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Sirius, Lily, James, Tonks, Voldemort, Neville, Draco, Ginny, OC
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General, Angst
No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2003-07-06 12:00am
Last Chapter
2007-05-15 8:56pm
Last Updated
2007-06-01 12:44pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 O.W.L. Post

I have now posted an update to keep anyone who happens to remember this story "in the know". It's Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts. (Yes, this was begun after reading OOTP and way before HBP was released so therefore will not have any elements of HBP in it) Harry copes with the events of his fifth year and disturbing dreams have been troubling him. New relationships form. People change, and Harry must figure out for himself who he can trust.

2,760 115
2 2. Dreams and Gifts

Leaving Privet! Return to Grimmauld!

4,235 13
3 3. News of Grief

Cleaning and... yet another dream?

4,270 22
4 4. Padfoot's Memorial

*tear* Sad chapter. RIP old buddy old pal. :(

3,068 10
5 5. Diagon Alley Revisited

SE chapter. News from school and a trip to DA!!! (is it just me or is there a bunch of "DA's" in the book? Diagon Alley... Dumbledore's Army... Defense Against the Dark Arts?)

4,487 6
6 6. Express Ride

Leaving Grimmauld and... the ride up. Encounters and a sweet confession. :)

4,013 6
7 7. Cassidy Black

SE (self explanatory) :) Follows them from the train to their first night back.

3,128 8
8 8. Patrol Duty

Self-explanatory title. :) It's the first day back. (that would make it Saturday)

5,175 5
9 9. The Anonymous Death Eater

Self-explanatory title.... what happens on Sunday? read on... read on, my friend.

7,129 4
10 10. Snape's Enlightenment

First day of class (meaning potions, too!) Prefect's patrol duty... and last but not least... Harry's first Occlumency class of the year!

6,275 7
11 11. Sweet Dreams

The chapter title kind of explains itself. That's the brilliance of titles! A bunch of conversations... (interesting conversations, mind you)

5,648 4
12 12. Detention With Snape

Harry gets "detention". Harry gets detention. You'll see what I mean once you read the chapter. :)

7,628 4
13 13. Split Evening

Somewhat confusing chapter. Make sure you follow the times of everything... muahahahaha

6,092 8
14 14. Voiceless Magic

Exactly as the title says... new things develop. Very interesting... Can't wait for you to read. Review, please?! I love them and can't get enough of them! I'm starting on the 15th chapter, but i have had a lot of homework lately and i have a cold. :(

6,737 12
15 15. Offense and Defense

Harry's next Occlumency class and who's on the Quidditch team?

5,750 16
16 16. Missed Opportunities

Harry discovers something he never thought he'd know. Madame Pince ruins a few people's evenings.

6,389 15
17 17. Arguments and Relationships

Harry becomes an animagus. He frees time to research a certain someone... The DA meeting! Relationships form, but arguments ensue.

8,515 32
18 18. The Lies

Alright, it sucks. I'm sorry, but I need to get back into the swing of things. Kind of a tension/plot builder, nothing much happens. I promise... Quidditch match in next chapter and hopefully more suspense! Thx for waiting everyone!

6,713 10
19 19. Wins and Losses

A Quidditch match and a surprise no one expected.

7,530 32
20 20. The Waking Dream

Harry has his suspicions about many of those around him. Will he be able to put two and two and two and two together before the end of the year? (I know, I know, terrible summary. I couldn't think of much else. Gimme a break, I'm working on Ch. 21 right now. -cass)

6,246 21
21 21. Thread by Thread

Ginny learns Draco still has surprises up his sleeve. A Quidditch match. The title reveals a lot about the chapter. Enjoy... and I left a cliffie for once!!!

7,963 15
22 22. Confrontation

What you've all been waiting for... And there are several confrontations actually. However, you shall just have to read and find out.

7,590 16
23 23. Christmas in the Castle

More tension between Ron and Ginny. Cassidy leaves for the Malfoy Manor. Christmas is celebrated in the castle...

7,147 16
24 24. Escape from Azkaban

Just as the name implies. It's Christmas in various places. We visit Ginny, Fred, George, and Charlie briefly at the Weasley's. Of course we must visit Cassidy at the Malfoy Manor. Something strange happens on the return home... muahaha... read on!

7,276 12
25 25. Lessons

This chapter isn't much to get excited about. It all seems like crap to me, but hopefully you won't think I'm just rambling for 7,000 words.

7,708 26
26 26. Revelations

More plot develops. Get inside Harry's thoughts and... oh, just read it! I'm terrible at summaries!

6,461 34
27 27. The Aftermath

The title pretty much sums up the chapter. Just read and see.

4,530 33
28 28: Backstreets and Alleyways

You'll just have to read now won't you?

4,171 7
29 Update

This is just an update for any and all who wish to know what's happened to this fic. It's not finished or dead...

553 3


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