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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-08 4:35pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-17 8:53am
Last Updated
2016-03-26 6:58am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews

I am Juliet Anna Potter...

1,765 28
2 A Hot Summer Day...

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969 17
3 In The Commom Room


1,045 9
4 Detentions

I luv u readers!!!
Just dont forget to review!!!
It keeps me going!

1,536 16

Sorry about the delay! Loads of school work and exams just around the corner... have only a few mins to spare and i came over here right away!!!

1,217 12
6 Remus and Kia

A/N: I have modified the previous chaps a little so i suggest u read them before coming to this chapter... i assure it wont take long!

1,080 8
7 First Date

Hey readers! i just want a little help from you... those of you faithful readers pls check out my other author page under the name NiYsh... the link is in my author page!!!

898 10
8 Best Talks...

Thanks for the great reviews!!! Hoping for more to flow in!!!

975 14
9 Hogsmeade Again...

Thanks for the reviews! I love it!!! And please read on!

808 13
10 Night Fright

Thanks for the reviews guys!!! I see that i have 49 favorite users and if each of you dropped even a small review per chapter i would have had 490 revs till now :( but stilll there is time right... you guys can start reviewing from this chap onwards!

Oh and thanks to my regular reviewers!!!

1,172 11
11 Quidditch Practice

Hey readers! Thanks for taking your time and reviewing! 74 favorite users???? i got the shock of my lif when i saw that! and i thought i had to give each one of you a hug and a cookie for that!!! and extra crunchie honeydukes cookies for each one of you who reviewed!!! luvya loads! read on and review! this chapter doesnt say much so i combined it with the next one so u guys have a really long chapter!!! And i hope i fixed the spacing

2,428 12
12 He's In Love...

Hey guys!
thank you for your great reviews! they really boosted me creativity~
guess what? its my birthday tomorrow (Jan 30) and when i log in i wnat to see lOADS of reviews for this chapter!!! as a birthday gift for me please!!!!!!!!!!!

718 12
13 Mistletoes... and its not even christams!!!

Hey guys! me am back with another chapter... again!!!!!!!!! and thanks a lot for the reviews i revieved in the last chapter.. they hit my 100 mark plus it made my day!!!!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!! now its time for more...  well i found tht the chap i had written was small and it took me long to make it bigger cos i had exams and stuff... thants y its a little late this time!

2,269 18
14 James On A Date...

Hello everyone! thanks for waiting patiently as i finished all my doggy work for school and cleared some time to pop in here!!
well i have more work so i have to pop out soon.. so here goes the next chapter

1,351 17
15 Problem with friendship...

Thank you all so much fore reviewing! i know i said i would be late this time but i couldnt just resist it!!! read on! and for all of you a note. Juliet and sirius get togetoethr soon in the fic but the story moves on only when they try to hide it from james... and that will involve a lot of humor...

1,987 19
16 Is it Jealousy? Or plain...

Hey guys... this time my a/n will be at the end of the chapter becuase if else i know u all will kick me and not click in!

1,620 22
17 By The Lakeside

I know you all will really be mad at me but my exams just got over and i was suffering a hiatus which i still have not come out of so if this chapter is not up to the mark forgive me! Anywyas my board exams are over and i am a freebie now... and just so you all know i am in the mood to read good sirius/OC fics and hope you guys would recommend nice ones for me... i would like Sirius/OC to be preference one and hate/hate fics are most most most welcome... oh and bear in mind that i can read only 15+

2,041 25
18 Uh-Oh...

Hey! sorry for the delay but i got on hiatus for this story and couldnt right it... and the problem is i never go on hiatus i always go on a Permanantt one... so ill be finisheing this story sooner than i had planned or expected... :(:( i am so sorry all of you and owe you a really big apology but the plain truth is i am not so proud of this story and thats the reason i got into a hiatus... i am so sory nd will try not to dissapoint u as long as i write it...

1,147 22
19 It'll be fine... I think...

sorry for the late update guys! i was on a holiday... and devil in diguise... sont worry i'm not abandoning this sotry... i'm just suffering a writer's block!
i know how it is to see stories abandoned or on hiatus and i'll never do that to my readers...i love you guys too much
well since im still on a holiday ill get more work done on my stories and will update as and when im able to get access to the internet!!!!! read on...

1,143 11
20 It's all over...

sorry for the delay i relly am!!! well the great news is that my aunt is expecting and so we all went to see her and stayed a couple of days there so it took a while for me to get this done... but well here it is...

1,013 15
21 Its not all right...

so so so sorry for the delay but i was all caught up directing my school play that i completely forgot... well here goes.. plz dunt revenge by not reviewing!!!!

1,557 13
22 What Next??

Hello guys! before u click in im gona say so so so sorry for the delay! really really am! u dunt knw hw much of a toll 11th has taken on me! anyways wanted to say one more thing... this is the last but one chapter... and the finale will be on soon dunt worry!

1,676 15
23 Epilogue

After a lonngggg wait.... so so so so sorry for the delay! Its been ages and the reason is posted at the end of my last chapter.... sorry again... and here goes

877 7


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