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Hermione, Dumbledore
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, AU
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-08-19 2:12am
Last Chapter
2009-06-14 4:16pm
Last Updated
2009-06-14 4:16pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Just... gone

The journey begins...

1,046 4
2 Odd Appreciation

Sometimes we dream and it's so real we almost believe it's real. Sometimes we dream and can manipulate them to suit our desires. And sometimes the reality is so fantastical we can't believe them to be anything but a dream...

1,113 4
3 Appearances

As the reality of Hermione's situation begins to come to light, her rescuer finds himself becoming as entangled in this dream like phenomenon as the poor girl herself. While he's curious as to her identity, we finally discover his own.

1,141 3
4 Eyes Shut Tight

Hermione comes face to face with 'when' she is as well as an all too familiar person, that is, without their 'old' familiar face. Everything she had been taught in concern to her Time-Turner never prepared her for this possibility...

1,969 2
5 Faint

As Hermoine comes to deal with the reality of her new timeline, she also learns just how close she's going to be to the one person she'd rather not... Dumbledore.

2,415 2
6 Calm before the Storm

Hermione's place in the Hogwarts of 1850 is defined, with Albus playing a key role. But how will she take it?

2,594 3
7 Choose your Battles

It's hard for Hermione to accept less then what she feels she deserves, but even she can see that sometimes it's best to know your boundaries and extend them little by little.

1,785 3
8 Vipers and Alpha Males

It was one thing to get placed in 'males only' classes. It's another to actually be in one, as Hermione begins to realize.

2,093 9
9 Missing Incense

Sometimes, you find that what you thought you hated you would suddenly give anything to have back.

2,231 5
10 A Losing Battle

Few dared to challenge Dumbledore- Hermione knew as much considering how even Voldemort wouldn't do so. What Hermione didn't anticipate was finding out just how long he's had the ability to win his battles... even the little ones.

2,674 7
11 A Pawn on the Board

Awkward moments just seem to be the order of the day for poor Hermione, that and one more lesson. One that gives her more insight into Albus.

2,550 10
12 Vigil

Familiarity isn't the only thing brewing... trouble seems to have caught up with Hermione and Albus, but exactly how will this begin to take shape?

2,787 8
13 Ammunition

Connections. Throughout life people try to make the right ones. But what happens when Hermione discovers one that could cost her more than she's willing to pay?

2,507 14
14 A Voice in the Darkness

It hasn’t taken much for Hermione to attract the unwanted attention of a rather devious Slytherin. In fact, it has come at the cost of Albus’ well being. Dark threads have begun to weave their way into the tale and one question is left unanswered… is Albus truly unconscious?

2,283 4
15 Maddening

Time has passed and Albus remains prisoner to a horrid curse. Just as Hermione realizes she's been letting herself spiral into hopelessness, a light appears in the darkness shadowing them both. But will it truly be a ray of hope?

2,224 1
16 Sweet Salt

Albus is finally conscious, but at a cost. Hermione, long kept from her friend's side, finds herself paying a debt at a price she may not have known herself capable of paying.

3,886 4
17 Intentions

Would Hermione's bold move help Albus escape his demons?

3,611 9


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