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Voldemort, OtherCanon
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Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2006-07-05 6:35pm
Last Chapter
2010-05-18 4:56pm
Last Updated
2010-05-18 4:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter I - Hurting

Merope shuddered. This was the life she deserved, she decided. If she couldn't have that handsome boy riding past her hovel of a home every Sunday evening after church, then she had no will or reason to live on this life. She deserved every word her father spat in her face, because it was true. Heir of the great Salazar Slytherin or not, a speck on the great piece of armour of the Gaunt family that wouldn't be removed was all she could be.

1,401 21
2 Chapter II - Freedom

The official nodded quickly, replacing his fallen top hat back again and grabbed Marvolo's and Morfin's arms reluctantly, apparating back to who-knew-where. Merope watched them leave through the open door. A small smile formed on her face as she saw her brother and father leave. It was just her. Freedom was the new scent filling her nose and she could have nearly bounced with joy. She was on her own.

1,277 11
3 Chapter III - Devious Scheming

Merope sighed. So far, not so good. So not too eager to give up so easily, she trodded down the London street at a quick pace to find another person to ask. She had passed many shops with glass ornaments in the display windows, luxorious fabrics and clothes on display at high prices, and markets as well. But then, Merope's odd-eyes had spotted a shamble of a shop with a rickety sign swinging above it. No one else seemed to have noticed the shabby shop other than her..."Has to be magic..."

1,415 8
4 Chapter IV - Lust

The handsome teenage boy glanced at the glass, then to his 'steed' and to his lady friend down at the bottom of the hill calling his name. "I suppose...a sip couldn't hurt one's body could it?" he asked, a small smile on his face shown momentarily. Merope's own face bore a large smile. It's's working.

1,229 7
5 Chapter V - Reality Bug

"How dare you speak to him that way!" her voice was shrill and forbidding anyone to back-talk her. No no, no one smart enough back-talked a Gaunt. Even if the Gaunt in question was no more than a mere teenager of 16, nearly seventeen. However she had grown in her power hungry presence with Tom...oh how she had grown. "He's your son, and lover." - Tom's parents are in for the shock of their lives...

1,436 5
6 Chapter VI - Truth Hurts

Downing the drink, Tom raised his eyes to Merope's, looking glazed over and confused. "W-Who...M-Merope?" He still knew her name, and where he was...but he was mildly confused. Merope nodded her head and gulped.

755 4
7 Chapter VII - Blind Deception

Dumping the shards of glass out the window, Merope sighed and placed her chin in her cupped hand, elbow propped on the table. "Happy Birthday to me...Happy Birthday to me..."  Merope Gaunt had so blindly, beautifully decieved.

1,118 3
8 Chapter IIX - Outcast

She decided that she was just as pathetic. She had acted pathetically and she didn't deserve him anyway. Merope was wrong to trick him, that's what her mind had firmly settled on the moment he had left. She never deserved him or her life or any other life to take care of. Merope had decided for the final time that she was worthless.

1,486 4
9 Chapter IX - Soul Selling

"Not much, m'lady? You gotta understand this is one vauable piece - " He saw the look on Merope's face and ceased his arguing, beginning to start at an offering point. "What about 300 galleons?" Shake. Eyes widened. "250? 200?" Shake shake. Sigh. "100?" Soon, the price was lowered to a mere ten galleons. Baffled, the shopkeeper let her go happily, bemused that she had taken such a low price.

992 6
10 Chapter X - Visitor

"You're scum, little sister; no one can ever love you. Not even Mother, who's dead, by the way. . ." No. She would not let her baby go motherless, without love - though right about now, with anger consuming her heart like a feeding flame, she could care less.

1,630 0
11 Chapter XI - Painless

Was this her punishment for frolicing with a man who already had a beloved and was not meant for her to have and to hold? Of course not! He was the one she lusted after every Sunday morning after his church services! He was the one who was so charming, yet had a brutal side that no other muggle could possess. He was greedy and unpredictable. Not her. She had nothing to do with his . . .  sulky ways! Of course not. . .

1,168 1
12 Chapter XII - Lifeline

Her thoughts and her actions befuddled her own mind. She couldn’t think straight, she was angry. Angry beyond comprehension. And above all, Merope Gaunt did not want this to happen to her.

1,021 1


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