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Harry, Hermione, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2006-06-20 9:29pm
Last Chapter
2009-06-12 1:32am
Last Updated
2009-06-12 1:32am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Beginning

My name is Abby Flint, and this is my story.

2,427 6
2 Expected and Unexpected Surprises

excerpt - The story really begins on a bright sunny day in mid-August. I was sitting at my desk in my room, only just having completed my last piece of summer work. Rather than pack everything up, I was looking out my window idly. Nothing of interest was happening and I was about to get up when a tiny, moving speck caught my eye. I was an owl!

2,732 4
3 Remember?

It's time to go back to Hogwarts for Abby.

3,959 4
4 Not the Best Start

Abby kicks off the new school year with a few mishaps

2,692 8
5 Questions and Queries

The girls are back together again, with a few knew additions to come. An interesting mystery leaves the entire group wondering.

3,270 5
6 Contact

Abby finds herself getting rather close with Corey but is reluctant to tell her friends.

3,490 4
7 There's No Way

excerpt - “I’ll bet he’s some big war hero or something,” I imagined to myself. Corey shook his head, clearly amused. “He probably just went to school with her, was really into DADA, and they went out or something,” he announced flatly. “You can be so lacklustre sometimes,”

2,399 6
8 An Interesting Propesition

Professor Granger presents Abby and Corey with an unexpected opportunity. Abby accepts almost immediately, but is startled, and more than a little hurt when Corey not only doesn't share her obvious excitement, but doesn't seem to want to do it. This situation is put on hold however, when Abby discovers a friends in need.

3,435 5
9 Unwanted Analysis

While trying to help Laura feel better, Abby finds her confused feelings in danger of being discovered (and studied) by her best friend ... and the object of them.

2,460 4
10 Burying the Hatchet

An awkward morning ends surprisingly comfortably and final preparations for the upcoming trip are made.

2,868 6
11 Complete Lunacy?

The camping trip begins, but of course there are a few bumps along the way.

3,857 9
12 Beside the Water

After waking up in a rather compromising position, a day of interesting conversation and events unfolds.

4,144 5
13 Troubled Waters

A canoeing trip allows Abby to loosen up a little around Corey, but is this really a good thing?

3,583 6
14 A Flash of Clarity

Abby finally puts her situation with Corey into perspective just in time to enjoy her last evening in the forest.

2,550 7
15 Back to Normal

Our charismatic duo returns home only to be consumed once again by their separate groups of friends. Later Abby discovers that the boys are just like the girls.

3,174 6
16 Revelations

Abby had an interesting conversation with Professor Granger and then receives quite the surprise from Corey.

2,321 10
17 Raindrops are falling on my head

Promised flying lessons reveal somethign unexpected

2,868 7
18 Let the Games Begin

Even at Hogwarts, rumours exist as Abby and Corey quickly learn after a close shave brings suspicion upon them.

2,936 3
19 Foul Ball

Abby finds that her not so brilliante plan has some unforeseen problems.

2,375 3
20 Playing People Can Get Complicated

The title really says it all. Abby's plan goes in a direction she didn't really expect.

2,966 0
21 Never Say Never

Sometimes, the thing you think could never happen, happens all on its own when you least expect it.

2,683 4
22 You Can Only Delay the Inevitable

After an unexpected close to the day before, Abby wakes to find herself once more in a world of uncertainty and, being Abby, she can't make up her mind about how she actually feelse about it.

4,202 5
23 Familiar Yet New

Abby and Corey find that being in a relationship is easier than they anticipated.

2,667 2
24 Quidditch!

A freindly quidditch match turns out to be much more than Abby expected.

3,516 1
25 Going Public

An innocent trip to the villiage reveals more than a new relationship.

3,809 2
26 Not Another Secret

Abby and Corey find that going public may be more trouble than it was worth and our heads are given a new assignment.

3,573 2


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