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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure
Mild Language
Story Reviews
First Published
2003-12-15 12:31am
Last Chapter
2004-02-15 5:22pm
Last Updated
2004-02-15 5:22pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Life at Home

*COMPLETED* Harry has discovered a new power. But will he control it or will it control him. (Kind of fast paced, but hey, I kind of like stories like that.) Also, forgot to mention: SPOILERS GALORE (OotP, GoF, PoA, CoS, and SS) And, finally, a little preview of what is to come later: Harry unleashed his magic upon Dumbledore, exploding his body. Harry turned back to the train with a smile on his face, laughing at the looks of utter horror of those looking out of the windows of the train at him.

1,226 14
2 The Rescue

Pretty self explnatory. If I give a summary, it'll just spoil this chapter because there's not a whole lot.

897 9
3 The Reunion

Harry and Ron and Hermione reunite.

1,460 18
4 A Shoulder to Cry On

Harry talks about his troubles.

1,193 5
5 OWL Results and Diagon Alley

Harry gets his OWL results and goes to Diagon Alley.

1,130 15
6 New Minister of Magic

Well, kinda obvious, but there's a new Minister of Magic in town.

1,041 5
7 The Party

The Party for the new Minister of Magic.

1,266 9
8 Platform 9 3/4

Harry is returning to Hogwarts, but something happens. Things start getting a little more interesting with this chapter.

1,889 8
9 The Explanation

Harry awakes in the hospital.

1,034 11
10 Back at Hogwarts

Harry returns to Hogwarts

997 13
11 The Only Way to Stop Him

There is a disturbance in the Great Hall.

1,612 13
12 The Confesson

So what happens after the Great Hall "incident."

1,876 10
13 The Duel

Harry and Snape duke it out.

2,254 13
14 Baring His Soul

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione return to the common room and talk. There's a surprise at the end.

2,170 12
15 An Empty Shell

What happened to Harry?

1,310 2
16 Occlumency

Harry has occlumency.

1,242 3
17 The Attack

Hogwarts is in danger.

1,242 3
18 The Confrontation

The battle between Harry and Voldemort.

1,022 13
19 Revelations

Harry awakes...

1,551 8
20 A Day Alone

Harry and Ginny spend the day alone, but there is a surprise at the end. It's a discovery.

1,636 11
21 The Prophecy

Well, Harry reveals the prophecy.

1,531 2
22 Rita's Return

A newspaper article comes out, leading to unfortunate consequences.

1,334 3
23 Manhunt

Uh oh. Some one made a boo boo.

710 7
24 A Duel to the Death

Harry and Voldemort's last duel, with a twist at the end.

1,157 11
25 Winner Takes All

The final battle...

1,603 8
26 The End of the War

The War is over, folks.

2,136 3
27 The Truths Revealed

We finally learn the truth.

1,076 3
28 Epilogue

The end.

1,030 24


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