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Harry, McGonagall, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Tonks, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Other Pairing
General, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-10 7:48pm
Last Chapter
2007-06-14 10:00pm
Last Updated
2009-01-26 11:35am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 What happened; referenced information

A black haired man dressed in black leather was riding a flying motorcycle up high, his eyes scanning over the area he was floating above. He was currently floating over a melon pink house with a very well trimmed and taken care of garden. This was the Rochestre Residence. The Rochestres Sirius’ eyes were wide. Luckily he had advised the Aurors to come around and check.

1,180 5
2 The growing gray eyed girl

Andromeda stared at the paper, wide eyed. "Sirius Black Kills Peter Pettigrew" was in huge letters and underneath were the words "Also known murderer of twelve Muggles". This was terrible she knew. She held little Vivian in her arms.

1,531 4
3 Reminiscing

Five years later (during OotP) meet Vivian's friends and see what happens with little Miss Cho Chang. What's going on with Vivian? Why does she get sick during parties, celebrations, or even a lot of concentrating students in a class room? Thou must read to find out.

2,167 4
4 Coincidences at Staircases

Defence with the girls, well Quin, Gorgy, and me. I've just heard that Marrieta has "Sneak" written across her forehead. Well, all of us Ravenclaws have to admit that she deserved it. Defence doesn't go as well as always, with O.W.L.'s coming up and all...

3,726 3
5 Tiring exams and a power hungry toad

It's a few weeks later, I'm a bit exhausted and tired. I mean, I've been studying all day long! The thing that keeps me to mind is that it's for the exams. A Researcher's got to do what a Researcher's got to do! Anyway, "the toad" is getting on our nerves.

2,415 2
6 Working on projects

We are Ravenclaws. We need something to show the toad that we're not just brains. The toad is getting on our nerves now that she has a higher place in the school. Things are changing and I don't like the results. Well, all of us don't like the results.

2,634 1
7 The lost black steel bracelet

I woke up and found my bracelet gone. I freak out. It's the most prized of my possesions! Besides, today is Project Turn-In Day with Professor McGonagall. Gorgy and even Quin is nervous. I hope that today I can relax, though I doubt it.

2,444 1
8 Almost Getting Caught

It's Thursday. The last DADA meeting is today! I'm pretty much trying to get through my classes. After what happened with my bracelet, double checking is becoming an instinct! A few things come up in this chapter of my life anyway.

2,197 3
9 Researcher-in-training

A dark-brown-almost-black-haired girl sat up on her bed. The aura of her room was of a book lover. Or of a Researcher-in-training. She was thinking about her two pieces of parchment as she got up and walked down a staircase that was outside her dark blue door and straight to the kitchen she went.

1,582 0
10 Diagon Alley Visit [Part 1]

I must admit that I missed speaking from my point of view, but now I am. Nympha just told me her little crush. I think that Aunt Andy listened, since she was in the door frame. Anyways we're going to Diagon Alley today.

1,455 1
11 Diagon Alley Visit [Part 2]

We're at Diagon Alley now and I get to visit this wonderfull place called Stag's Café and Tea. Gorgy's Aunt owns it. I learn a little bit more about others. These others are called "the Malfoys". I get to catch the new face of Potter. I've never noticed how cute he looks when he's angry... Stop it horny personality!

2,058 2
12 So many things happening

My summer's gone and finished. My train ride doesn't go so well. I'm stuck in there with four boys. Then my year ends up changing so much! I do not like changes, just to let you know.

2,924 2
13 Confusion is always confusing

These days are getting worse off each time. Who is Eileen Prince, why does Hermione want to know about her? What is wrong with Nympha? Does Apparation go so well... actually, for me it did. Quin's Apparation practice didn't go so well. She lost her nose. Since when have I been dreaming about Potter? Well, for weeks...

2,652 2
14 Death's Circle [Part 1]

This room was a bit messy. It was clogged with papers, parchments, quills, a few ink blots in some places, books spilled on the bed that was located at the corner of the room, and messy covers. A boy laid upon the messy bed moaned as he lifted a book off of his face and stretched out both arms.

2,060 0
15 Death's Circle [Part 2]

What happened to me? I looked around when I opened my eyelids. An oval room with pillars rounding it. A boy walking up to a chalk white skinned thing. "We have a new member with us today, my brethren! Let us welcome him to our Death's Circle!"

2,220 0
16 Mum's book and Dad's descriptions

I've gone to Diagon Alley, I've talked with my two friends on the phone (feeling terrible when I hang up), and I've had troubles with coping with the fact that my two parents are gone. I wish that I had a sibling so badly these days. Nympha and Uncle Kingsley have been on this case for two weeks. Their group is finally resolving it.

2,162 2
17 Finding out about a doubt

I felt wobbly as his right hand and I snapped back to reality as he busily searched through the grass for something. I noticed then that he was missing his glasses and I was missing my two pieces of parchment. The fountain is there...

2,311 1
18 Working together

Potions went a little well. I wonder why all of a sudden Har -- Potter keeps getting close to me. He is cute though... the weird thing now is that my horny personality is not there when I'm with him. Are we "meant to be" or something? Well, not if I'm an Empath, that's for sure!

2,446 1
19 Jealous

What happens when Ha--Potter (and his cute self) ends up being with a carrot-red-haired Weasley all the time? Well, you guys have it: Jealousy.

2,270 2
20 Winter Holidays [Part 1]

Where will all the surprises end? I have no idea. Har--Potter and I are almost finished with the Amortentia project. I'm feeling very close to him, but what happens when the young Weasley intwines herself around Harry during a tutoring session? I'm not sure that I'm too sad to say.

1,800 3
21 Winter Holidays [Part 2]

He looked into my eyes. As if he’d see what I thought! I felt like someone was prodding my head and it felt ticklish. His eyes were very gorgeous, his jet black messy hair was actually pleading me to touch it, and his lips looked superb. Wow, was I actually thinking this about someone that I’ve never liked before but suddenly liking now? Yes, I was.

3,019 2
22 Winter Holidays [Part 3]

Why is Virgil Langdon all of a sudden completing my sentences? Oh, well, he does get on my nerves. Anyways, what happened to Aunt Soraya, Aunt Andy, and Aunt Christiana? I will never know. They seem to keep everything between themselves. We won't be staying at Gorgy's for the holidays like we had planned. We're going somewhere in London though...

2,858 4
23 The Phoenix's Order

Why is Ginny all of a sudden trying to get Harry's attention? I feel weird right now... It's like I am distancing myself away from Harry. Well, we're here at the Head Quarters. Warning: there is a wee bit of profanity in a heated discussion!

2,248 5
24 New arrivals

I had fallen asleep inside his arms. He said that I was his girlfriend! I felt so happy! I didn’t sleep with any problems on my mind. I opened my eyes when I felt light touch my eyelids. Today was going to be different, awakening, and there would be new arrivals. From Mad-eye Moody to truths that make me angry at my mentors.

2,493 2
25 A confusing New Year

Everyone was looking for me earlier. We are preparing for New Years. I have to work with Ginerva. Harry is starting to stand out with me, but wouldn't that make everyone know that we're together?

2,927 5
26 Love is all I want

What happens when a girl like me wants to find out what's behind the door on the last floor of the Noble house of Black? Well, actually, it is not at all pretty! Oh, and everyone is getting ready for New Year's Eve, which is today!

2,409 1
27 Out of the holidays and into the train

I felt like we were bonded through the heart. I had one of those vision things again... This one seemed very odd. Anyways, our Holidays are finished and we have to go back to Hogwarts, but there's someone that we had not expected to come back for next term...

1,769 2
28 Memories and Mysteries

I opened my eyes and felt sore. It was so cold so I was forced to hug myself for warmth. The only light in this dark room was coming from a torch and a candle on a table. A stranger sat at the table above me. His lank and greasy hair covered his face with the exception of his abnormally large nose. I suddenly noticed who it was.

2,367 4
29 Changing spots isn't possible

Is it or is it not possible for someone to change spots -- or change their ways? Well, Harry and I are getting alot fine and I'm back at Hogwarts for my next term!

2,005 1
30 Frozen legs and house unity

What happens when your legs burn and then they're frozen? Did I mention that Professor McGonagall wants us to do House Unity? Well, she's good at mixing us all around...

2,222 1
31 Troublesome boys and a legend

The boys of my year came back to classes as well as many others. I am so glad that Padma is back. Marie was in high spirits this whole week. Harry's been fumbling through my mind and I hope that we can talk ourselves over that. Other than that I've remembered a legend that Uncle Kingsley recites every Christmas before we go to bed.

3,034 0
32 An Eavesdropper Heard Us!

I need to talk to him about what he did. Anyway, today I'll be out of the Hospital Wing and the year will start to progress faster. Hermione and I talked about the Horcruxes in the Library. How does Harry take this when he finds out that there were Extendable Ears on the floor?

2,187 2
33 Starting on plans and conspiracies

Ah! Yes, it's the next chapter. :] Harry and Vivian have a bit of a missunderstanding (or whatever you want to call it) after their little meeting. It has to do with him using Occlumency on her during Herbology a few chapters back. Now for some clearing up, the spy is found out by our main character! -- Have a good read because this is going to get better!

1,805 0
34 His apology

What's wrong with Quin now? Why is Michael Corner so happy this morning? Padma doesn't seem to be enlightened by that. Gorgy is back on track with Vivy and her friend's love problems. What's up with the Horcruxes, you ask? Well... that might be in the next chapter... only the future will tell. ;]

1,761 1
35 N.E.W.T. studies and Dementors

About a month or two had passed since we had last talked. We were in early March and the cold was barely gone. Harry and I didn’t have time to talk because we had to prepare for N.E.W.T.’s. Well, we did see each other in Herbology, but it wasn’t the same as it used to be because of the major attacks from the past weeks.

2,885 1
36 Detached Lovers

He and She were ment to be, but trouble strikes them on their journey. Ginny stays while the trio go, but who saved the Damsel in distress long ago? The plot thickens, dear reader.

For the two lovers will at last be detached from each other.

2,806 2
37 Converting and Missing Memories

[Ginny soothed his anger by caressing his face. “It’s not too late to not change sides and get revenge.”] Converting Virgil isn't so easy.

["Dementors are creatures that take away –- or it would be easier for you to think that they ‘suck’— the happiest of emotions away from people. It is worse with Empaths. They take the happiest emotions and memories… permanently.”] Missing memories from Vivy.

2,610 1
38 Progress

The darkness was fading away and light was coming in. My eyes hurt terribly and so I cowered in the corner of the dark room and covered my eyes. Yet the light seeped through my fingers and my eyes burned. Suddenly my little room disappeared and new things caught my eyes. All I could tell was that this was no dream.

2,668 0
39 The cup and the wand

Hermione flicked her wand at a small gold cup that was on the ground. A spark emitted from the wand and swirled around the cup. Ron and Harry stepped back as the cup glowed in the dark cave that they were in. It created a eye-blinding light as Hermione raised her wand and waved it in circles. Her mind was intact on concentration, Harry noticed. Then the light dimmed to nothing. The cup fell in Hermione’s hand as she outstretched her hand.

3,359 1
40 Truth beyond truth

I honestly don't know what's going on. Professor McGonagall is telling me that Aunt Andy has not told me anything about everything. What does she mean? Virgil was going to tell me something important, but I never got to hear it because I caused him pain. How did I do that?

3,615 1
41 Runaway Spy and Preparation for War

Harry walked towards the open doors of the Great Hall, but stopped at once. A girl was walking into the room and he noticed at once whom she was because of her long dark-brown-almost-black hair that now reached her waist.

4,724 0
42 The last Battle

Oh my god... where's the rest of the Gryffindor Tower? And where are the other houses? Harry and Voldemort face off, but some surprizes (and some funny coincidences) occur.

4,279 1
43 Epilogue: First Christmas without Voldemort

Let's say that everyone is getting ready for the Ministry's first Christmas Ball after Voldemort's death. Hermione says that today you will go through a very memory-satisfying day. Other than that, get ready for the ups and downs of our favorite pairings. Will Vivian ever get her memory back? Are there three engaged people? Just read and find out!

3,756 5


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