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    Dumbledore, Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Mild Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2006-08-20 4:49pm
    Last Chapter
    2007-07-20 9:46am
    Last Updated
    2008-02-27 8:52pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 A Request

    After Lily's mum is mysteriously captured by Death Eaters, she has to find somewhere to live. Her friends all turn her down for different reasons, so she turns to the only friend that will take her in: Remus Lupin, who is spending his vacation where else but the Potters' house.

    1,448 12
    2 A Better-Than-Nothing Rescue

    Remus whisks Lily away to their destination, which is not at all where she was expecting. What will she do now that she has to spend an entire summer living with...the Marauders? And who is her mysterious visitor?

    2,477 7
    3 Lighten Up, Evans!

    Lily's mysterious visitor isn't as mysterious as she thought. And the Marauders make a grand attempt to entertain her...will it work?

    1,673 7
    4 Curiosity

    Lily goes back to hiding in her room after she enjoyed herself at the party. Extremely curious, she snoops around the house, overhears a conversation not meant to be heard, and nearly discovers a secret passage. Lily then takes time to reminisce about old school days. More about Katie is divulged.

    2,069 5
    5 Who Would Have Thought?...

    After an exciting day, Lily wakes up to find an intruiging note tacked to her door. She follows the instructions, ends up in James' room, pranks the Marauders (better than anyone could have guessed), and even gives them the ideas for a start-of-term prank...who would have thought?

    1,764 6
    6 Term Is Nearing

    Six owls arrive - four from Hogwarts, and two from...others. The four make a trip to Diagon Alley, and encounter someone in a nasty mood. *coughKatecough* Finally, Lily sees Audrey for the first time since June. And people get a little...suspicious, persay, after Audrey makes a few witty remarks about two certain people. *coughLilyandJamescough*

    1,965 7
    7 Summer's Over

    Mr. Potter returns, Hogwarts is back in session, and Audrey's a tad insufferable this train ride, prompting Lily to sit in a different compartment this time.

    1,822 7
    8 Something Too Sweet to Remember

    Audrey reconciles herself, Lily does some "therapy", and is startled when she sees a dot on the map and no one standing there...but she knows better, doesn't she?

    2,501 5
    9 An Unexpected Twist

    Lily's past night's experiences are unintentionally forgotten, and Dumbledore requests the presence of Hogwart's most talented thirteen students. But what is their mission?

    3,221 7
    10 Investigation Initiation

    Lily and Audrey do some digging in order to learn of what Dumbledore assigned to everyone. A prank is pulled, but not by who you think, and Lily and James become accidental and reluctant Potions partners. Lily writes something immensely important to the plot...

    2,362 6
    11 A Lesson Learned

    The plot unravels...and so does Lily. But she gets wound up tight when three rather rambunctious boys need her help on THE prank.

    2,709 11
    12 Publication Situation

    What is going on?!  And why is Lily's world falling apart so badly when the Spellotape seemed to be holding it together just fine?

    3,341 7
    13 Revenge and Chaos

    Panic all around.

    2,804 5
    14 Off With the Mask

    The start of Dumbledore's vague training has arrived, and with it, more surprises than Lily can count.  And she can't shake that nagging wonder at who her tall partner is...and she'll probably never know, unless the students are allowed to unmask...

    1,948 8
    15 Unknown, Unsaid, Unfulfilled

    Lily and James are confronted with a horrendous incident. At any rate, no one is expecting Lily to be so dead set on meeting Kate...who has a heart-wrenching surprise.
    Warning: A tad more graphic (violence and scary stuff, I mean) and dark than usual...so, I hope you enjoy.

    1,884 6
    16 Shocking Revelations

    Secrets are revealed; we find out EVERYTHING about Katie, and Dumbledore gives the two Heads a crucial lecture.

    2,460 7
    17 A Bang-Up Job, Aye?

    A mussed prank, a mussed invite, and a mussed party. And the moment we've all been waiting for!!! Woohoo!

    4,694 6
    18 Come and Go

    Lily and James learn that all things come and go...even rooms.

    3,437 5
    19 Musings and Returns

    Audrey returns to her murky past after her orphanage is destroyed, while Lily and James attempt to smooth over their new relationship.

    2,589 9
    20 Closing on the Past

    Audrey and Lily enter a new phase in life: one plunging and spiraling into a pit of despair...whether or not they can overcome it will determine their future.

    3,194 5
    21 Fearless

    Audrey learns to conquer the ultimate fear, and Lily grapples with new tension between the Marauders.

    5,387 4
    22 Of Loss and Repair

    In times of war, nothing is worth losing.

    4,567 6
    23 Old, New, and a Dashing Date

    This chapter carries us through graduation and well into summer.

    4,269 2
    24 Grasping Realities

    Lily must learn to overcome and accept her emotions to be useful to the Order - especially when she departs on her first mission.

    3,415 3
    25 To See the Next Sunrise

    Everyone feels the tension of the war... and it pressures everyone to make important decisions. Like, really important. Also, Lily and Amelia go on another Order mission..

    2,434 3
    26 Spontaneity

    Everyone's feeling pretty spontaneous today.

    2,881 3
    27 Epilogue: Immortal

    This is it!

    1,400 16


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