Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Fred, Ginny, Oliver, Seamus, OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature
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First Published
2006-07-17 18:08:02
Last Published Chapters
2016-02-09 18:36:11
Last Updated
2016-02-09 18:36:11
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Girls in Blue

Enter students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.

2219 3
2 Quidditch Through the Ages

About as well as a first day can go. 

1701 1
3 Dungeon Walls

An entrance to Potions class to stand above all others.

682 3
4 Names, Games

One week after the first task, and life under the rule of Fleur.

863 1
5 The Madame Sanctions

Life isn't so good for the girls of Beauxbatons who don't go by the name Delacour.

1373 3
6 Snowy Day

The twins interrupt Harry and company's leisurely stroll in the snow.

685 2
7 Meetings

Snow angels, guard duty, and thrice-made introductions.

1989 3
8 Mornings

Rousing walks on a freezing cold morning are just what the Weasley twins believe everyone needs.

1602 2
9 Formally Dressed and Terribly Awkward: Part 1

The night of the dance has arrived, though everyone seems more preoccupied with Ron's sleeves.

2458 5
10 Formally Dressed and Terribly Awkward: Part 2

Other Yule Ball almost-happenings.

1108 1
11 Almost

So close yet so frustratingly far.

1442 1
12 The Sweet Far Thing

It can never be peaceful for long. 

1344 0
13 An Unlucky Chapter

 On the other side of things.

2160 0
14 Wild Banned Thing

At Hogwarts, certain facts of life (and Headmasters) cannot be censored

1487 0
15 The Thing You Mustn't Do

 The library and other fun places to be stuck with Fleur.

1852 0
16 Easter Surprise

April Fools dinner at Hogwarts featuring Aimee having the time of her life.

1590 0
17 D.S.S.S.

D.S.S.S. (n): "Dani's secret snogging sessions" - both a self-explanatory and shameless extracurricular habit and a useful opportunity for late night eavesdropping.

836 0
18 Cold

Oliver takes bad news about as well as anyone would expect, and Lynn has her own depressing thoughts to dwell on.

2584 0
19 Good Behavior

 In which everyone is exhausted and Lynn makes a decision.

2280 0
20 Seen and Heard

 Flashback to a Beauxbatons morning; an oddly thoughtful detention.

1572 0
21 Old Troubles

 A little Beauxbatons campus lore by the Gryffindor fire.

3638 0
22 Breaking Mad

 Someone's finally cracked.

879 0
23 Highest Bid

 A Quidditch game and the discovery of a much more serious one.

1550 0
24 Caged Animals

The penultimate chapter: cages, bludgers, and broomsticks (oh my).

2648 0
25 The End in III Parts

The last, for now.

2132 1


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