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Draco, Hermione
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2003-12-17 6:51pm
Last Chapter
2006-06-20 7:00pm
Last Updated
2006-06-20 7:00pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Escaping Death

A war is being waged by all muggle-kind. Hermione faces death, but is saved by a mysterious member of CLAW. The Wizarding World has made the decision to seal themselves off forever to escape the muggle war. What will this do to the beliefs of many wizards, and what will come of Hermione and her mysterious rescuer?

1,422 15
2 A Dream to Dance To

Hermione is finally released from the hospital and prepares to enter back into her world. She thinks back on her life with the aid of her most sentimental item and finally learns who her rescuer was.

2,143 9
3 Meet the Parents

Hermione meets up with Draco and he takes her to stay at his castle until school begins again. What beauties does his home hold? (Other than Draco I mean) How will Draco's family treat Hermione, and how will Lucius explain his newfound niceness towards mudbloods?

3,044 7
4 Another Question With No Answer

Well, Hermione is finally ready for a little R&R. When she wakes up, she begins to explore a little bit of the castle, wonder who she'll run into?

2,413 7
5 Unwanted Answers

Hermione and Draco finally get the chance to have a real conversation. They discuss loves lost or lack-there-of. Draco finally explains everything about CLAW and the Return to Eden campaign.

2,878 8
6 An Impossible Gift

Draco finds another reason to hate the muggle world and Hermione finds another reason to love the Wizarding World, but will it be enough? And finally, the last question is answered and she can sleep peacefully... but with who.... mystery....

4,052 3
7 A Gift Long Dead

The blood continued to come. With each heartbeat, blood pumped through her body, out her neck and onto the tarnished soil below.

3,595 4
8 The Nearness of You

Draco and Hermione venture into the refined world of wizard shopping, at the best stores, naturally. A ray of sunshine finally comes into Hermione's life.

3,139 16
9 The Gods Long Gone

Hermione and Draco arrive at their hotel for the evening. It seems Hermione still has much to learn about the Wizarding World and other species in it as she explores the lush hotel while Draco fumes over incompetince. Will Draco continue his quest of Hermione even after his father voices his opinion of his feelings?

3,855 4
10 Inebriated Confessions

Hermione and Draco struggle through an uneasy dinner (not a date...), but finally relax and have fun afterwards after a few friends come into the picture... like Jack. ;)

3,671 13
11 What Pansy Always Wanted

Yay! New chapter. I had to wait a while b/c the site was closed for construct, but hooray for their hard work right? Well, Hermione and Draco venture to Diagon Alley to buy their school supplies and Hermione finally gets to see how he acts around his friends... or... people who follow him....Pansy...Meh...

4,694 7
12 Highlights and Insights

Yay! New chapter, sorry guys, this one's a little short, but I was inspired for it after seeing HP&TPOA for the second time yesterday and then getting amazing red and blonde highlights today! Thanks to everyone who reviews, you guys rock my face off! Your words of encouragement make me want to write all the time.

3,224 10
13 A Reason To Trust

Hermione and Draco finish up their last day in the city. Draco teaches Hermione some wizard dancing. After realizing what exactly he must do to win Hermione's trust, he goes to the extreme to convince her of his sincerity. (Things are starting to heat up! Thanks for waiting so patiently guys!)

4,059 10
14 Family Found

Hermione returns to the manor with Draco. She finally takes the initiative to organize all the muck in her mind. Persephone helps her out when Hermione realizes her actual heritage.

3,014 4
15 Lived, Loved, Lost

It's Hermione and Draco's last day at the Manor, what will Draco do to try and have one last chance with Hermione?

3,182 21
16 Return to Reality

Hermione and Draco prepare to return to Hogwart's, and their lives. Ron and Harry face the new and reformed Draco.

3,987 14
17 Eager to Begin Again

All the students return to life at the castle. Draco and Hermione run into difficulties when it comes to expressing their newfound feelings for each other and the entire group are trying to adjust to their new harder classes. Students express some concern about people excluded from the Return to Eden campaign.

3,065 10


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