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    Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2003-12-04 5:19pm
    Last Chapter
    2005-06-18 5:12am
    Last Updated
    2005-12-21 9:11pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 New year at Hogwarts school begins

    CHAPTER FORTY-NINTH!!!! About the Marauders and some 6th years Gryffindor girls. About love, friendship, mischief, anger, hate, relationships, change of feelings and dark times, very dark times. This is their story. R/R M'nM

    2,183 166
    2 Bats and Howlers

    Well, this is our first fic, yes OUR, we're two people :) so it's about the Marauders, and some 6th years Gryffindor girls. About love, friendship, mischief, anger, hate, relationships and dark times, very dark times. This is their story. R/R

    4,270 41
    3 Christmas Ball and Change of Feelings

    OK, well, this one is about some feelings that change... as you can see.... even if we don't want them to. And, of course a Ball... I'll say no more... enjoy!! R/R.... M'nM

    4,200 32
    4 Christmas at the Black's

    So this is Christmas day, and they go somewhere else to celebrate it. Where many things happen. Our fourth chap!!! :)

    6,182 33
    5 New Arrival

    Well, there's a new character arriving... a very new one, that is going to turn someone's head upside down. there are a lot of new feeling developing around the two of the Marauders and two girls, and well, evil is gaining power. R/R!!!

    3,584 34
    6 Love is in the air...

    Feelings continue to change.... and it's pretty hard for all of them... R/R M'nM

    5,330 44
    7 Wicked Nights

    So... this is were something BIG happens... a big step, taken mainly by Lily! and some "reveals" by our dear Marauders. Feelings do change, so, huh??

    6,198 52
    8 Night of Fight and Quidditch Match

    Some fights, a Quidditch match and an accident... M'nM

    3,921 30
    9 Dark Surprises

    Someone discovers a "tiny" secret that could make things change for good of for bad... And a new friendship starts to grow... kinad weird :) R/R

    3,676 24
    10 A New Love is Born

    Time passes.... something develop themselves.... evil is approaching, an important plan is mentioned.... Finally the chapter 10 :)

    3,985 22
    11 Two Powerful Weapons

    This chapt is dedicated to the "wesuck" team, they know who they are. It's about two very important things, two very powerful weapons, we hope you realise which ones they are...

    6,067 29
    12 Threatened Part I

    It's called Threatened cuz they are threatened in many ways, relations, things that happen, ideas that come to their minds, "warnings", etc.... :) R/R M'nM

    4,351 26
    13 Threatened Part II

    New threats.....

    9,939 22
    14 Telling the Truth

    Some one realises that the truth can be easier if you share it with the ones you need and love. And sadness falls over the castle.

    2,924 23
    15 Love and Friendship beats anything

    Evil is growing and they are in danger, but they soon discover something that can make them even stronger. M'nM

    2,532 27
    16 Hot as Fire

    Some things get naughty, while someone get pissed off...R/R!!!!! M'nM

    6,845 14
    17 Determined

    Siirus makes a decision, pure fluff, killing stares, broom closets... figure it out... M'nM

    3,695 17
    18 The End of Another Year

    Another year ends, and with that new things happen, something gets even bigger, a house is turned upsdide down... with 7 teenagers... what do you expect?? R/R M'nM

    3,178 28
    19 Vacations begin!

    Sorry, this one is short one, because it only talks about a couple of things before the real thing beggins... is just a ... let's say, warm up :)

    1,043 17
    20 Fallin'... ill???

    It's summer... vacations... friends... love... need more??.... falling ill.... M'nM

    6,599 33
    21 A Rainbow of Colors

    It's amazing what a bit of Quidditch and a great friendship can do! R/R

    5,669 18
    22 Leaving them Hooked!

    Poor Remus, how bad he wanted to... hahaha. And are they really going to wear that?? either way, they are definetly going to give a show! R/R

    2,084 19
    23 Showtime!

    Just by imagining it I start to laugh.... just erad it... M'nM

    3,984 24
    24 I scream, you scream... we all scream for Ice Cream

    Have you ever being shocked beyond youself before being attacked with food? Watch them as they all scream for Ice Cream! R/R M'nM

    4,391 21
    25 About 'Why's and 'How's

    So that's a wrap up-- for the summer I mean. We hope you liked it. What happens when a couple of words bring you down? And who is going to lift you up to the sky?

    3,595 19
    26 Going Back

    This is a short chapter about the friends going back home. M'nM

    1,077 19
    27 Camajama

    Ever heard of that word??? Find out... ;) A new event is about to take place this year and everyone gets excited. But the teachers hope is goes the way it should.. as danger grows even bigger... M'nM

    2,818 25
    28 Darkness Falls Again

    Hell breaks lose as another regretful incident occurs at the castle... R/R M'nM

    3,378 19
    29 Loss

    Find out who died... and what will happen now that it seems that not even the school is save! R/R M'nM

    4,046 29
    30 Tears in the Dark

    Heath feels her world is going down, and honestly, who wouldn't. But there's someone who'll bring her back to life... ;) hehhee. R/R M'nM

    3,155 22
    31 Starts

    Getting over it it's hard but necessary... and the Marauders are there to make it easy. R/R M'nM

    5,207 22
    32 The Order of the Phoenix

    A bit of information and a couple of jokes that'll bring the castle back to life... or at least they'll try their best. And what will they chose?? M'nM

    4,419 20
    33 Decisions and Unwanted Surprises

    The six friends make a decision and Sirius seems ready to kill, but will his stupidity be enough to ruin a friendship?? M'nM

    6,049 21
    34 Screams on a Harsh Night

    Well... this was kinda hard... lol... fights take place, but will feeling be stronger this time? M'nM

    3,952 28
    35 A Marauder's Moment

    Friendship is always bigger than anything, and this guys just proved it! R/R M'nM

    4,415 24
    36 Halloween Jokes

    Some jokes.. what with the Marauders, what else could you expect?? R/R M'nM

    3,690 33
    37 Shadows Lurking in the Night

    New dangers appear... and what's more scary than the unknow? Something will try to drive them crazy either their relationships or the new 'surprises' R/R M'nM

    7,187 19
    38 Diffor

    Darkness keeps lurking...

    5,351 23
    39 Meeting Mrs. Nikki

    Holidays.... and they beging to turn yet another place upside down... surprised?... M'nM

    5,264 16
    40 Life is a Roller Coaster

    And so they go to a muggle place... can a Marauder survive it?? wonder what happens when you put three Marauders on a car at more than 100mph... M'nM

    9,212 24
    41 Getting Over It

    Lor receives a letter and has to go away. Sirius goes with her to help her get over it. The thing is, can she? R/R M'nM

    6,497 17
    42 Under the Mistletoe

    *CHAPTER FORTY-TWO!!!!!* About the Marauders and some 6th years Gryffindor girls. About love, friendship, mischief, anger, hate, relationships, change of feelings and dark times, very dark times. This is their story. R/R M'nM

    6,676 19
    43 What's Up?

    The cheerful and bright spirit of Christmas is always contagious and strong enough to untie people, but will it be strong enough to erase the bad news of the magical world?

    6,368 28
    44 Propositions

    Quite a few propositions are being made but what happens when they are accepted?

    6,019 29
    45 Dancing on the Roof

    There's a ball... and who's taking who?... Are you sure??? R/R

    8,693 28
    46 Getting There

    They finally arrive and are ready to turn another continent upside down. R/R M'nM

    6,949 25
    47 How It All Starts

    So they got there and they are about to make new friends... and not so friends...

    3,566 25
    48 New so-called Friends

    What does making friends mean?? check out to see if these guys got it right.... M'nM

    3,602 18
    49 Duels and Wonders

    Competitions are up! And who said anything about being cempetitive?? R/R M'nM

    6,164 290


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