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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Draco, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione
Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-08-23 10:45pm
Last Chapter
2007-12-08 6:45pm
Last Updated
2007-12-08 6:45pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Saw Tooth

Harry has been gone for three years and is nearing the end of his long search to rid the Wizarding World of those that have made him who he his.

1,827 3
2 Missy Molly

Ron and hermione have been married for three years now and have a small child whom Hermione is not only very proud of, but very protective of. Fred and George find it difficult to not teach their niece their wonderful way of veiwng life. Dobby adores his young charge but finds that keeping up with the child can be a full time job of its own.

2,033 3
3 Hedwig and Percy

Harry and Hedwig have been closer than they had been before. Harry can now "hear" what Hedwig has to say. She leads him and takes care of him. Percy comes to some harsh realizations about himself and feels the pain of his decisions all in chapter three of Harry Potter and The Hunt.

2,178 2
4 <B>Coming Home</B>

Bill and Percy come to an understanding while Harry and Hedwig leave an area behind that tugs at their hearts.

2,207 4
5 Truths and Frustration

Remus relives a past he has kept to himself since Hogwarts while Harry finally realizes the enormous task that faces him. Lost in what to do, Harry seeks out Remus's help.

2,232 0
6 <B>Dangers in the Path</B>

Harry continues to push on in his trek up into the Blue Mountains. He refuses to listen to the warnings of his body and presses on until he can go no further. When he finally does stop, muscles lock up and his body refuses to obey forcing him to spend the night in an area inhabitited by some not so friendly Magical Creatures.

1,590 1
7 <B>Questions and Answers</B>

In this Chapter Ron seeks answers from Dobby as to where Harry might be while Hermione remembers her answer to Mrs. Weasley when she was asked why her and Ron chose Molly, as the name for their new born daughter. Missy Molly explains her her exciting day has been once she see's her daddy come home.

1,713 0
8 <b>A Glimpse in the Past</b>

Head Mistress McGonagal visits the moment Harry Potter destroys the magical worlds nemesis Lord Voldemort in her memories. Seeing something in her pensieve that she had not seen before she calls upon her Deputy Head Master Horace Slughorn to view her memory and he makes a startling discovery.

1,797 0
9 <b>An Answer for Tonks</b>

Remus has returned home from his search for Harry after a harsh night from his monthly sojourn. Tonks tells him that they are to have dinner at the Burrow with all the Weasleys. The Weasleys, with Remus and Tonks, are to discuss what is happening in the Wizarding world. Tonks is getting peturbed by Remus's evasive actions to her wishes and questions his commitment if there is any, towards her.

2,690 1
10 <b>Wild Chase</b>

Harry has desiced to set up camp where he is and so goes into a search for fresh food. finding a tempting morsel harry soon discovers that he will indded have to work for this meal.

2,103 1
11 <b>Minerva's Pensieve</b>

Horace Slughorn, Deputy Head Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been invited to have a look into Minerva McGonagal's memory of a night three years earlier. She had seen something in her memory that she has not seen before and has asked Slughorn if he secondes her thoughts. Meanwhile little Missy Molly meets Percy for the first time.

2,280 0
12 <b>Decisions Made</b>

Percy has decided to come home to stay for good yet the welcome he recieves makes him feel that he is better off staying in the city. Head Mistress McGonagla has decided to call in the aid of certain members of the Order of the Phoenix, while Remus decides whether or not to let all know his true feelings.

2,868 0
13 <b>A Job For Winky</b>

Fears have been re-awakened within the Order of the Phoenix and inside the Weasley family. With Ron near the end of his Auror training and Hermione going to school, and their certain need to be involved in the Order, and Dobby trying to help out, someone must look after Missy Molly. Dobby has an idea that might help out.

3,705 0
14 <b>Hedwig's Love</b>

Hedwig has changed from being the simple White owl that she was when Hagrid presented her to harry for his birthday the very first day he had taken harry to Diagon Alley. Having always been remarked as being a most intelligent owl, something has changed within her since Ginny's death.

1,753 1
15 <b>Lost in Thought</b>

Harry decides to take a moment for himself, a day to relax an rest up. As he relaxes his mind wanders off to a time just before his seventh year begins. His mind made up he seeks the advice of Remus Lupin and Hermione Granger, two of his most trusted friends. His reverie reaffirms his convictions of what he must do.

3,640 0
16 <b>Dumbledore's Interview</b>

The lead members of the Order of the Phoenix have called a meeting to discuss the findings of what had been learned in Minerva McGonagal's Pensieve. Albus Dumbledore once the Great Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and now only remembered through a portrait that hangs in the Head Mistresses Office, has been awakened and now askes Ron Weasley to bring him up to date on what Harry has done since his death.

3,138 1
17 <b>Gryffindors Heir?</b>

while Harry and Hedwig enjoy a brief rest and respite while at the lake, The Weasley family enjoys a night at home discussing how Hermione will rewrite the Wizarding laws that pertain to magical creature, more specifically House elves. Remus offers some details of the meeting from which he had just come from causing Hermione to piece together something very important about Harry.

2,843 1
18 <b>Narcissa</b>

Lucius has escaped from the Wizards Prison, Azkaban and has returned to find his loving wife Narcissa. Together the two of them begin to seek out their one oand only child, Draco Malfoy. Lucius has changed during his imprisonment and has but one thing on his mind and it worries Narcissa.

2,753 0
19 <b>Hedwig's Find</b>

Harry senses an unknown magic in the air and sends Hedwig out to search for whomever it was that had cast such a strong bit of magic. As Hedwig searches she finds something of herself and recognizes the magic that had been used. She has felt it before. Meanwhile Albus Dumbledore the once Head Master of Hogwarts confesses to a crime so horrible that he finds it still difficult even in his death to talk about.

3,111 0
20 <b> A Week Without Kids</b>

Dobby's idea worked and has brought Winky to the Weasley home. Fred offers her a position as Governess to his young neice and does so spectaculary. Hermione is satisfied that Winky has been offered a porper job and Winky is satisfied that she is to be a proper House Elf. Meanwhile members of the Order of the Pheonix discuss what Albus Dumbledore had revealed.

2,398 0
21 <b>Bellatrix</b>

Lucius is nearing to where his son and Professor Snape have hidden themselves, but it is late. Finding a place in which to rest Lucius recounts his visits from Bellatrix, Narcissa Malfoy's loving sister.

3,063 0
22 <b>The Storm's rage</b>

A storm begins to come up while Harry moves towards the caves located just above him. With a sudden fury, rain begins to fall and a ravine fills quickly with rushing water. Harry is trapped in a flash flood!

3,476 1
23 The Secret Chamber

Draco has disappeared from Snape's sight. Roaming the cavern passageways he discovers a hidden Chamber deep within. Snape reveals more about himself than we ever knew and why he chose to join both the Death Eaters and the Order of the Pheonix.

2,943 0
24 Gifts of Love

Harry lies severly hurt and wracked with pain. Tired and cold he cannot sleep or he maynot wake up again. In his state of shock help from the most unlikely of people arrive.

3,465 0
25 Where's Harry?

Hedwig returns to the Burrow in a right state. First attempting to carry Dobby off she then settles in to do some serious hooting to get Dobby's attention. Little Molly allows that she has a secret and helps to let others know that Harry is in trouble.

4,108 0
26 Molly's fears

Mrs. weasley sets out for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a dual purpose. She is to seek out the aid of Madame Pomfrey the schools Nurse as Remus Lupin had asked her to and she also wants to see Hagrid. She decides to visit with Hagrid first as he is the schools Care of Magical Creatures Professor, to see if he would'nt mind looking over Hedwig, Harry's owl. Hagrid's calming self sets Molly to telling her worst fears.

3,276 0
27 Never Walk Again

Remus has arrived with Dobby in tow to see what has happened to Harry and to assess the situation. Meanwhile Draco reminisces about where and what he has been doing since he left with Snape four years earlier, on the run, after Snape had killed Professor Albus Dumbledore.

3,575 0
28 Hopes and Dreams

Madame Pomfrey has seen Harry and the prognosis is grim to say the least. She even suggests using muggle medicine as a last resort. Meanwhile Hermione, seeking the whereabouts of Winky finds Dobby in a right state with himself and spends the evening soothing his fears. Promising to rest, Dobby suddenly comes to the conclusion of where Winky may be. winky must be by his masters side!

3,500 1
29 Draco's Surprise

Draco has gone off again on his own. Away from Snape and the torment of his teachings. finding a ledge secreted from veiw and exposed to the heavens Draco sits and recounts what has happened and what he has learned when a noise from behind causes him him to spin around with his wand at the ready.

4,005 0
30 The Circle Must Meet

Winky has taken matters into her own hands and has returned to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry, where she has been banished from, to ask for the aide on the Circle of Magic. dobby follows her and the elves to the Room of requirement where he is discovered by Rogent and it is he that must make the plea for help.

4,149 0
31 Dobby's Dilemma

Dobby knows not what to do to help his Master so he goes to the only Weasley that he knew that would and could think clearly. He goes to Percy. Dobby umfolds the whole story to the older Weasley and then realizes he has told a secret of his kind. While Percy comes up with an idea to hel Harry, he must also deal with Dobby as he is frantic over the secret he has told.

3,496 0
32 Lessons

Lucius has left his hiding place and is following Draco through the cavern to wee where he is going. when Draco meets up with Severus Snape in the main cavern, Snape has a small lecture complete with testing in store for him. Lucius learns just how much draco has learned since he was place in Azkaban. Meanwhile Harry has been given a small lesson in laughter and mirth as he meets someone who is special to him yet this is his first time to meet this special someone.

4,798 1
33 Firebolt Three Thousand

The twins have put Percy's plan into action and have gone to Diagon Alley to make the necessary purchases. When they arrive back home with a bundle for each of the member of the family that is to go with them to rescue Harry, Ron is introduced to his newset Brrom. The Firebolt Three Thousand.

2,899 0
34 Flight

Lucius is dueling with Snape and lets slip what he thinks Snape and his wife have been doing behind his back. Meanwhile the Weasleys have taken to the air on their new Firebolt Three Thousaneds on their way to rescue Harry.

3,349 1
35 Dragoons

Minerva McGonagall is feeling the strain of heading up Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as The Order of the Pheonix when professor Horace Slughorn, her Deputy head master steps in to her office. Asking Horace to look over some odd reports for her, Horace returns to his Potions Class only to remember something vague, a reminent of an age past society of Wizards known as the Dragoons.

2,817 3
36 Weep for Harry

The Weasleys see Harry for the first time in three long and hard years. Each of them vie for a bit of Harry's time before they whisk him off the side of the mountain where he lays paralyzed from a broken back. Madame Pomfrey see's that none are truly able to make such a long flight back and forces them to stay the night. Dobby is seen for a differnt light.

3,946 0
37 Not a Care

Severus Snape leaves the caverns and follows a path that he knows will lead him to an important discovery. He finds what he is looking for and feels no concern over what he sees or does he?

3,666 2
38 Afraid of The Dark

Draco has taken to roaming through the bottom of the vast cavern stronghold to try to reconcile his thoughts about his father, his mother, and those of Severus Snape. During his venture he discovers something very important and we discover something about him as well. Draco also meets with a woman that will soothe his fears.

5,022 0
39 Dobby's Gift

Harry is back at Hogwarts and the Weasleys wait patiently while the House Elves attend Harry Potter. his closest of friends including Dobby are invited in to witness the Circle of magic being used on Harry's injury. Near the end Dobby has a gift to give to Harry. Something that he has carried with him since his birth. 

3,795 0
40 The Day After

The Weasleys are waiting for Harry to wake up after his ordeal the night before. When Harry awakes, he discovers that he can walk again but his legs are quite weak. He also learns of the gift that Dobby has given him as well as being told that he is not allowed back at the Burrow until he has decided that he is finished doing what he is doing, by Mrs. Weasley. Harry makes his decision whether to quit and return home or no.

5,521 1
41 A Past Awakening

As Harry recuperates with the aid of Madame pomfrey and a doctered up pepper-up potion; Harry revisits his favorite dream which turns into another dream. One that he has no memory of and yet he knows that he had been there once before. ron and Hermione are setting up for their anticipated meeting of old friends when Kingsley Shacklebolt knocks at the door. Its time for Ron to start earning his pay as the newest Auror at the ministry of magic.

4,271 1
42 The Darkness of Night

Thoughts and dreams come to you in the darkness of night as well as unexpected meetings of two old acquaintances.

3,372 1
43 Changes in Plans

Ron and Hermione are enjoying a quiet time at home with their young daughter Molly when hermione see's him deep in thought. Molly is sent to another room to play with Hedwig who teaches Molly something she should not know. Ron's mother bursts in to let the kids know that there is just no way they can hold the  meeting at number Twelve Grimmauld place.

4,117 3
44 Cat and Mouse

Ron intends on going home and let things fall where they may but his feet have other plans for him. He suprises Harry while trying to make a get-a-way from madame Pomfrey's clutches, and surprises himself too. He and Harry come to agreement but does Harry keep his end of the bargain?

3,633 2
45 Deceptions

Harry has returned to number twelve Grimmauld Place with Ron and while he retreats to his old room for fresh clothing Ron sends a message to hermione who is visiting Molly Weasley at the Burrow. Draco is in search of Severus Snape who has mysteriously disappeared and finds himself infrint of his fathers cell when the pressures of his new task begin to close in on him.

3,110 2
46 Words from the Past

As Harry and Ron pour over their plans an unexpected visitor intrudes upon their conversation to give harry some words from the past. Meanwhile Dobby wakens in the hospital wing and feels the need to return to Grimmauld Place.

4,743 5
47 A Wrench Thrown In

Harry and Ron are on their way to end Snape's and Draco's flight for freedom when Harry discovers that there is more to whats going on than what meets the eye. Missy Molly has disappeared from the Burrow leaving Hermione in a frantic state forcing Bill to take the D.A., into action earlier than planned.

3,505 2
48 Evil Awaits

Fred and George use their extendable ears and learns something that stirs them into action. Sending a message laden Patronus back to Bill, Bill immediately interprets the threat to world kind and sends Percy to bring help from the Ministry. Meanwhile, Grindelwald's message to his followers is causing Harry to remember things he shouldn't be able to. Its time to put an end to the madness and Bill launches the DA forward to aid Harry.

4,123 0
49 Hermione

Ron, Hermione, Bill, the Twins, and the D.A., have come to Harry's aid when things go terribly wrong for all of them. Missy Molly is found when events take a terrible turn for the worse.

3,735 2
50 Beyond the Veil

Harry and Grindelwald has passed through the veil into the Forbidding. Harry is faced with a disturbing decision and must figure out how to get back to his world. Along the way he meets a most unlikely creature that aids him.

4,294 1
51 Department of Mysteries

Hedwig is given a plan and she must figure out how to make that plan happen but her thoughts continue to drift to her new found friend Missy Molly. Can the child help her to help Harry? Hedwig seeks to anser that question.

4,957 2
52 Stupefy

ron sees Severus Snape as he disappears and decides to follow him meanwhile Draco, who had been hit hard with Grindelwalds charm seeks out his father to aid him in completeing The job Grindelwald has assigned him. The hex placed on Dean Thomas finally wears off but the charm he was hit with originally leaves him somewhat confused and wanders off.

5,000 2
53 Mysteries of Magic

Ron returns to Hermione's side only to find that Missy Molly has disappeared. He knows where to find her and no one will stand in his way. Harry returns with Ginny by his side and when he discovers what ron is to do..., Harry goes with him.

6,041 2
54 Requiem

Harry faces yet another challenge in his life. He suddenly realizes that he has never had a real family and he doesn't know how the Weasley's still feel about him after causing yet another death in their family and the loss of Molly's first Grandchild. Will Harry leave and return to Ginny's Meadow by himself?

6,956 1
55 Epilogue

Harry enjoy's the mornings in his new home as he rises early enough to watch the sun rise. he and Ginny stand together as Harry travels into his thoughts from the day the two of them arrived together.

3,541 4


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