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    Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, James/OC, Remus/OC
    Drama, Romance, Angst
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2006-06-07 12:00am
    Last Chapter
    2007-04-30 6:06pm
    Last Updated
    2008-06-09 11:06pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 In The End

    How could she smile when her fiancée was being carted off to prison? It didn’t make any sense...but then again, the two of them never made any sense...

    1,324 17
    2 Lovetten Luxuries

    The girl continued to scrub the plates and bowl vigorously, still eyeing the clock. Why did it go so slowly? Each tick seemed to get louder and louder, mocking her imprisonment. Why did she get that stupid job again?

    1,182 7
    3 Mis Amigos

    “Hola Amigos! Bren is HERE!” The unmistakable Scottish accent of Brenna Flynn erupted from the Leaky Cauldron fireplace. Soon enough, a head of black hair was visible as the green flames of Floo Powder died down.

    1,607 11
    4 Off We Go

    “Geez Lovette, have a sense of humor! I was only joking!” Brenna said, scrunching her brow. Lily finally looked up from her book, observing her friends.
    “Yes, Lovette, I agree with Bren. You’ve been very surly lately.” Lovette shook her head at Lily’s response.
    “Fine, yeah we all know.”

    897 10
    5 Button Pushing!

    Regulus Black (n.)- Complete asshole. Polar opposite to brother, Sirius Black. Constant, unwanted suitor of Lovette Luclare. The Slytherin Prince. Black family “favorite”. Synonyms: Dumbass, git, bastard, son of a- this list could go on and on…

    1,152 7
    6 Night Owl

    “So…” The boy said after a few moments of just standing in the doorway, “can I sit here?”
    “I don‘t know...can you?” The girl countered, raising one of her eyebrows. The boy rolled his eyes and shrugged at her.

    1,452 11
    7 Dream? More Like Nightmare…

    “Then why would he send a letter at two in the morning?” Lily exclaimed, plopping herself on Brenna’s bed. 
    “That would be two-thirty in the morning.” Lovette countered, throwing the lethal pillow back at Lily, causing in to hit her square in the face.

    1,445 10
    8 Always There

    “Lovette.” Nanette inclined her head toward her sister, her tone rather light and blithe. Lovette shook her head, chuckling, another sour smile making its way on her lips. She then turned to Lily, who had one firm hand on Nanette’s shoulder, as though leading a prisoner to the guillotine.
    “What did she do now?”

    1,582 9
    9 Werewolves Hate Silver

    Quite annoyed now, Lovette closed her book and sighed loudly, hoping to get the couple’s attention. Usually, Lovette wouldn’t waste her time on “busy” couples, but their sound effects was just too much.

    1,875 11
    10 Tortured Soul?

    “Lovette, you’re such a dork.” Remus commented, finally clearing the chess board, knowing he would probably win the game anyway.
    “A dateless dork.” Lovette added, pointing at Remus with a fake cheerful smile on her face.

    1,564 4
    11 Caution: This Animal Leaves Scars

    Craning her neck a little to see the couple properly, Lovette found the source of the problem: a porcupine.

    1,229 16
    12 Out of Your League

    Lovette shrugged, her brown eyes not meeting his. Her hands fidgeted on the table and she self-consciously pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.
    “I want to know that I can trust you.” She stated, her eyes finally reaching his. He smiled, the grin lighting up his steel-gray eyes.
    “Don’t worry,” He comforted, putting his hand over hers in reassurance, “you can.”

    1,404 12
    13 Another One

    Lovette and Lily continued to stare in the same spot, the direction unknown to their blue-haired comrade. Brenna rolled her eyes and strolled back to her friends, attempting to spot the same thing that had caught their eyes, but to no avail.
    “What are you two?-” As Brenna uttered these words, Lovette reached her hand out to her friend and physically turned her head in the direction that she and Lily were gawking in.
    Brenna’s blue eyes widened for a moment, but soon had rolled in annoyance. She groaned and smacked her hand to her forehead.
    “Not another one!”

    1,230 11
    14 The Pancake Blues

    Lovette stared up at the usual morning rush of owls, being able to pick out her mother’s owl in an instant. Not just because the bird was casually sailing toward her, but because of its…unusual appearance. 
    The owl was purple.
    With lime green polka dots to match.
    Yes, Cosette had such lovely color coordination.

    1,874 13
    15 Halloween Hags

    “HAPPY HALLOWEEN MY FELLOW GRYFFS!” Brenna’s unmistakable Scottish accent pierced the early morning atmosphere of the Gryffindor Common Room. Not but moments after this interruption, Brenna came sprinting down the spiral stairs of the Girl’s Dormitories and landed on the very last step, throwing her arms in the air much like a gymnast would as they dismounted after a perfect routine. 

    1,758 9
    16 Guilt Tripping

    If there was one thing Gryffindor was famous for (other than the notorious “Marauders” and the overabundance of “brave” people in their house) it was their Quidditch victory parties. Not only were these parties extremely raucous and lasted all night, these parties were a social gathering. A Gryffindor tradition.

    1,974 19
    17 Yes, A Broom Closet

    As though struck by lightning, a bright smile of compression dawned upon Lovette.
    And then, she ran.

    1,507 24
    18 Where Art Thou?

    “Ha ha, very funny guys. ‘Lock Sirius in a broom closet’…yeah, a real classic prank.” Sirius hadn’t even realized that Lovette was standing there as he made his escape from the broom closet that he had been locked in for a least three hours. 
    It wasn’t until he turned around to face his savior that he realized that it was notone of the other Marauders. 

    2,258 26
    19 Temper, Temper

    “Must I repeat the question?” Lovette said in the hard tone she had used before.
    “No, we’re not stupid, you know.” Nanette said, rolling her own blue eyes.
    “Sometimes I wonder.”

    2,484 20
    20 You Are Cordially Invited…

    “Then you have to promise me that you’ll make people laugh at my funeral.”
    “I don’t know. You’re Lovette Orenda Luclare, you’ll think of something.”
    “There’s no way I could laugh at your burial.” Lovette said seriously. Lily shook her head as she laughed.
    “Do it or I’ll haunt you!”

    2,106 21
    21 Good For You

    “Lovette?” Ronan’s low voice brought Lovette back to reality. She focused her attention back to his concerned features and forced a smile. Oh, how talented she was at those kinds of smiles. 
    “Yeah?” She replied, her voice louder, indicating that it was okay for him to talk louder. Her forced cheer did not fool him. Maybe she wasn’t as good at acting as she once was…

    2,504 25
    22 You Are A Winner!

    Annette Luclare was quite an interesting character, much like her seven daughters. She was…a “cool” mother. Cool as in the fact that she was rather liberal, meaning you could do whatever you wanted in the Luclare household…just as long as you didn’t kill anybody.

    1,795 18
    23 Fallen Angels

    “I know. I don’t have an explanation, Lovette. I really wish I did. But, I don’t. I can’t explain it to you. I just…can’t.”

    1,831 25
    24 Break It Up

    Almost every Gryffindor had collected in the Common Room for the rather amusing scene. Or, so it appeared. Students of all ages crowded the room’s perimeter, making it seem as though they were watching some kind of sport or contest take place. Except there wasn’t. Something much more entertaining had replaced it.

    2,583 29
    25 Be Mine, Valentine!

    “Ahh, Lovette…we’re more alike than you think.” Lovette pulled another incredulous face.
    “How on Earth do you figure that?”
    “Well, judging by your previous comment, I’d say you are a lot more malicious than you put out to be.”
    “Only to you”

    1,698 21
    26 You Never Even Noticed

    Slowly, Brenna rose from her seat, taking her schoolbag with her. All Lovette could do was watch in shock as Brenna left the Great Hall, leaving her alone. Brenna had never been one to contradict her friends…or be serious in any way.

    1,461 21
    27 Say It

    “You people gotta learn that when I shout random things not to make the room go quiet! Its just embarrassing and its not like I’m gonna tell you what I’m really talking about or anything! So, as per usual, carry on.”

    2,530 23
    28 You Know What?

    Groaning in frustration, Lovette massaged her temples roughly, closing her eyes. Her hair blew slightly as the chilled March winds picked up. She sighed heavily, looking up at the star-strewn sky. It was a deep shade of navy, the stars merely blurred pin-pricks sprinkled throughout it.

    1,849 23
    29 Because You're Here

    “Hypocrite.” Lovette muttered, standing in front of it with her hands on her hips.
    “I know you are but what am I?”
    “A piece of stupid stone.”
    “And you are?”
    “Lovette don’t argue with a statue.”

    2,047 23
    30 What the Skeptics Say

    “Really now?” Was eventually what Lovette settled on saying. McGonagall nodded, turning away from her student to stack essays to grade.
    “Now I suggest you hurry along Miss Luclare....and company. You are N.E.W.T. students and need to be studying for your upcoming exams. Graduation isn’t far away you know.”

    2,023 10
    31 The Way I Am

    “Are you stalking me or something?” Lovette asked, a bitter laugh weaving through her sentence. It was rather strange talking to no one outside of a deserted library.

    1,763 14
    32 %#@&^ Newts!

    The N.E.W.T.s had finally arrived at Hogwarts. These Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests had put all seventh-year students on edge. Some students had fainted during the examinations, while others had blanked out completely of all the information they had learned. Basically, it was like a plague.

    1,632 19
    33 Goodbye Past, Hello Future

    “Well ladies,” Lovette started, her voice breaking the silence. Her voice sounded as though she were trying to keep if from cracking, “let’s go to our future.”

    1,922 46


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