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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Letters

the hogwarts letters come. who gets them, and how does the one left behind take it? the other chapters are better, in my opinion.

1,182 4
2 Wands

The girls get thier wands.

1,087 4
3 Warnings

The girls get a warning about magic outside of school.

1,000 3
4 Phoenix Lane

The girls go to Phoenix Lane.

1,950 3
5 The Prophecy

The girls meet Proffesor McGonagall, but instead of answering all thier questions, she creates more.

914 3
6 The Real Question

They talk a bit more about the prophecy, but keep getting off topic.

991 3
7 The End of The Beginning

The plane leaves. The story ends. Or does it?

1,456 2


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