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Percy, Oliver, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-08-28 1:21pm
Last Chapter
2007-04-13 2:56pm
Last Updated
2007-04-13 2:56pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Mrs Something and the Itfriend

I’m a Muggleborn. When I received my letter, I just thought it was a joke. But then that Ministry official came and visited my house. He convinced me that magic and wizards and witches existed (who wouldn’t be convinced when he’s throwing curse after curse through our living room, leaving it a mess, and then just doing a flick with a wand, and it’s all right again – and conjuring a chair out of the air, so Mum would not faint to the ground out of pure shock?). I got really excited.

2,724 14
2 Mary Sue and the Chocolate Moons

Mary and Sue together. Mary and Sue as one person. One big Mary Sue. I can’t believe it. “What did you say?” “Mary and Sue decided to transform into one person,” Mary Sue explains. “So now I’m Mary Sue!”

2,899 10
3 "Want to Be My Precious Girlfriend?"

I get so relieved that someone interrupted this that I embrace the person who tapped me on the shoulder. I don’t know why I did it, because normally I’m not the type to hug people. That’s an understatement. I usually never hug people if I’m not kidding (except for my grandmother, but that’s one of the few exceptions). But, well, I just hugged this person. And it’s a guy. It’s actually Oliver Wood

2,522 8
4 Lalalalala; the Crazy Hufflepuffs

I can’t stop thinking about that guy! I don’t even know exactly what happened! It was like I thought, He’s cute, he’s cute, he’s cute, perhaps I have a crush on him, but no, I don’t, he’s really cute, he fights me, he gives me the Wizarding world’s most charming apologies, he’s cute, I LIKE HIM.

2,006 13
5 "I'm THE Seer, People!"

I laugh. “You know, that’s mean. We’re mean to Sue. Poor kid.” “Yeah, perhaps we’re mean, but she… the day she stops trying too hard to be popular and begins to act smart, is the day we’ll promise that we’re never going to be mean to her again,” Alicia says with a hand over her heart. “But that day’ll never come,” I say. “Exactly.”

2,349 9
6 The Amazing Quidditch Socks

“Hi,” a voice says. A wonderful sound. “Hi, Oliver!” I grin. Wait. What if he didn’t say it to me? Phew, he looks at me. Perhaps he really meant to say it to me. “Jill, listen…” he starts...

2,684 10
7 "You Look So Hot..."

Blood rushes to my face. Not only because that I now know that the whole class heard me, but (dare I admit it?)… He said “You look so hot” to my face. I know that he didn’t say it to me, but… it’s just – well, I don’t have any words.

2,632 15
8 The Snogging Expert (Who's NOT Nervous)

“Stop it,” I tell her. “I was going to say that yes, I’ll become nervous if you keep asking me that! Wow, thanks,” I say sarcastically while I study my hand. “You’ve actually made my hand shake.”

2,380 9
9 Butterbeers Can Do Wonders

I laugh. “Well, I’m no anorexic person.”

Fred winks. “We figured that,” he says before he waves and leaves with George.

4,212 8
10 Hurrying to Pureblood Meetings

I even almost forgot Oliver. I sent him a look when Dumbledore’s sleeping bags appeared, and he actually met my eyes. We both quickly looked away again, though. But I seriously haven’t thought that much of him and the disaster of the date (was it really?). Until now. I’m not as afraid as I was before, and it helps to think about Oliver. It doesn’t help to think of the fact that’s he’s angry with me and that he probably hates me, but thinking of… him, only him, helps a little.

2,593 10
11 Oliver's Luck

But it’s very possible that he hasn’t spoken to me because of the Quidditch match, which starts in… half an hour. When he’s the most Quidditch obsessed guy in the entire school, this is something I should expect, isn’t it?

2,334 14


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