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Harry, Ron, Hermione, McGonagall, Regulus, Voldemort, Blaise (M), Draco, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, OC/OC, Ron/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-08-14 2:16am
Last Chapter
2011-10-17 7:03am
Last Updated
2011-10-17 7:03am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Worst Day Ever

Harry and the order of the Phoenix find out that Voldemort has children.

1,856 5
2 Death Threats From The-Boy-Who-Lived

Harry and Ron find out where the Dark Lord is living, and when they find Hermione's picture there, they think she's been kidnapped. Vulcan, Draco, and Hermione make a narrow escape. What does Voldemort decide for his children when he finds out of this raid on his house? Read to find out!

2,081 1
3 Why We Hate Each Other

“I used to hate you because I thought you were nothing but a know-it-all-book-worm-Muggle, now I hate you because you just ooze of everything that you shouldn’t be because now, since I’m engaged to you, it’s alright for me to fall in love with you! Now it’s alright for me to try to impress you, to try to win you over! Do you think I like being brought to my knees with envy by the one woman I’ve considered insufferable for seven years nearly? Do you think I want to want you even though I know you will never truly have me in your heart? "

2,325 2
4 Only If I Have Too

After a few minutes of this seemingly drunken snogging, they broke apart, and they both instantly came back to their senses, “Now how logical does it seem for us to be together if we are going to have moments like this of mistaken passion, and then avoid each other for days on end, until we have to come together again?” She asked as she pushed him out of her room and locked the door as he exited.

2,278 0
5 Dinner and a Swim

Draco takes Hermione out to a much needed dinner between the two of them.

2,208 0
6 Dinner with the Riddles

AN: Editing completed

“Now don't forget Hermione you do have other guests to greet.” Voldemort reminded, as Lucius led the parents to the dining hall.

“Oh how rude of me, Lissette, don't you look.....look suitable,” Hermione sneered with a forced smile. They did their customary embrace and kissed each other's cheeks but neither enjoyed it.

3,161 1
7 The Engagement

“Mad, Vulcan, do I look mad to you? I am beyond mad, look at her and look at me! She bloody came here to try to show me up when I am being introduced to the most prominent of Father's followers. I am going to give you five minutes. When I come back she had better be done, if she's not, I'll bloody force her out and it won't be very pretty,” She warned leaving the Malfoy study. She felt like bursting into tears. Her brother had ruined her mood and possibly her whole night.

2,913 0
8 Back To School

Hermione’s lips curled into a devilish grin as she saw the horrified looks creeping over Ron and Harry’s faces in reaction to what they had just witnessed. “I know, I’m like a bad habit I guess, I’m really hard to break…they’ll keep coming back until they realize how bad I truly am,” she turned to face Draco and kissed him deeply.

2,400 1
9 Back Tracking

They both returned to their common room a few moments later, completely dressed in their school uniforms and they were actually taking the chance at holding hands all the way down to the great hall, of course when any thing that looked like a student of ghost they immediately relinquished each other’s hands and jumped away from each other. “Good luck my Love,” Draco whispered to her as they entered the great hall and he whisked himself away from her to the Slytherin table.

3,667 7
10 To Love and to Hate

There was something different about Hermione to Ron. He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. She smiled at him, or so he thought. "So Hermione I was wondering if you had some time to hang out after all of our homework is done?" he asked lamely as his voice cracked.

She looked at him in surprise 'He's got to be mental to think that would work!' she asked herself. "I have plans already, sorry Ron." She answered once she realized he was being perfecly serious.

3,675 1
11 The Revelation

Lissette approached Hermione as she turned to walked away and yanked her face to face with Lissette. Hermione smirked at her and raised her left eye brow, “I know your secret Granger, I could tell everyone here and you would be dead in a matter of minutes,” Lissette whispered fiercely in Hermione's ear.

3,476 2
12 The Return Home

When she arrived at the specified location she was alone. She waited for a few moments before she spotted the orange tabby come around the corner, he came up to Hermione and began to rub against her leg. Hermione looked around and there she was... the one woman that Hermione hated more than Lissette. 'Of all the people Father could have sent he sends her?' She thought in disbelief at the sight of Bellatrix LeStrange.

2,156 2
13 Trial By Death Eater

“Lissette Corrine De Bois, do you understand that you are being charged with treason and conspiring to turn the Dark prince against his sister the Drak Princess?” A deep voice demanded,

The voice startled her, had she not been bound to the chair she was sitting in she would have jumped. She didn't recognize the voice. She hesitated for a moment before for answering. “Yes sir, I do.”

3,240 4
14 The Perfect Follower

“My darling, in the business of evil that we are in, I have found that it is much better to be feared than it is to be loved. But you have the opportunity that I didn't take advantage of when I was your age due to my niavity; and thinking that I knew everything, and unfortunately, Vulcan doesn't have the Finesse to use. The best is to be loved for your mercy and feared for your action against traitors. What you have in mind for Miss De Bois is the perfect balance. I believe,” He explained to her with animation she only saw in him when he was excited, or at a death eater rally.

4,944 3
15 Love of The Masses

“And what about De Bois?” Pansy continued as she examined Hermione to make sure everything was properly and perfectly in place on Hermione.


“We won't have to worry about her at all. She will do as she has been doing the last couple of weeks, obeying my every command. She will be under my control, doing whatever I need her to. Pansy, I need you to answer something for me, it involves a very delicate matter.”

3,541 2
16 Finding Vulcan's Wife

“No, that leaves up with five. You, Bullstrode, the Greengrasses, and Favor. The others are adequate, but not useful. Who are the rest engaged to?”

“Millicent and I are not yet engaged. Lord Greengrass is in negotiations with Lady Zabini for her son to marry Daphne and with Lady Nott for Astoria. And Lord Favor is finalizing negotiations with Lord Goyle, the poor girl.” Pansy explained.

“Well, maybe she will get lucky if one of the Greengrasses are choosen. That will free up the market a bit.” Draco chuckled.

“Interesting. Yet Astoria came to the b

3,153 2
17 Love At First Glance

“No games Vulcan. You know I'm referring to our agreement. She and her family will be meeting us in the French quarters. Father's already aware, I told him not to let you know they were coming. I wanted it to be a surprise for you.” Hermione explained to her adoring older brother.

“You think you can pick just anyone and I'll be satisfied with her?” Vulcan scoffed a little irritated that he had let himself get tangled in his sister's manipulative snare.

2,962 4
18 Let the Game Begin

The Long awaited update!

It wasn't surprising as to why Draco found Pansy and Vulcan's interaction so entertaining. Vulcan was talking very animated, probably telling one of his ridiculously exaggerated stories about his “adventures” with their father. Pansy had her eyes glued to Vulcan, except of course when he would steal glances at her, and then she would blush furiously and quickly try to act as if the nearly bare walls of the chateau's  foyer room; were more interesting than Vulcan.

3,201 3


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