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Lupin, Sirius, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-07-23 5:41pm
Last Chapter
2015-03-09 9:31pm
Last Updated
2015-03-09 9:31pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Morning

"Get Up, Freak." How lovely. Good morning to you too, Petunia.

1,925 122
2 Diagon Alley

BUT THEN, I THINK OF MY LIFE…    “Well, well, well, Evans.”     AND HOW MUCH IT SUCKS.

1,771 97
3 Why, I'm Looking At You, Miss.

I have the best luck in the world.

1,535 84
4 The Sleepover

“34B. Not too bad, Evans.”

7,036 157
5 Monkeys And Car Rides Home

“You should know, Prongs and I love back seats.”

5,871 105
6 The Train Ride

Unexpectedly, strong arms slide around my waist and lift me up so my heels are just above the ground.

4,573 104
7 Backflips And Rivals

I feel myself start to sweat. He couldn’t possibly be interested…in me?

6,614 87
8 Party In The Gryffindor Common Room!

I stop and look at him quizzically. “Peter Pan?”   “Man in tights,” he laughs, giving me that marauder grin.

6,560 106
9 Nude Discovery In The Boys' Dormitory

“You picked the wrong day to come here to brew a big pot of friendship, Longbottom.”    “Why is that, Finelly?”

7,534 85
10 Let The Games Begin

Why do guys go the bathroom around the same time just to pee? And they complain about girls going to the bathroom in groups…

6,303 94
11 Detention With Unidentified Crawling Objects

“What he’s doing to you has this reaction: you can’t stop thinking about him. And I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

4,159 66
12 Snogs And Poems

Sirius pretends to be innocent. “I have a lamentable lack of keeping to myself.”

4,357 77
13 Rats, Bunnies, And Cottages In The Yonder

Peter sighs. “I heard your poem Sirius, and trust me; you don’t wanna say it to any human, animal, or magical creature.”

3,870 88
14 Midnight Mischief, Part One

“Jessica came over my house for a sleepover a couple weeks ago…”      “Oh, dear,” Jessica sighs, falling back on the ground.

6,072 42
15 Midnight Mischief, Part Two

Possibly the worst night to try on the LIBERATION tiara with pride.

4,613 20
16 The Jack And The Joker

“Sixth Year is driving me mad.”            I grunt. “You’ve got to be kidding me right now.”

8,137 16
17 Friends, Fights, And Freaky Librarians

“SHUT UP! Nancy Drew time, you mangy mongrel!” Madame Pince has just popped up from her library counter and greeted us with her presence. NOT.

8,465 19
18 The Basement

But I feel like my brain is all fluffy and float-y. Like it’s taken a swim in the ocean. So relaxing...

5,938 32
19 Untouched

“Think about it. You haven’t tried to make peace with him because of who knows what, and then you snog him. You don’t know why you did it, and you’re mind is stabbing you to come up with a conclusion to help you understand the point.”       I rub my forehead. “Frank, you are SO complicated.”

5,615 50
20 A Whole Lot Of Nerve

“It’s first period, Sirius. Please work with me here. You have no idea how bad my day is going to pan out today. I at least want to start decently so when I crash and burn, I won’t go up in flames completely.”

6,316 80
21 False Accusations

“You might want to leave before something starts.”

“I’ll leave when I wanna leave,” he tells Frank.

8,958 60
22 Here With Me

I look her in the eyes for the first time in a while. And for some reason, I want to get her in an abandoned classroom.

Not for that, you hormonal teenager!

7,716 54
23 Bras, Confessions, And French Women

“What ever Frank said, or might have mentioned…don’t trust him. They’re all lies,” he almost roars. I ignore the ringing in my ears, and the silence his ear-splitting voice just broke, as he continues.

6,162 48
24 Bad Boy/Strange Boy

“But, you’re black eye – it’s from James.”

Eyebrows together in thought and wonder, Frank responds with a long, “No…”


“Not at all.”

“If James didn’t, who did?”

“Amos Diggory.”

4,481 48
25 Confrontations, Denials, And Qudditch Balls

“Ah, yes. The lovely Leslie. She’s a fox, isn’t she?”

“I know you’re doing this just to spite me, James Potter. And just so you know… it isn’t affecting me at all. In fact, I kind of feel sorry for the poor girl that has to deal with you.”

5,742 47
26 Love And Broomsticks

“A group?” I ask off topic. “Do they have koala groups?”

“I don’t know, they seem really vicious. Maybe it’s a herd? Like a herd of sheep?”

“A herd of koalas,” I say flatly.

“Yeah, or like a social system of koalas.”

7,483 50
27 Clueless And A Tad Too Sassy

“So how’ve you been?” Sirius nonchalantly asks me. I turn to him and don’t even bother to push away the hair covering my face.

“…that’s a good look for you. I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then?” He raises his eyebrows enchantingly.

5,478 38
28 Bludgers, Llamas, And Bad Haircuts

“I had hair like Edward Cullen before all this!” he whines, utterly upset.

“Are you crying?” I ask, disgusted. Or flabbergasted. I can’t decide.

“NO,” Peter screeches strongly. Dear God, his screeching is worse than when Petunia was trying to learn to play the harmonica when I was six. Merlin.

8,578 51
29 Hospital Beds

His first attempt at conversation is, “Why is Prongs half naked? Or am I the only one thinking about that?”

10,543 53
30 Men, Women, And Hickies

"Homeboy, how thee be?" Frank salutes, raising his hand up to me; we do our cool secret handshake which is no longer secret.

Sirius narrows his eyes in jealousy and I almost laugh.

"What are we talking about, boys? Looks like a major heart-to-heart is about to occur," Frank observes, stepping back.

Sirius and I share a look. "Women," we say in unison.

Frank's face surprisingly falls, and he sits on top of Sirius Black's four poster. "I think I need to stay for this."

7,341 41
31 Hogsmeade Camping Trip, Part One

 Midnight meetings on my cabin steps? This is how I’m going to spend the first night here? Tomorrow the entire 6th and 7th year Muggle classes are going to have an agenda filled with things to do, and all the while that’ll be happening, I know (I know) that I’ll be spending most of my time trying to decipher what ever it is that is about to happen in seven minutes. I look at the clock again.


Okay, what is about to happen in six minutes.

8,895 37
32 Hogsmeade Camping Trip, Part Two

Leslie doesn’t blink or speak - her angry glare is unfaltering. That is, until she whips her head around and looks up at James. “It’s because of her, isn’t it?” She has a calmer demeanor than before, but her voice still carries that accusatory tone.

James looks at the ground and doesn’t answer, and for the second time in my life I feel like my heart’s stopped. More and more thoughts from this term keep rushing to my brain and my head feels like it’s shaking.

10,304 46
33 Yelling, Snogging, And Dancing 101

 Madame Pince starts mumbling comments on posture while Professor McGonagall begins instructing. Before I know it James takes his hand and puts in on my mid-back, silently telling me to get into position. How suggestive of him.

8,549 22
34 The Beginning Of Christmas Break

It’s around midday when I walk back home. Grabbing the newspaper off the wet driveway, I walk up to my front door. I take off my shoes next to the coat rack when the phone rings. I answer it.


Frank Longbottom screams into the receiver.

3,741 16
35 Can't Let You Go

“Trust me when I tell you that his feelings for you haven’t changed and I honestly don’t think they ever will.”

My eyes flicker at his words. I stare at him. My heart starts to beat erratically.

“What am I supposed to do?” I mumble.

5,635 20


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