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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Neville, Dean, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ginny/Dean, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-24 2:03pm
Last Chapter
2008-06-25 6:34am
Last Updated
2008-07-17 7:06am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Getting Out

In which Harry receives a strange letter and has trouble with his scar. *EDITED*

2,480 8
2 The Lady

In which an agent of the mysterious lady gives Harry and his friends information about their upcoming summer. *EDITED*

3,230 2
3 At the Manor

In which Harry and company enter Arran manor for the summer and meet their hostess for the first time.  *EDITED*

5,573 7
4 Times Forgotten

In which Tabby recalls the story of her parents and their fate.  *EDITED*

6,622 6
5 Reaching Out

In which Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny make a decision to befriend Tabby, which proves harder than they would have thought.

8,387 3
6 Touch of the Past

In which Tabby finds herself fascinated with one of her guests and loses her temper over a painful vision.

3,162 4
7 Intruders

In which Harry, Ron, and Hermione channel their mischievous spirits and break into Tabby's seeing tower, and Tabby gives them each something to remember the experience by.

4,103 4
8 Breaking Through

In which Tabby catches a glimpse of her future...and doesn't like what she sees.

4,487 5
9 A Priceless Gift

In which Tabby presents Harry with a very special birthday present.

5,803 6
10 All That I Bleed For

In which Tabby comes to a crossroads and needs her friends to stand by her in her decision.

7,851 6
11 Secrets of the Alicorn

In which one of Lena's oldest friends comes to visit, and Tabby gains some brand-new knowledge and ways of using her magic.

2,999 9
12 Meeting the Enemy

In which Tabby has an encounter with Malfoy...and through him, someone much worse...

2,481 5
13 Aboard the Hogwarts Express

In which the summer ends and students return to Hogwarts, Tabby among them.

4,030 6
14 The First Day

In which we find the first day of classes.

4,049 5
15 Dumbledore's Army

In which Tabby joins Dumbledore's Army and proves herself very useful.

2,578 4
16 Trials

In which Harry oversees Quidditch trials and has a very disturbing dream...

2,853 6
17 The Power of Two Minds

In which Harry is trapped and Tabby must free him without revealing any of her secrets to the most powerful dark wizard in the country.

4,257 5
18 Trust At Last

In which there is a Hogsmeade visit, and Tabby discovers that she has it in her to trust her friends completely.

3,080 2
19 Forbidden

In which Tabby follows her troublesome friends into the Forbidden Forest, and has some seer trouble of her own.

4,579 2
20 Answers In the Stars

In which Tabby seeks out answers from powerful and strange magicks, and receives a cryptic and fascinating reply.

3,189 4
21 Past of Blood

In which roles are reversed--Tabby is trapped in a vision, and Harry must free her.

5,696 4
22 Tales of the Brude

In which Tabby answers many questions and discovers that her long day is not quite over.

4,082 2
23 Trouble in Paradise

In which Tabby and Harry have a blazing row.

2,254 4
24 Dark Day

In which Harry and Tabby's estrangement continues, and a very exciting Quidditch match takes place.

6,445 3
25 A Day with Dean

In which Ginny and Dean take matters into their own hands.

3,850 5
26 The Dance

In which everyone gets all dressed up and has a good time...for most of the night, anyway.

3,496 2
27 Battle in the Storm

In which there is an exciting battle in Hogsmeade between the Order and Voldemort's servants.

4,169 2
28 Black Fire

In which Tabby fights Bellatrix for the first time.

2,075 2
29 Mysteries

In which Tabby recovers from her ordeal and searches for answers to her many new questions.

2,724 2
30 Recovering

In which Tabby and her friends have a picnic and enjoy a rare quiet evening with one another.

2,983 3
31 Listening

In which Tabby and the Hawks perform an experiment, and come up with some theories to answer lingering questions.

2,820 1
32 Disaster in the Darkness

In which Harry, Ron, and Hermione run into trouble in the Forbidden Forest.

2,876 0
33 The Human with Red Fur

In which the manticore attacks again, and Tabby has to make a terrible choice.

3,844 1
34 Isolation

In which Tabby struggles to heal Ginny and handle the choice she made.

3,851 2
35 The Ties of Friendship

In which Tabby discovers the true strength of her bond to her friends, and everyone acts very cute.

7,078 1
36 Wizards' Chess

In which our heroes play it by ear and have a great deal of fun despite the risk of making fools of themselves.

3,269 1
37 Hunt

In which the second challenge takes place, and Harry is helped by a Slytherin.

3,084 2
38 Dueling

In which Mya convinces her students to have a dueling tournament and Harry does something he shouldn't have done.

6,424 4
39 Challenge

In which Harry issues a challenge to his greatest enemy and Tabby urges him not to forget what's really important.

3,428 5
40 Hard to be Happy

In which pranks are pulled and secrets are revealed.

4,955 4
41 Secret's Out

In which Tabby has a conversation with the Minister of Magic himself.

3,833 7
42 Guests

In which Fred and George make an appearance and receive a surprise.

5,984 11
43 Losing Control

In which Tabby has more than a bit of trouble with her magic.

6,120 2
44 Christmas

In which Tabby does not want to be alone, and Harry tried to arrrange something to make her happy.

5,270 0
45 A Good Start

In which Tabby and Neville begin what seems to be a very peaceful holiday.

4,082 3
46 Lethifold Attack

In which lethifolds and other unpleasant guests attack the Burrow.

3,136 4
47 St. Mungo's

In which Neville gets Tabby out of trouble and visits his parents.

4,163 5
48 Christmas at Grimmauld Place

A nice long chapter in which there is a very nice Christmas celebration and Tabby reveals a big problem.

6,365 8
49 Back to School

In which our heroes return to school and Tabby searches for a solution to her growing problem.

4,470 1
50 Silvera Kylin

In which Tabby meets her match in Silvera Kylin.

4,128 6
51 Turmoil and Fire

In which there is peril in the Forbidden Forest, and the only secret Tabby still keeps from her friends is revealed.

6,125 2
52 The Blessing Is a Curse

In which Tabby makes her decision, and faces a sudden attack.

2,824 2
53 Disobedience

In which Harry makes the decision to go after Tabby.

3,169 4
54 Darkest Hour

In which all does not go as planned and Tabby has one last terrible choice to make.

6,356 4
55 Healing and Farewell

In which an unexpected person appears to save the day, and Tabby makes her choice once and for all.

6,594 1
56 Epilogue: Tears and Stars

In which the students return to Hogwarts and Tabby's training begins.

2,139 33


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