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Lily, James
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Angst, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-17 6:15am
Last Chapter
2008-06-11 3:03am
Last Updated
2009-06-21 6:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Attack.

11.11.07- most of this chapter is brand new,  re-read it for a happy Lily/James relationship along with a Harry and Sirius... when everything seemed just perfect...

3,668 55
2 The Letter.

Lily recieves a letter from a close friend...

1,300 45
3 The Funeral.

The day to say their final goodbyes had finally come...

1,556 34
4 Guilt

James and Lily are beginning to blame themselves for their son's murder...

1,219 25
5 The Realization

Sirius turns up at the Potter's... What's going on...?

894 16
6 Undelivered Letter

James and Lily are not even started their new jobs and when they thought everything was going to settle down... they were wrong...

1,392 15
7 Getting Harder.

Will life ever settle back down for Lily and James?

2,016 12
8 Finding Out

That was it, James could feel himself snap. Without even thinking of what he was doing, James whipped out his wand from his waistband.

1,797 16
9 Pubs and Cliffs

James is hanging on by a string...

1,959 12
10 Hostels and Tears

"I-I tried and I tried to make myself love her, but every time I look into her eyes, I-I" James paused and looked up at Sirius "I see Harry looking back at me."

1,603 11
11 Breaking the rule of Marriage.

He knew, that for the rest of his life he would fall asleep, with that stare planted vividly inside the darkness of his closed eyes. The bright green eyes reminded him painfully of his son- the son he so badly wanted back than anything else, but at that moment, those eyes had the one thing he swore he would never see in them- pain.

1,148 16
12 Spinners End

James finally wakes up, and Lily goes to 'talk' to the man who made her life so much worse.

1,609 12
13 Femme Cafe

They were laughing and chatting to each other, as if they were in complete ecstasy with one another’s company. This was a punch in the gut for James, he always wanted to grow old and care-free with Lily, he wanted to die with her by his side. He wanted to have the feeling like their days together were not numbered and they had all eternity with one another.

1,509 12
14 Caught In the Middle.

“No Sirius, because if you did that you would consequently kill my so-called wife… and in return I would bloody slaughter you alive and then I would be put into prison,” Sirius and Remus stared at him as if he had just sprouted an extra head.

2,712 15
15 Thorn

Lily is home for the Christmas holidays and Rich, being the gentleman has made dinner- but unknown to him, Lily has started to have a very bad habit...

1,823 14
16 Some people dont change.

James comes to a conclusion.

1,094 11
17 A Dark Day

James is having another bad day, but just when everything seems to get a bit too much for him, somebody turns up, determined to make his life a lot worse than it already is...

1,817 17
18 Blood

Lily glanced at them and smiled, she was there when they were engraved, it was the first time Lily had missed class to run around with 'The Marauders', it was also the first time she felt elated to see her name in a heart with 'J.P', she saw it a billion times before, of course, as they were scribbled all over James's copies and books but that was just him being an annoying git.

1,608 17
19 The Promise.

Lily remembers the promises that she made to James, but one of them is one which she never wanted to do...

1,677 17
20 Decision

Lily makes the biggest decision so far...What will happen??

1,514 17
21 The New Lily.

How well will Lily cope...?

1,616 13
22 Thorfinn Rowle

He turned around, and with a terrifying leap of Lily’s heart his eyes landed directly on her. Her mind started racing. Did he know who she was? Was he able to see through the shadows of her hood?

1,234 13
23 The turning of Friends

When friends turn against one another...

2,656 10
24 Empty...

Lily finally gets what she wants...

4,359 16


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