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Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/Lily, James/OC, OC/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-10-27 10:41pm
Last Chapter
2008-07-02 7:23pm
Last Updated
2008-07-02 7:23pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Letters

Lily and her best friend Katie get their Hogwarts letters. Lily is given a surprise. Then, another letter arrives...

1,878 38
2 Return to Diagon Alley and... James Potter

Lily and Katie are at Diagon Alley, buying potion ingrediants, books and whatnot. Lily is thinking about taking the open spot on the Quidditch team, eventhough James is captain. It seems as if it will be a good day, until a certain Marauder shows up...

2,273 33
3 Head Boy Revealed

Lily finds out who Head Boy is... and lets just say, she's not very happy.

2,224 25
4 The Tower of Rain and Night

James, Lily, and the fellow Marauders are arriving at school and a few things happen.  Sirius finds another little friend and James and Lily are introduced to their new private dorm.  But there's a few little surprises before they get there...

4,771 45
5 Classes, Elfie, and Times of Blue Hair

Classes arrive, Katie hates her new 'name' and Lily's not happy with her new hair...

2,054 32
6 Quidditch Tryouts

It's a bright Saturday morning and Quidditch tryouts are here!  And we meet Sirius Black's twin sister too...

4,057 24
7 Obsessed

James has sent Lily a letter saying he was sorry for getting her injured during Quidditch practice.  It seemed like a sweet letter, but at the end, his age-old question appeared.  Lily's not happy in the slightest, and she can't forgive him for it.

1,574 17
8 I Dare You

It's a simple, boring day off in the Common Room.  When Lily, Katie, and Ashley decide to have some fun.  What could go wrong?  Well, when Sirius and James come into the picture, everything can.

2,702 18
9 Hallindrae's Payback

Hallindrae Black knows how to get Sirius and the Gyffindor team back for hexing her... it might be a hazard to the Gyffindor team, but might be what needs to happen for a couple that's not quiet together yet...

2,037 16
10 Broken Ice

This is the aftermath of the Quidditch accident, Sirius and Ashley are a little speechless about what they witness...  And for those who read carefully and remember, a bet is to be resolved from chapter 3 as well...

2,517 26
11 Snow Patrol

It's a Hosmeade day that leaves four friends out in the snow...

2,123 27
12 By the Light of the Moon

James and Sirius must help Remus on his "furry little problem", but in secret, Lily follows them. When things get out of hand, an old friend emerges that James and Sirius haven't seen in over a year...

5,366 16
13 Recollections and the Beginning of the Rise

The Rise begins, the night of the vows is revisited and Sirius' fingers are very sore...

3,992 19
14 From the Shadows

“This isn’t funny.”

“I know it’s not. I’m not doing anything though," James whispered.

Clack… Clack… Clack…

They got louder. Lily opened her eyes.

Clack… Clack… Clack…

Their fears were soon to be realized…

3,779 18
15 Crystalline Cave

“James, what was that?” Lily whispered, glancing around nervously.

“I dunno. I know we weren’t seeing things, I know it,” he murmured, rubbing her back soothingly. A thought came to his mind that brought both relief and anger.

They looked up... a dark shape was hanging by its tail from a stalactite, swinging back and forth in pleasure.

"Hello, Mr. Potter. How pleasant to see you," a female voice said slyly.

2,685 19
16 The Journey Home

It's time to go home for the two week Christmas Holiday! Everyone's happy, and still, Sirius' fingers are sore.

2,732 15
17 Once Defied

Read the chapter title. It speaks for itself.

2,594 25
18 Broken Wings

From my uncomfortable sleep, a stabbing pain aroused me in my head. Slowly, dizzyingly, I opened my eyes and glanced around the unfamiliar room...

(Lily's POV)

1,503 24
19 Times Like These

It's times like these you learn to love again. It's times like these you learn to give again…

3,164 21
20 All Around Me

Of course I was sad.  But there were other feelings.  My hands felt... different.  They felt like their fingers should be entwined with someone else's.  I felt a little alone.  Secluded.  I felt in a way... incomplete.  I knew what was missing.

~Lily's POV~
~Song credit to Flyleaf~

3,445 16
21 Of Horses and Chocolates

James knows that Lily has a passion for horses, so he and Sirius take her to see his mother's show horses.  And  will Sirius be able to catch a small kitten or will it outsmart him first?

2,670 21
22 Revived Memories

It's Christmas morning and Lily get's her Christmas present from the Potters and Sirius! 

3,191 18
23 The Meaning of it All

James finds out some unpleasant news... he's being hunted by the Dark Lord.....

2,412 17
24 The Phoenixes

The Phoenixes have Risen...

5,181 16
25 What the Marauders Do Best

James and Sirius are going to have big plans for Mr. and Mrs. Potter's New Year's Eve Ball after they return from the Ministry's party... but is Lily going to get in on it????

2,559 11
26 Ballroom Blitz

And the man at the back said,
'Ev'ryone attack!' and it turned into a Ballroom Blitz.
And the girl in the corner said,
'Boy I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a Ballroom Blitz.'
(Song Credit to Sweet)
James, Lily, Sirius, and Katie crash the New Year's Eve party!

5,592 11
27 The Return of the Rat

Everyone's going back to school and on the train, an old character returns to the plotline.  And Katie gets a new pet too!

3,795 15
28 Patrols and Suspicions

“Not all storms pass quietly,” he whispered.

“What’d you say?” Lily inquired, laying her book on the table and walking over to him. He hung his head. She looked into his almost closed eyes and she placed her hand on his shoulder. James lifted his head slowly and met her gaze.

“What’s going on?” she asked.  "James are you okay?"

“I don't know, Lily. I just don't know.”

3,988 12
29 Enter Sandman

Sleep with one eye open, 
Gripping your pillow tight.
Exit light.  Enter night.
Take my hand, 
We're off to never never land.

(song credit to Metallica)

4,050 19
30 Not Just Coincidences

Is there truly such a thing as a coincidence?

4,754 13
31 Katie and Jack

Are Katie and Jack back together?  Or is it something more?
(Lily's POV)

4,191 8
32 Trapped

“Alright Tira, come on. We don’t need any more tricks. Just transform back into-,” he stopped short when the creature raised its head and bared its sharp fangs, its nostrils flaring. Spring water mixed with thick syrupy venom dripped from the teeth, hissing and steaming as it hit the ground.

Lily begged in fright, “James…”

“Wow, she’s pretty convincing this time. It’s almost as if it’s the real thing.”

“James, that’s not Tira," Katie whimpered.

4,468 13
33 The Shadows Fail

Tira the spriggan is trying to lead James, Lily, and Katie to safety from the cave.  On their way, Katie discovers something that could be of great importance to them later.

3,672 8
34 Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

A Quidditch match that involves a bit of random singing on Katie and Sirius's part and a time that provides a dark plan to unfold its wings.

4,453 10
35 Shot Through the Heart

Shot through the heart,
And you're to blame.
You Give Love a Bad Name.
I play my part and you play your game.
You Give Love a Bad Name...
(Song Credit to Bon Jovi)

3,212 24
36 Alexander Archer: Matchmaker

mwahahahah, you'll see!!!!!

4,619 16
37 The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Alex, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Ashley and Katie's pan becomes active.  But is it even working or are they wasting their time?

6,901 14
38 Broken Vows

“Hold out your left arm.” James and Sirius did as the animal asked and rolled up their sleeves, revealing their skin to the chilled air. Halidiir made eye contact with them and stared, giving them a long, hard, empty look. “Your vows have been broken.”

7,506 18
39 I Won't Do This Anymore

No I don't,
No I don't, 
No I don't.
No I don't find faith in your forced feelings,
Not fooled by your misleadings.
Won't buy this line you're selling,
Tired of this lie you're telling...

(Song Credit to Nickelback)

6,551 27
40 Serenity

I need serenity,
In a place where I can hide.
I need serenity,
Nothing changes, days go by...
(Song Credit to Godsmack)

4,368 35
41 Far Away

I love you.
I have loved you all along,
And I miss you,
Been far away for far too long...

9,181 19
42 Ravenclaw's Descendant and the Death Eater's Traitor

Secrets will be revealed and old rivalries are stirred up...

5,733 13
43 The Viper Bites Back

Katie stopped him short by stiffly pressing the tip of her wand under his chin, pushing his head upwards a bit. With this partial statement, fury began to boil and rise up within her spirit as the aggravated viper that she was capable of being poised for attack. No one insults her friends and walks away without punishment. Not even her boyfriend.

4,406 10
44 Going Home

Spring Break begins tomorrow!!

5,205 30
45 Grandma Potter

(I'M FINALLY BACK EVERYONE!!!!)  Well, in short, we get a glimpse at James' dreaded Grandmother.  Is she as bad as he makes her out to be?

3,788 20


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