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1 Introduction


502 0
2 Saying Goodbye (33)

Grand Prize Winner: May 2006, Last Days of School Writer's Duel by: sweet_apple_pie A good-bye is not always the end. For some, it’s but another beginning.

2,460 17
3 Saying Goodbye (17)

~Second Place: May 2006, Last Days of School Duel~By: TheQuibbler Godric’s Hollow was not exactly what Harry had expected it to be. He, Hermione and Ron had spent the last four hours of the sticky August afternoon sifting through the debris of Harry’s parents’ house, hoping to find some shred of the past. His prickly white t-shirt was beginning to cling to Harry’s shoulders where sweat had beaded, and an irritating pain was building in his lower back from stooping too long.

2,799 9
4 Saying Goodbye (9/14)

Third Place Winner: May 2006, Last Days of School by: Ellen Thrice What the title says, it's a story of saying goodbye. In this case, it's a story of a wife saying goodbye to a husband when she knew he died, a mother saying goodbye to her child before she dies, and a friend saying goodbye to two friends at their graves. I'm not saying more, you have to read it if you want to find out.

2,136 4
5 Saying Goodbye (2)

by: jtsoccer I'm a very private person. I don't shout, I don't make friends easily, I become mute around the opposite sex. In fact, I can count on one hand all the occasions I went out of my way to talk to someone who I didn't know very well. And, half of those excruciating experiences were when I had a homework question and was forced to go to the teacher for help.

4,881 2
6 Saying Goodbye (1)

by: Ravenclawprincess It was a quiet evening, and the sun was just setting below the horizon. Brilliant streaks of red poured over the earth’s edge and washed everything in the richest crimson. The sky was the colored in the purest gold. It made Rowena smile.

2,504 1
7 Give Us A Kiss, Minerva!

by: PropMasterThe pre-dawn air was sultry that June morning, and it hung heavy over the great castle at Hogwarts. The stone walls seemed to hold their breath, awaiting the first rays of sunlight with stoicism and a decided air of grievances long endured. The many turrets with their peaked caps provided formality, as if the castle had armoured itself for a great battle. As it so happened, battle was already taking place.

4,305 5
8 Operation Scarlet and Gold

by: Night Owl With the last few days of school in progress, and exams approaching, students are in a hurry to put in some last minute studying. When the Slytherins go too far with a prank, Lily Evans is out for the ultimate revenge. With the help of the Marauders, it is sure to be something no one will ever forget.

4,587 1
9 Notes

by: Abhorsen With NEWTs looming at the end of the Marauder’s seventh year and Lily studying like mad, will James ever be able to relax and have a good time? He will if the Marauders steal Lily’s notes, but can they pull it off?

2,146 3
10 Learn How To Fall

by: flutterby271 While James struggles to find the right words to ask Lily to marry him, Remus is faced with a problem of his own: asking out the girl of his dreams. “Her History of Magic notes. You know, the things she jotted down during Binns’ classes?” Nudging Remus in the side, Sirius grinned, “Bet they’ve got your name scribbled all over them.”

4,932 5
11 An Ode to OWLs

by: MistressofMarauders James sat at the lunch table, eyes flitting back and forth. He spotted Sirius at the corner of the room, his wand hidden behind his school robes. Both of their eyes were bright and open, giving the appearance that neither of them had spent the last night studying for the NEWTs for hours on end. As a matter of fact, they had been up all night, but it had been for an entirely different reason.

3,424 1
12 Friends Who Never Say Goodbye

by: Elena Ginny Weasley is not looking forward to going home for the summer. With Harry, Ron and Hermione on their way to Auror training, Ginny faces going back to the Burrow alone with her parents. If she ever needed a friend, it was now. Will Ginny remain alone this summer, or will she find a friend?

3,357 4


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