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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Fluff, Romance
No Warnings
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-10-05 7:54pm
Last Chapter
2007-03-31 6:42am
Last Updated
2007-03-31 6:42am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Evelen year old daughters

What would it feel like to one day see your father and twin sister, or your mother and your twin sister...and not know who the heck they are? Kali Granger and Annabelle Weasley sure know the feeling. What would it feel like if you divorced the love of your life...when you didn't want to? Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley know what it feels like. What would it feel like to get back together? What would it feel like to start over? What would it feel like...after eleven years?

2,216 29
2 They seem to be getting along

This chapter is a jaw dropper. Oooh's very exciting.

1,429 25
3 What should we know?

This is mainly a chapter with Kali and Belle talking. While in the middle of a conversation....Belle starts thinking just ho a like her and Kali really do look! PLUS...Some R/Hr action! (yay!) Not a lot though....Just because something stops Hermione....Oooh and Hermione has a melt down! She just breaks down at one point...and is not acting like her normal Hermione self!

1,395 17
4 Telling them

Weeee This might just be my second favorite chapter in this fic. I changed the ending I believe seven or eight times. Finally, I just got this idea in a dream on how to end it. I was like, "Thank you GOD!" and I danced. XD Anyways. the ending is another jaw dropper. I really hope you like chapter four!!

1,500 21
5 The Dating Flashback

In this chapter....we go back a few years.... to their Hogwarts years. This of course is when they were dating. Y'all will also find out how Kali and Belle not their names. :D Plus...maybe a look into chapters to come? ^.^

1,443 25
6 The Train Ride

This is mainly Kali and Belle's train ride to Hogwarts. In this will see a lot of Lily and James Potter (Harry and Ginny's kids) and how different the feel about Kali. One adores her...while the other well...not so much. There is so major R/Hr at the end of this chapter.

1,474 23
7 Sammie's Soothing Coffee

Ron and Hermione go out to get their coffee. They go to a place called "Sammie's Soothing Coffee"...and they meet a very-strange woman. They also happen to see a young couple with girl twins on their own.

Also, Kali and Belle meet a very...different new friend on the train.

1,852 18
8 We’re almost back at Hogwarts!

So who is this Rachel? Is she good...or evil? Something must be up...right? Hmm...maybe not... Plus, we meet another new person! Oddly enough...Belle already knows him!

Ron and Hermione end their first date....are there more to come?

1,643 21
9 Arg! They give us too much homework!

Are Kali and Belle enjoying Hogwarts? Hmm...maybe? Maybe not! Or is one of them liking it...and the other isn't? Find out!

Plus, how are Ron and Hermione doing? *winks*

1,315 13
10 We love you

In this chapter, it is five years from the time when Kaitlin and Annabelle first met. It starts out early in the morning...and goes until about 2 and half months later.

I swear there is a perfect ending to this thing...anf it's really sweet!!

2,191 24


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