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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature,
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First Published
2006-09-30 9:04am
Last Chapter
2008-02-14 8:45pm
Last Updated
2008-02-14 8:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Curiousity Kills The Cat

For about a month i’d been getting letters off an unknown person. Being aware of the dangers it could potentially cause, I had not as of then replied.

What’d I got myself in to? I didn’t want any of this and now I had messed it all up, for both sides. I just wanted to prove to my father that I wasnt weak, but I was and I couldn’t do it.

1,006 32
2 The Burrow

I woke up later that night to Harry and Ron staring at me. I jumped out my skin and whipped my wand out, they were lucky that it got caught on a loose piece of string from my pyjamas or I would have cursed them to an oblivion.

I crushed the paper together in my hand and threw it against the wall. I slamed my head back against the wooden wall and felt the pain seep through me, but I didn’t care. It rarely bothered me anymore. Thats what happens when you become a death eater, you turn numb.

3,185 25
3 Fairytales and feelings...

“Listen Ginny, you wanted me to tell you so it’s not like I’m looking for your opinion or anything. Whatever you say I’m going to meet him. I’m not stupid and I think I’ve proved more than once that I can look after myself.”

“No Draco” I said, slapping myself. Don’t feel like you need that…mudblood.

1,520 43
4 Wrong doings & Wolves...

I allowed him to look like a fish for a while (because I found it amusing) before I said, “Right…Well Ron, I’m going to go to potions.” No response. “You remember right? The lesson we are now ten minutes late for.” Still absolutely no recognition that I was even stood there.

My head tilted to the side and my tongue flopped out of my mouth when suddenly I saw that my leg had lifted up to scratch at the itch.

2,959 26
5 Meetings & Emotions

I stopped dead in my tracks, stunned at what I saw. She looked so different.

“Damon?” I asked. He nodded nervously… I was speechless.

4,184 35
6 Revealings

“It turns out that a certain little deatheater planned the capture of Hagrid.” My heart began to beat fast and my fists clenched. I knew it.

This was the time, I was sure of it. I had to tell her, show her who I really was. I couldn’t go on any longer with her liking Damon, I was jealous of Damon. I wanted her too like me, Draco.

4,229 27
7 Beautiful disaster

“You’ve never murdered anyone? Then what’s this?” I lifted up the sleeve of his left arm and pointed to the ugly image that was the dark mark. Even though I knew it must have been there I had still been shocked when I saw it.

“Do you want to know what you have helped me learn?” I asked, and continued after her small nod. “I realised that I am not better than people because I’m a pure blood. Hermione I have watched you in envy as you beat me at everything. If anything, I am beneath you.”

2,619 33
8 Malfoy, would you stop it with that stupid, arrogant smirk.

“Azkaban?” I asked. “You think you’ll be going to Azkaban? Malfoy, you’ll be executed immediately.” Reality seemed to wash over him as he stood before me, and I saw an unfamiliar fear in his eyes.

“You could always feel what I felt?” I asked, stammering my hurt words.

2,329 19
9 Love Letters & Holagrams

“Hear, I’ve been trying to give this to you for months.” With that he basically sprinted out of the hall towards, I can only guess, the Gryffindor common room. I looked down into my hands and the folded piece of paper Ron had just handed to me.

“I’m so sorry.” She flinched; I hated it when she did that. “I’m sorry for how bad I have made you felt and I’m sorry for lying to you.”
“And making me fall in love with you.” She added, I shook my head.
“No, I’m not sorry for that.

3,316 26
10 Finally

“Not afraid of death?” He asked laughing so much he struggled to release his sentence. “Ron, you spent most of the time hid behind a wall muttering, “God don’t let me die, I’m too young to die. I have so much to offer this world. Please, please, please let their killing curses hit all them so they fuck off!!”

“I hate the way you can push me to the limits with the things you do.” I held my breath and shut my eyes; I didn’t think I could take another shot of her disbelief.

3,861 22
11 Returnings

The person moved oddly, like they couldn’t walk properly. How could I not notice that unusually large form?

1,129 18
12 Finding Out

I lowered myself to the floor and waiting for another knock, which came seconds later. There was no way of me escaping so I tried to scare them off instead. I let out a low growl and with no response I presumed they had left. But I was wrong. The door flung open and in the door way stood a hooded figure with a wand pointed my way.

One stepped forward and before either of us could make a move had pulled Draco up and thrown him into a wall.

2,565 30
13 And so It Begins.

“How?!” Ron shouted from besides me, I had almost forgotten he was there. “By telling you he loved you? Do you really think he loved you Hermione? He made your life at school hell since your first day; he made all our days hell. He purposely set out to hurt you, he hates you Hermione, and he was using you to get in with the order.”

A curse was on the tip of his tongue before the door flew open, and my nightmare began.

3,154 19
14 Good or Bad?

I stopped suddenly when my breath caught in my throat, I gasped for air as Tonks ran to my side. Pain was seeping through my body; there wasn’t an inch of me that wasn’t aching.

Throughout my final thoughts as myself Voldermort had been rambling on to his deatheaters in a cult like way, and just when I realised that I really should have been listening, he turned to me.

2,661 18
15 Reasons to fight for

Draco, come here.” My father’s voice was calm, for now. I looked worriedly into his eyes and continued to take slow steps backwards. “Draco,” he was slowly getting aggravated and I knew if I stepped to him now what he would do.

“What is Gryffindor?” I began. “What is Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff or Slytherin but the last name of some founder? Do you remember what the sorting hat said to you when you sat on that stool back in first year?”

2,205 21
16 For The Last Time?

A bright green light was shot into the sky some way away; in the forbidden forest. They were coming; in a couple of minutes they would emerge through the trees.

“To die shall be an awfully big adventure,” he answered adding “in the words of the great Peter Pan.” I laughed nervously.

1,512 22
17 The Final War

Luckily I had come the way I did as around the other side swarms of deatheaters were trying and failing to penetrate the light. I looked around me; there were so little people left from our side.

I saw it before everyone else; the light returning back to earth. I watched it for a while thinking it was my mind playing tricks on me at that delicate time; but as I watched, whispered where passed around.   New Message.

4,158 35
18 You Did It...

Draco's funeral...

2,674 22
19 Final Goodbyes

One day Hogwarts will open its doors to a new generation of witches and wizards who will learn, not of the war that we learnt, but of the one we fought in. They’ll be taught about the greatest headmaster to run it and the boy that was Voldermort’s down-fall…for the second time.  New Message...

843 20
20 Epilogue

As they emerged onto platform 9 ¾ a wind swept through the platform. Magic had finally arrived again and the taller man pulled from his pocket a wand. With one swift movement a great noise filled the station and an amazing red train appeared on the track.

New Message...

1,645 41
21 Authors Note...


569 19


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