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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-09-01 3:15am
Last Chapter
2008-06-03 8:46am
Last Updated
2014-04-21 6:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meet Lorelei

We meet Lorelei White, get some back ground info, and follow her on the trainride to Hogwarts after a life altering summer.

1,271 38
2 Two Lilies

The train ride continues.

1,875 27
3 Welcome to Hogwarts

Lore's first night at Hogwarts is filled with new and exciting occurrences.

1,737 30
4 Friends?

Lore finds her first real friends in Lily and Gretchen.

988 25
5 Cover Your Ears

Sirius Black flirts, and Lily and Gretchen get a little help.

1,777 21
6 Second Thoughts

Thanks to a letter from her sister, Lorelei doubts her newfound friends.

1,491 15
7 Rather Unfortunate Outbursts

The Marauders pull a prank that gets Lorelei thinking.

2,230 21
8 Detention

Lore uncharacteristically earns herself detention.

1,179 10
9 Invisa-Ice and Blackmail

Lorelei realizes she has the upper hand and, for the first time in her life, exploits it for the benefit of her friends.

2,605 19
10 Hogsmeade

Lore witnesses the repercussions of her black mail, and it is decided for her that she's going to Hogsmeade for the first time in years.

2,140 19
11 Taking the Blame

Lore realizes that maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all to black mail the Marauders.

2,796 13
12 Stand Up For Yourself

Is Lore changing?

1,307 17
13 Good Advice

Lore finally gets to give James a piece of her mind and has her first real conversation with Sirius.

1,472 20
14 Revelations at Breakfast

The Marauders surprise Gretchen and Lily by taking a little of Lore's advice.

1,509 17
15 Switcheroo

Things get interesting when Lily figures out Lore's secret.

1,635 24
16 Aha!

James figures it all out... well, most of it.

1,410 22
17 Girlfriend

Lore makes the decision to finally get over Sirius.

1,535 27
18 Initiation

Lore is officially a Marauder... of sorts...

2,150 23
19 Falling For Him?

Lily decides she really does like James.

2,204 21
20 Of Tugboats and Chocolate

James makes some headway with Lily

1,542 16
21 Confessions

Lore and Sirius get to know each other a bit better.

2,121 23
22 Flirting Lessons

Lore meets a cute boy but realizes she's hopeless at flirting.

1,397 23
23 Winners

After a Quidditch match, things heat up.

1,766 16
24 Better Than You Know Yourself

Due to a little white (sorry for the pun) lie, Lore's chances are blown, unknown to her.

1,767 30
25 Christmas with the Whites

Lorelei heads home for Christmas with her extended family, minus one older sister.

1,792 26
26 Prefects and Gretchen

James has exciting news and Sirius has decided to move on as well, and it proves to be especially painful for Lore.

3,205 36
27 Battle Wounds

Lore spends the night in the infirmary with Henry.

1,579 37
28 With Sirius?

Lily is informed of Sirius' new relationship, and Lore finds out that both she can't stand seeing them together, and that she really finally has to let him go.

1,817 34
29 The Ice is Broken

Henry and Lore really click.

1,907 34
30 Too Good

Lore has to defend herself and her choices.

1,614 34
31 Lucky?

Sirius apologizes to Lore, and Lore trusts Henry.

1,779 33
32 Not Happy

In a chapter told entirely from Sirius's perspective, he reveals his true feelings and motives.

1,664 34
33 Books and Butterbeer

Lore has her date with Henry in Hogsmeade.

1,860 30
34 Sparkless

Lore and Sirius bond during the party and Lore let's something slip.

2,481 46
35 The Morning After

The morning after the party, things start to blow up in people's faces.

2,489 32
36 Blind

Lore and Sirius have a fight.

1,800 71
37 The Fallout

You know, I've decided I really just do not like writing chapter summaries. I don't like giving anything away. So I'm not writing them anymore. ~~ Skye_Blue

2,155 43
38 The Fallout, Part II

Like I said before, no more chapter summaries.

2,137 59
39 My Ego is Bigger Than Yours

Hmm... so now that I'm not writing chapter summaries, what should I put here?

Song Lyrics!!
'So listen up, the sun hasn't set. I refuse to believe that it's only me you're feeling. Just hear me out; I'm not over you yet."
-Hear Me Out by Frou Frou

2,137 84
40 Heightened Confusion

"I can't find my watch, I can't find my wallet. So how am I supposed to find the one that I love?" - Amelia's Missing by Jon McLaughlin.

2,205 62
41 Trophies

"I can't figure it out yet just how to make it perfect for you. But I'm closer than I was yesterday. Yes I'm closer than I was yesterday."
-Bad Habits by Michael Tolcher

1,839 51
42 The Deal, Part II

"Even the pouring rain won't keep away."
- Jamie's Song by Jackson Waters

1,889 42
43 Here's To Us

"Something is happening, cause your eyes tell me the truth. I've put a spell over you."
-Spell by Marie Digby

1,748 41
44 All The Right Reasons

Extra long chapter, as it is the end of "Life's Not Always Black and White"... Well, the first part anyway! I hope you enjoy the conclusion and look for the sequel coming very soon!

3,891 100


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