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Harry, Ron, Hermione, R. Lestrange, Lucius, Narcissa, Cho, Draco, Blaise (M), OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Other Pairing
Drama, Horror/Dark
Mild Language, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-11-04 4:49pm
Last Chapter
2009-11-29 11:08am
Last Updated
2009-11-29 11:08am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Wreck:With Ronald Weasley

I did something horrible. I killed Draco Malfoy, a famous writer and a classmate of mine, in a car wreck. My wife Hermione Granger Weasley and my friend Harry Potter say it was an accident. My name is Ron Weasley and I think it wasn’t an accident. 

1,316 7
2 The Wreck: With Draco Malfoy

Draco's POV

1,213 5
3 A Hogwarts Reunion

When Cho goes to the Hogwarts Reunion she meets Seamus. What happens when her love changes?

663 3
4 An Attack

She fell to the ground. She felt the pain in her stomach. She knew the baby was dieing.

1,042 1
5 How It Happened

How it happened

652 1
6 The Lie

Written by: violetriddle

Harry and Hermione find out about Hermione and Reba. Then they come home to a tragedy.

570 1
7 Half the Truth But Still My Lie

"What did my mom ever do to you?" Ginny asked guessing that the message was about her mom.

"There are so many things you have forgotten"

589 1
8 It Can't Be

"Your underarrest for the murder of the Potter Children." Sarah shouted.

880 1
9 The Trail

Ron sat in the corner of his cell with tears falling down his face. They had just told him that he had killed his eleven-year-old daughter and his unborn child. He watched a man walk up to the door.
“Get up, your trial is about to start.” He shouted.

whatx going to happen next,only time will tell

1,008 1
10 Discoving Secrets and Lies

How Narcissa feels about this and what happen between her and the killer

762 2
11 The Killer Discovered

the title tells all

715 0
12 Chapter Twelve

Everyhting is revealed.

1,397 0
13 How Can We Move On?

How will the Potters and Wealeys move on from the tragedy that has just recently invaded their lives. Will they ever have a normal life again?

1,144 0
14 Epilogue: Five Years Later

It's been five years since the attacks on the Weasleys and Potters. How have things changed?

803 0


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