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Harry, Draco, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Draco/Ginny
Romance, Angst
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-24 5:31pm
Last Chapter
2007-11-03 7:24pm
Last Updated
2007-11-03 7:24pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Rebellion and Guests

Ginny fights with Mrs. Weasley and a new guest comes to visit.

2,801 12
2 Friends and Diaries

New relationships form as old ones start to rekindle. Meanwhile, Draco gets hold of a certain diary...

3,732 9
3 Dinner and Surprises

Some new feelings erupt and some old feelings are revealed...

3,212 9
4 Kisses and Letters

Draco cashes in on his favour with Ginny and no one is as suprised by the results as she is.

3,762 10
5 Invitations and Broomsticks

A new face begins to plot while young love experiences yet another magical date.

3,215 9
6 Dances and Meetings

The Ministry Ball brings with it romance, shock and a secret meeting.

3,748 7
7 Love & Lies

A mission needs to be completed...while love is revealed

3,755 5
8 Unexpected Guests...

The truth starts to unravel and the Weasleys recieve a big blow. And Harry has no idea what's been happening since he's at Azkaban... this chapter and the one that will follow it will probably make everything clear for you all

2,975 13
9 Confessions and Confrontations

Draco speaks out and the only person that believes him is Ginny.

2,946 20
10 Goodbyes and Heartbreaks

Some goodbyes are said and hearts are broken...but whose?

2,587 15
11 Old Feelings and New Guests

Harry arrives just as Christmas comes around the corner.

2,336 13
12 Christmas and Revelations

Harry finally sees his window of opportunity

2,448 31
13 Sneakings and Peekings

Ginny answers Harry's question...what will she say?

2,005 19
14 Pain and Love

1,680 23
15 Interruptions and Disturbances

1,861 14
16 Pain and Hospitals

2,447 11
17 Suffering and News

2,075 16
18 Travels and Decisions

2,348 18
19 Accidents and Misgivings

2,431 21
20 Anxiety and Chances

The next morning arrives and Ginny is eager to get the search on.

2,154 27
21 Darkness and Shadows

Harry and Ginny met some very unexpected guests in the dark alley.

1,626 21
22 Chances and Happenings

Harry lies beside Ginny in the hospital with pain pushing against his heart.

2,782 17
23 Midnight and Festivals

The festival continues!

2,533 20
24 Pleas and Worries

2,307 16
25 The Meeting.

Ginny and Draco meet. FINALLY.

2,582 34
26 For What I Once Was

2,205 21
27 Epilogue.

1,044 37


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