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2006-10-17 00:22:10
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: A Realist in Peach

I am just Analiese Reardon, girl with no reason. I don’t know why I am here, what my destiny is, but it certainly wasn’t to fall in love.

1091 35
2 Nothing Like a French Martini

"What's a french martini anyhow?” I sighed. “Just not me."

3958 28
3 Of Fairy Wings and Mystery Men

I smiled to myself as a plan formed in my head. Maybe Ana didn’t believe - but I sure as hell did.

3576 32
4 So Lucky to Have You

I caught the apple one handed and backed away from them. “Ooh.” I teased in my best baby voice, “She is so lucky to have you!”

4747 32
5 Taking Back What's Mine

“Fine.” I said beginning to shred his stalker list into small pieces, each rip making me feel better and better. “Since I can't get my name back, I’ll have to get the picture back.”

4102 34
6 Who knew times two

Yep. Who knew. That’s what I kept saying.

3563 35
7 Dear Sophie...

“Huh. True love stories have no ending. I’ll wait for you. ” he read from a small gift card. He smiled at me. “That’s sweet. Whoever he was.”

4319 30
8 I Squid You Not

“Easy.” Nat answered before I had a chance. “We have narrowed it down. He goes to Hogwarts.”

3648 43
9 Dream Doctor, Meet Alice

“Familiar voice. Dry, bored tone with a hint of unrepressed anger... well that could only be one person.” I drawled with out turning.

3679 38
10 Rumour Has It

It's not a rumour if its true right?

2727 29
11 I am the Enchantress

Don't mess with the enchantress...

2957 35
12 A Game of Charades

“That’s you. The way I see you and the world sees you.” He stopped to let it drop to the floor. I watched it fall slowly.

3224 38
13 I Wear the Mask

You can't hide your lyin' eyes.
And your smile is a thin disguise,
I thought by now you'd realize-
There ain't no way to hide your lyin eyes

3117 38
14 One Year, One Month - Whatever!

One year. I was practically jittering with excitement. One year was big. One year was huge. One year was a long time. One year was –

2931 37
15 Much needed Pizzazz

Pizzazz... god i love that word. It can make anything sound good. Water, now with added Pizzazz... gotta get me some of that!

2631 47
16 Confusion's Wearing a Hat!

Oh, I was confused. In fact I think confused skated past me long ago wearing a pink feather boa and a straw hat. And who can ignore confusion in a hat?

2350 52
17 Pretty Much Clueless

Clueless: definition: Analiese Reardon and Sirius Black.

2867 53
18 That's What She Said

Right didn’t describe it. Wrong didn’t either... mixed up yes.

2450 52
19 Smells Like Reciprocation

Smells good...
ATTENTION!!! added extra. i would read it... :D

4347 52
20 Merry Christmas I Guess

“It’s tomorrow.” I whispered. “Merry Christmas I guess.”

David nodded slowly then smiled. “Merry Christmas.”

2848 66
21 Just a Little Magic

David let out a low whistle. “That’s definitely magic.”

3541 47
22 With My Head Held High

She widened her eyes innocently and shrugged. “Are you willing to admit it yet?”

2303 28
23 Why Cinderella Ran

“Did you know the sea-maid refused to kill the prince even to save herself?”

2784 53
24 Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

“So what do you think?” I asked moving my hand out to the creek as we sat down. “Any different?”

2751 131


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