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Harry, Ron, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Draco/OC, Harry/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-13 4:03pm
Last Chapter
2007-06-05 4:11pm
Last Updated
2007-06-05 4:11pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Deception Ch 1 -- Lost...

Ariana is lost in the world of emotion and relationships...she forgets about a big announcement and eventually realizes that things will not be as easy as she hoped...

1,198 6
2 Reassuring the rehead...

Ariana's mind is overwhelmed with thoughts about her nominationk, her escort and her boyfriend. Draco is a just a friend...

1,023 0
3 Deception Ch 3- I know how you feel...

In this short but sweet chapter, Ariana has been ignoring Draco for a week until an momentary encounter in the dim shelves of the Library

792 0
4 I Promise....

Confusion is getting thicker in Ariana's mind and a trip to Hogsmeade lifts the blindfold from her eyes to show what Ron is really like.......

1,571 4
5 Of Decisions and Snowflakes...

Ariana makes a decision, Ron gets upset.....she sneaks out late at night and has an encounter with a certain Gryffindor....Then, Ron gets angry.

1,387 0
6 Invitation and a hint of jealousy

Draco asks Ariana to be his date, she accepts. After dealing with an unhappy Ron in Herbology and later escaping the party in the Common Room, an encounter between the two happens in the darkness of the hallways.

1,731 1
7 Harry to the rescue....

Ariana confronts Ronald about what happened the night before and recieves a not-so-happy mood in return. Harry jumps to her rescue before she gets hurt.....then like many girls, Ariana, Ginny and others get ready for the Ball...

1,188 0
8 The Prince and Princess

The Yule Ball....Prince and Princess are announced. Harry starts to play a bigger role in the story now....*aww...giggle* Plus, not so shockingly, a violent temper from the jealous redhead...

1,551 1
9 In the Hospital Wing...

Short but eventful chapter...A confession is made, making Ariana's mind swarm into confusion...(no violet ron in this one...but he's there)

572 1
10 Choices can't be made by flipping a coin...

Confusion (as usual) haunts Ariana, now that two men had the same feelings as she has the same feelings for them...the advice "following your heart" seems slightly more impossible to her now...

656 1
11 The Secret Meeting...The Secret Location

All I have to say about this chapter is "Awwww". Harry flies Ariana to the place where he otften escapes Hogwarts to think....lots of romantics in this one!!! yay!

1,199 2
12 "He's so romantic"......

It's now the day after Ariana and Harry's meeting...she's all giggly and girly.....Then she and Draco are partnered in class and when they go to the library, someone suprises Ariana in the bookshelves.

1,411 2
13 Meeting in the Great Hall

Ariana's meeting with Draco. Again, more

1,075 2
14 The Date, the cuteness, the anger and jealousy and the Astronomy tower.

Ariana has her date with Harry in Hogsmeade and of course, lots of cuteness.....awww oo! oo! and Ron gets what he deserves.... Then another late night meeting with our fave

3,228 2
15 The Room of Requirement

A steamy meeting in the Room of Requirement.....leading to the question: What's a conscience? .....and finally a choice. But was it right?

1,649 1
16 Please don't ignore me

Back into the world of confusion and tears and its hitting Ariana harder than before...her friends try to comfort her, her boyfriend is clueless and Harry is ignoring her.....sort of..... *go easy on me guys

2,770 2
17 Little white lies lead nowhere good...

Ariana finally gets Harry to talk to her, an arguement turns sweet. a little white lie shall lead to nowhere good, sneaking around the castle and hiding from your boyfriend with another man will lead to no good either....

3,840 2
18 Fear, hope and Love...

Ariana and Harry get caught by Draco after they fall from under the invisibility cloak, a small confrontation with Harry and Draco.  Then Harry is acting rather strange, trying to convince Ariana to not go out with Draco that evening....

*Sorry it took so long guys, I had finals for*

1,700 1
19 To hide weird feelings or just ignore them....

Ariana shuts out the odd feelings and seeks advice from Dumbledore and Ginny about the odd way certain people are acting. Harry gives up trying to convince Ariana not to go out with Draco that evening and then......

*sorry this chapter took forever, had a busy busy holiday!*

1,890 4
20 Dark Places, Dark Dreams...

Ariana wakes and has no clue where she is....Harry has a bad Dream....and a hooded figure appears.

1,423 1
21 A lesson learned.....a terrible feeling felt

Harry receives a note from Dumbledore, runs to his office and learns something that he couldn't realize on his own. Ariana is still a hostage and is forced to watch Draco get tortured and then receives a torture of her own.....

2,207 1
22 You've changed me....I'll always be with you

Harry and Ginny head out for a rescue mission....Ariana has an unexpected visit....and a heartbreaking loss

2,671 1
23 "I'm Sorry"

Ariana awakens to find herself in the hospital wing, hears a short conversation between Harry and Professor Dumbledore and later on has a chat with Harry....

**Hey guys! Sorry this took so long!! I've been out of town quite a bit these past few months! (weddings and holiday)**

*This chapter might get revised, I'm not sure I like it! lol, Please Review!!*

2,724 2
24 Overcoming Grief and re-opening the heart.

Nightmares of Draco's death haunt Ariana. A long walk and a conversation with Professor Dumbledore help the pain ease.....and a reunion of her true feelings for Harry....*cuteness*!

**Hey guys! this chapter is kinda brief, I'm tying up some ends that really can't be stretched out any longer. The story is nearly complete!!**

2,309 1
25 Apologies, Campfires and The Familiar Feelings of Dread

Hey guys! Sorry this took so long!! I had some computer problems and finally got my laptop back a few days ago. The chapter is finally up! lol.

2,285 0
26 Letters and Charms

Harry finds ariana in the woods....Ariana recalls what happened and ending.

1,989 4


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