good night, Cedric"

Sarah's date with Cedric!

1,308 1
8 Getting Closer

Quidditch practice; Sarah runs into Draco again...

1,630 0
9 "I've never felt this way about a girl before"

Three weeks and Cedric still has not asked Sarah to be his girlfriend; Rose and Sarah go shopping for costumes for the dance; Sarah runs into Draco....

2,318 1
10 "I thought you'd never ask!"

Sarah leaves Draco in the closet; Cedric and Sarah get closer.

2,439 0
11 "Did you just say please?"

Pre-dance party.

1,282 0
12 Caught In Action

Halloween Dance Night

1,162 0
13 Good Bye

the day after the halloween dance. Feelings unfold...

1,704 0
14 The Letter

Surprising News about the holidays; sorry this one is kind of short i think.

877 0
15 Home for the Holidays?

Rose leaves for the Holidays, Jena goes to the Malfoy's, Sarah is left alone with Cedric..

1,205 0
16 To the Malfoy Manor

Ride to the Malfoy's, Sarah's room at the manor, dinner preparation, meeting Lucius. sorry this one is kind of short. The next one will be longer.

1,054 0
17 Mixed Signals

Sarah gets mixed signals from Draco

1,165 2


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