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Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-10-03 3:28pm
Last Chapter
2007-04-26 4:15pm
Last Updated
2007-04-26 4:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Head Girl and Boy

During the summer Hermione received news that she was the new Head Girl. However, what she doesn't know is who will be Head Boy.

1,124 29
2 Ride to Hogwarts

When Hermoine finds out who is the new Head Boy, her feelings get the best of her. With the comfort of her friends, she yet doesn't know what to do.

889 17
3 First Day Back

Hermoine and Malfoy are now at Hogwarts. However, due to an incident, can it that Hermoine...has a thing for Malfoy?

1,937 15
4 Crookshanks

So what’s going on between these two enemies? Are they really enemies? Is it hormones, attraction or something else? To think this all started because of a mischievous little cat.

3,172 12
5 Arithmetic Class

Malfoy and Hermoine continue with their classes as they put their differences aside and begin to converse.

2,602 15
6 Dumbledore's Plan

Hermione and Malfoy receive news from Dumbledore regarding a secret quest. Will both accept or will one reject it?

3,649 12
7 Bad News

Oooh something’s going on…A friendly hug or something more? Draco really had a change of heart, his mother’s last request on her Deathbed was for her son to be good, kind and not to follow in his father’s footsteps. Will he comply?

3,034 22
8 First Stop: London

Draco and Hermione are beginning the secret quest and encounter an embarrassing situation along the way.

3,919 16
9 Pretending, Paris and Coke

After an encounter with an unexpected person, Hermione and Draco have more awkward situations, travel onto their new destination and Draco tastes the muggle drink that is Coke.

5,195 15
10 Crush

Finally!! The long awaited confessions are made...and they will soon head onto Romania!

4,488 27
11 The Masked Ball

Draco and Hermione are now in Romania, waiting for instructions as to their next destination and encounter an unpleasant, blood thirsty Dracula.

6,990 28
12 Australia

Hermione and Draco finally reach their final destination of their Secret Quest: Australia.

4,964 19
13 Back to Hogwarts

Hermione and Draco return from their secret quest to Hogwarts, where things return to normal, or do they?

5,450 7
14 Dreams and Forbidden Love

After coming back to Hogwarts Hermione and Draco both think about each other…even in their dreams until Hermione can’t take it anymore.

6,893 17
15 Christmas Morning

Another Christmas at Hogwarts but very different from the others. Draco decides to let actions speak for themselves.

4,262 30
16 Christmas Ball

Feelings are let loose as Hermione talks at the Christmas Ball.

3,214 21
17 Suspicions

Everything seems to be all right with Hermione and Draco’s relationship…what can possibly go wrong?

4,478 15
18 Revelations

After Harry found out about the Strawberry-cherry-plum glitter lip gloss he knows something’s going on…and soon….boom!!!

4,540 17
19 Revenge

Unexpected situations begin to occur…what will happen to Hermione and Draco after this??

756 23
20 Forgiveness?

Will either one forgive…or is it all over for our two lovebirds?

3,806 25
21 Payback

Now that Hermione and Draco know the truth what will happen to poor Ron and Pansy?

1,806 14
22 How the plan began

Professor McGonagall encounters Pansy and Hermione as she tries to resolve the issues between them.

1,933 13
23 So The World Knows

Everyone knows about Hermione and Draco now…everyone

4,170 10
24 Changes

Things keep on occurring for Hermione and Draco. RIhgt where things start looking good and fine, it turns for the worse.

4,108 15
25 Good-Bye

It seems that Draco and Hermione cannot be happy together, and once and for all, it seems that this is truly the end.

3,078 7
26 The Next Day

It is the next day after the incident…how are these two coping?

2,344 7
27 The Final Battle

The time has come that all have been preparing for...THE FINAL BATTLE!

4,691 17
28 Moving On

After the Final Battle, Hermione finds out things and so moves on.

2,256 18
29 Four Years Later

It has been four years after the final battles. Has Hermione learned to cope with the loss of Draco?? Also, many happy events are seen in this chapter!!

11,268 18
30 Epilogue: The Prophecy

The Prophecy is revealed. Who said it and what was it about?

1,112 119


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