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Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, Luna, Draco, Pansy, Blaise (M), OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-07-02 5:57pm
Last Chapter
2007-02-21 4:17pm
Last Updated
2007-02-21 4:17pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One- Ashcroft Manor

Meet the new Luna. The hollow sad lonely girl who has suffered from to many tradgies in her young life.

1,428 10
2 Chapter 2~Game of Life

They are just pawns in the large game of life but what kind of queen will Luna make?

1,764 12
3 First Kiss

They say your first kiss is magical but for Luna there may be more to it than that especially when an unexpected guest walks in on it.

1,266 9
4 Cold Blooded

Luna haunts his dreams and Luna has something to say about it.

1,036 7
5 Something Blue

The days upon them and there's no turning back unless it's before the wedding even starts. Luna has nothing to lose but what about Draco?

1,319 4
6 ~Runaway Bride and Groom~

Draco and Luna have decided to ditch their own wedding.

1,072 5
7 Bellatrix Black

Found in the cottage in the woods Draco and Luna are dragged back to Malfoy Manor by none other than Bellatrix Black.

991 3
8 Living A Lie

Luna and Draco are living a lie but who's is worse?

1,277 10
9 Confrontations of the Heart

Draco and Luna have a heart to heart...

1,141 5
10 Finding Love on the Quiditch Field

Draco's quiditch match is today and Blaise has something he has to do. Will they find a replacement?

1,263 5
11 October 1st

Wedding bells are ringing but there is a surprise ending!!!

1,410 11
12 A Visit to St. Mungos

A visit to St. Mungos leads up to some major surprises.

1,802 3
13 Obsessed with the "b" word

Draco is obsessed and it gets on Luna's nerves. Find out what happens when Luna's had enough.

1,174 7
14 I need you to need me

What will happen at Ron and Hermione's wedding? Find out.

1,566 2
15 A Private Tutor

A private tutor is brought into Malfoy Manor.

1,548 1
16 Saving Luna

What will Draco do to protect the love of his life? Find out. Only two more chapters after this.

1,716 3
17 Til Death Do Us Part

A memorial for Draco with Luna and the twins. ((Sorry really bad at chapter summaries)) Last Chapter of story.

1,137 22


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