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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Voldemort, Fred, George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-10 2:31pm
Last Chapter
2008-06-26 7:19am
Last Updated
2008-06-26 7:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Catalyst to a New Beginning

You will meet the main character, Calypso, one of my own design. Set in Harry's third year at Hogwarts, the story continues, following the general plot with my own twists and turns. I don't want to give anything away so read and see what you think! Please message and rate and let me know what you think. Like I said before, I'm a bio major with little experience in creative writting but find it enjoyable. so lend a hand and with constructive comments and rating.

4,299 7
2 The Affect of Honesty

The last chapter was a really brief, bumpy introduction.  The story starts here.  Please bear with it and read the next chapter as I swear after the beginning it get's better.

4,110 3
3 The First Night

A continuation of the last...please give any suggestions!

3,903 3
4 a quick trick

it's going to start to pick up, let me know what you think

3,218 3
5 A Righteous Vengence

Like everything at Hogwarts, the entire school soon knew it was Caly along with Fred and George who had spiked the Slytherins’ drinks....

1,703 3
6 Confrontations

a longer chapter to make up for the short last one. It's now mature which I was trying to avoid, but I fail at editting...I may change it later so it can be 15+ again. anywho, enjoy it!

7,993 2
7 Angst

starts the next morning til after the ball. This may be a bit slower, but the next chapter will more than make up for it. I would appreciate suggestions with this one too...

5,922 4
8 Family Affairs

Includes the final challenge

3,964 2
9 Dementor Talks

just what the title says

2,079 3
10 Same Old Problems, New Year

beginning of the fifth year, sorry it took so long to get it out

1,577 2
11 The Gossip of Gryffindor

The new school year brings the annoyances of Dolores Umbridge.  But that's nothing to the drama in the Gryffindor Tower.

7,172 1
12 The Regrettable Consequences of Recklessness

A secret is revealed...

4,577 3
13 Drama of Fifth Year

Caly returns to the common room.

3,186 4
14 The Mysterious Nature of a Strange Interview

A brief chat with one of our favorite professors

2,294 5
15 chapter 15

christmas of the fifth year and then some. sorry bout the wait

4,530 0
16 Leave Taking

a bit more action for you folks!! it's nearing the end of the OOTP for a timeline and things are about to get a bit messy...

1,930 3
17 Ultimatums

Timeline is up to Harry's sixth year

2,364 2
18 Giant Works

t was a delicate thing, kidnapping Ministry officials...

3,716 2
19 The Impossible Task

betrayals, accusations, and a promise that will set things in motion

6,973 4
20 The Dreadful Looming of the Future

I was going to make this and the next chapter one, but it was getting to be really long so here's this chunk.  Let me know what you think as I didn't proof it much before posting.  Every little bit of feedback helps!

4,551 4
21 The Full Circle

Sorry about how disjointed this is.  I promise at some point I'll revise it, but I just have to put it out now so you all don't have to wait for months for the next.  Be sure to read Dark Son Rising after this one...

5,363 11


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