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Ron, Hermione, James, Narcissa, Draco, Pansy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Other Pairing
Mystery, Romance, AU
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-07-05 2:24am
Last Chapter
2017-05-01 5:26am
Last Updated
2017-05-02 2:35am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The First Step

Hermione comes to Draco's aid. Is it an act of blind kindness or is it just plain fate?

1,072 36
2 Fate or Fortune?

Draco and Hermione find out they are the victims of some very powerful magic. What that means for their future relationship is still a mystery even to them.

984 27
3 Rumors

Hogwarts finds out about what has happened between Draco and Hermione... or what they think has happened, anyways.

1,067 22
4 Rules of an Affair

Back in their new dorm, Hermione and Draco unknowingly fulfill the second part of Dumbledore's prophecy.

1,160 17
5 The Morning After

The previous night separated them. The morning after brings them closer together.

1,307 22
6 The Defense's Verdict

An unusual Potions class leads Draco and Hermione to a surprising realization.

2,187 28
7 Trust and Seek

Hermione helps the Slytherin quidditch team.

2,462 38
8 A Silent Pane

A day of silence for some becomes a day of revelations for others.

1,156 23
9 The Dark Side of Assumptions

Sometimes assuming is the wrong thing to do.

1,655 24
10 A Drop of Amortentia

Some solutions are harder to come by when love gets in the way.

2,095 31
11 The Interruption

An insightful consequence of a long anticipated test interrupts Hermione and Draco's relationship, in ways never before seen.

3,116 41
12 Somewhere Between the Robes

With the costume ball less than three weeks away, Hermione drags Draco to Hogsmeade.

3,012 33
13 His Only Chance

His only chance rested with a vial. The power to love, the power to see. In a moment, he understood. They were meant to be.

3,323 21
14 The Visionary's Guide to the Emerald Heart

As Draco and Hermione's relationship progresses, so does their quest for information.

3,562 27
15 Against the Rules

Sometimes to defy the odds, playing by the rules is not an option.

5,539 24
16 Boundaries

Crossed boundaries, tested loyalties, a climactic defense and a choice--a choice all his own.

5,118 35
17 Betraying the Elements

In the face of betrayal, Hermione discovers the elements of friendship, while Dumbledore and Draco have a heart to heart.

7,060 40
18 Masquerade

There are somethings that even the mind cannot mask.

6,134 39
19 Without Him

Without him, she can only pretend for so long.

3,726 33
20 Desperate Times

Disgusted by the changes happening in the wake of the Halloween Ball, Pansy Parkinson finds an unexpected ally in her plan to save Hogwarts from romantic turmoil.

3,702 23
21 The Rose

Pansy, Ron, Hermione and Draco learn there is more to a rose than its beauty.

5,471 20
22 Déjà Vu

With him, there was no past, present or future... just history--history destined to repeat itself?

6,245 7
23 Mercy

Hermione and Draco find themselves at the mercy of another's memory.

4,444 12
24 The Elements Revisited

Hermione and Draco quickly learn that memory travel is much more complex than they had initially anticipated.

4,458 20
25 Blood and Lust

An elemental find brings Hermione and Pansy closer together, closer than they even know.

5,905 8
26 Letting Go

In love, in life, and in memory, Narcissa, James, Hermione and Draco realize letting go is much harder than it seems.

5,417 2
27 The Worst of Times

At Dumbeldore's request, Narcissa revisits a difficult time, while Hermione and Draco prepare for the worst in another. Pansy and Ron uncover a second prophecy.

5,134 6
28 When

Narcissa remembers when.

2,818 5
29 Doubt

At fate's beck and call, Hermione and Draco question everything they know about the elements, and each other.

2,716 6


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