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Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort
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No Warnings
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2003-12-06 10:07pm
Last Chapter
2007-04-15 5:48am
Last Updated
2007-04-15 5:48am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Flitwick’s Project

first two chapters are basically a prologue set in their fifth year, skips into seventh year were we join Lily, her friends and the Marauders on their problem filled (well if it wasn’t problem filled it would be a boring story wouldn’t it) seventh year and graduation. Hope you guys will read it and tell me what you think – I don’t mind flames if it means your honest.

2,319 42
2 Animagus and Owls

Read it...

3,383 11
3 Seventh Year

Read it...

1,156 18
4 The Rest of the Train Ride

Read it....

1,983 9
5 The Girls Dormitory Stairs

Read it...

2,547 15
6 Damsel in Distress

Read it....

1,417 11
7 The Marauders Map

Read it...

1,634 19
8 Hogsmeade

Read it....

1,701 16
9 Under the Cloak

Read it...

3,052 22
10 Emily and a Contract

Read it

3,026 18
11 So Close Yet So Far

Read it...

3,430 22
12 Question Upon Question

Read it...

5,050 17
13 The Morning After

authors note added 23rd february

2,378 26
14 Saving Face

please read and review! dedicated to ShellyV929

2,212 18
15 The Christmas Ball

the chapter you've all been waiting for....

2,310 37
16 The Early Hours Of Christmas Morning

The early hours of chritmas morning + an apology from the author. please read and review

2,068 25
17 Christmas Day

please read and review, i would like to break one hundred

1,265 25
18 Dumbledore's Deal

the dream pair are broken up *sigh* can Dumbledore fix things? read/review... i want to reach 220 this time!

2,128 36
19 The Reason Why.

the reason why lily has done what she had. rad and review! sorry it took so long!

1,343 26
20 Back to Reality

wow another update only days after the last! this ones longer and better!

2,638 22
21 Getting Caught Out

i'm so ashamed that this took me so long... hope its alright... r/r

1,574 16
22 Redecorating...without a counter spell.

hey, this is by far my longest chapter yet... i'm very proud. please read and review!

3,609 16
23 Her Worst Nightmare

Lily's dreams become more than just a nightmare... they become a reality. r/r !!!!

2,307 13
24 Regretting the Past

i updated guys!!!!! hope you like it.

1,372 23
25 Connecting the Dreams

wow this took me three hours to write - i hope youenjoy ... its my longest chapter yet.

4,163 29
26 Attacks of a different kind.

hey i'm so sorry about all this i know i've taken ages, anyway please review!

3,325 17
27 Attacks of the Usual Kind

i'm so sorry for the delay, i can't believe it was that long. anyway lily and rose encounted some old friends.

3,628 15
28 Boredom Reigns

sorry i took so long!

1,878 14
29 Returning

hey i'm back.. back again... katie's back.. read my story.. *ahem* dry *ahem* anyway please read.

1,999 12
30 Valentines: Magic and Horror

hey guys please read, enjoy and review!!!

3,519 22
31 The First Time They Meet

hey thanks so much for the response! Find out why Lily was screaming and what's behind it all.

2,805 17
32 Waking Up To Problems

hey please review!!!!

2,179 17
33 Patching Things Up

Merry Christmas, please review

2,528 9
34 Fighting The Betrayal

grrr update.

3,190 18
35 Dread Becomes a Reality

please review! its so easy

2,913 19
36 Facing Reality

please review!

1,746 30
37 Trying to Satisfy Everyone

continuation... sorry for delay

2,856 24
38 Trying to Satisfy Each Other

So i have returned. Two years since i last updated, but the story continues right where we left off... my favourite couple are dealing with the realities of dealing with Voldemort, relationships and jobs.

2,629 3


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