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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Tonks, Arthur, Molly, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Drama, General, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-08-22 10:39pm
Last Chapter
2008-12-28 3:15am
Last Updated
2008-12-28 3:15am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I See Your Boy Who Lived, and Raise You One Pregnant Teenager!

Ginny discovers something shocking about herself, and desperately tries to figure out how to pick up the pieces.

3,015 87
2 A Gallon Of Ice Cream Is Hardly A Suitable Bed-Mate

Ginny works hard to handle her situation, with a mix of parental confrontation and a meeting with Harry.

3,041 75
3 Last Time I Checked, Your Lips Were Attached To A Hussy

Ginny has her first doctor's appointment with Hermione, Harry has his first quidditch match, and people from the past return with a suprise!

5,841 64
4 Satan's Knocking On The Door And I Can't Get My Pants Zipped

Chaos erupts as signals get mixed up; leading up to a loud confrontation, a proposal, and a terrifying moment for Ginny.

3,516 75
5 A Paper Gown That Doesn't Cover My Rear - Every Woman's Dream Wardrobe

Remus and Ginny have a heart-to-heart as things get complicated and Ginny is rushed to St. Mungo's. Just when she thought her life couldn't any more complicated....

3,205 76
6 My Life: The Fairytale Gone Horrendously Wrong - Evil Witch Included

Bill takes his turn talking some sense into Ginny, and she decides to finally write to Harry. Too bad Harry is spending time with another Hogwarts Alumni - perhaps a bit to much time, and in some awfully close quarters.

3,565 90
7 How About We Make A Deal? I'll Pretend To Push And We'll Call It Good

It is finally time for the baby to arrive, but Ginny is having second thoughts about the whole thing. Not to mention Harry has an encounter with an angry Weasley, and a girl who only wants one thing.

3,059 81
8 Why On Earth Would You Want To Marry That Stroppy Mare?

We get our first glimpse of how live is for Harry, Eloise, and Ginny fifteen years after Eloise's birth. Also, Harry takes a big step in his relationship with Cho, but is it what he really wants?

3,591 90
9 There Is A Package At The Door For You - That Surprise Daughter You Ordered

Eloise makes a difficult decision and seeks out her father, defying her mother in the process. Harry reconsiders his hasty proposal to Cho.

2,560 113
10 When You Kiss Her Do You Feel Fireworks? Or Is That Just With Me?

Harry starts to deal with the knowledge that he has a fifteen year old daughter. However, things get complicated when Cho enters the mix, and even more explosive when Ginny comes along as well. How has the last sixteen years affected Harry and Ginny's sexual tension?

2,833 104
11 I May Be An Aging Harlot, But You Are A Trashy Lying Bint!

Eloise and Harry begin to bond, while Ginny retreats and starts thinking about her life decisions. Will they ever become a family or will Cho Chang keep them apart forever?

4,038 107
12 I'd Be Lying To Myself If I Said I Didn't Feel The Heat When We Danced

Hermione, Ron, Eloise, and Ginny all attend Harry's big game, much to Cho's digust. After the game they all go out to celebrate, as a family. That's right, you counted correctly: One Matchmaking Teenager, One Hogwarts Sweetheart, One Conniving Fiance, One Man Caught In The Middle, and One Spectator Couple.

3,535 112
13 My Back May Be Up Against A Broken Door - But There Is Nowhere I Would Rather Be

Harry and Ginny share a special evening, except one of them isn't willing to admit that it means something. Meanwhile Cho spends the evening devising a plan to keep Harry as hers forever.

3,101 82
14 You Tortured Me Into Admitting The Truth - And I Think It Makes Me Love You More

Ginny is finally ready to admit what she has been fighting to keep hidden for sixteen years. Elsewhere, Eloise is learning that being the daughter of Harry and Ginny may be difficult, but at least she knows how to fight back.

3,622 84
15 One Raging Teenager vs One Firewhiskey Loving Witch - Violence Anticipated

Ginny gives Harry something she has been saving for him since before Eloise was born. Eloise and Cho have a stand-off confrontation in the Potter Manor.

4,861 80
16 There Are Some Things My Mother Never Needs To Know - Including Any And All of My Bedroom Techniques

Harry continues to read the letters that Ginny has set aside from him, including one from a surprising source. Ginny on the otherhand spends a painful morning with her parents. A startling revelation shakes both Harry and Ginny, and quite possibly their plans for the future.

4,011 65
17 I Swear Officer - There Really Was An Acceptable Clothes Eating Monster In My Closet!

Madness ensues as Ginny and Harry head to Potter Manor to collect their very feisty daughter. Ron and Harry enjoy some moments of male bonding, while Eloise and Hermione help Ginny get ready for a special evening.

4,120 2
18 I Don't Care How Old You Are - I Am Not Above Strapping A Metal Chastity Belt On You!

Harry and Ginny head off for their first "official" date since they were teenagers. Important conversations about their future together - and apart become the focus of their evening. In the meantime, Eloise heads off for an enlightening day with Fred and George - where she learns that sometimes you can find someone you didn't even know you were looking for.

5,189 11
19 There Is No Way I Am Hexing My Daughter's Boyfriend Unless My Wand Is Good And Clean

Eloise finally gets an owl from Adrian, while the rest of her family desperately tries to come to grips with the fact that she is no longer a child. Ginny struggles with her decision to say something that could change her life forever.

4,655 47


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