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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Sirius/OC
Drama, Romance, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-06-01 10:30pm
Last Chapter
2006-11-12 12:46am
Last Updated
2006-11-12 12:46am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Metamorphosis

A bit little history before the story starts.

3,161 125
2 When You Kiss Me

“You and Black were kissing for almost 15 seconds,” Kirsten said. “And then you shocked each other. How do you know it wasn’t like James said. Fireworks,” Lily asked. I rolled my eyes.

4,824 134
3 Dirty Little Secret

“Oh,” he obviously wasn’t expecting an answer. Black looked up at me and smiled, “I like your new look, Libby. You didn’t need one, but you look good,” LIBBY?!?! Since when does Black call me by my first name? “Thanks,” I said, blushing.

4,132 111
4 Start of Something New

Then Sirius said, “So will you?” “Will I what?” I asked, confused. “Go to Hogsmeade with me?” Sirius blurted out.

4,968 122
5 She's Not Just a Pretty Face

“If I didn’t know you better, Sirius, I would think you’re jealous,” I said in an undertone. “Jealous?” Sirius repeated, raising an eyebrow. “Because I like Ben and not you,” I said.

4,136 96
6 Haters

“Um, I’d really rather keep that to myself if you don’t mind, Professor,” I said blushing. I wasn’t even going to tell Lily and Kirsten or James that I had chosen the memory of that stupid kiss I shared with Sirius.

3,712 89
7 Smile Like You Mean It

“Sirius was staring at you all through practice,” Darcy said suddenly, a knowing smile on her face. I rolled my eyes. “He never goes away,” I explained, “No matter what I do or where I go, he’s always a few feet away,”

5,165 88
8 Change Your Mind

“Come here. I wanna show you something,” he jumped up from his seat and grabbed my hand. I was startled by the sudden movement and almost fell when he lifted me out of my chair. Next thing I know, I’m standing outside the boy’s dormitories.

4,792 85
9 Remember When?

“I’ll be right back, I want to go see what type of book Sirius wants,” I said, standing. Ben pulled me back. “Come on, Libby, he has other friends to get him the book. You’re doing your own work,” he said. I pulled away from him gently.

5,209 60
10 Mr. Brightside

“You’re mother obviously did not teach you the proper meaning of rude, Malfoy. Choking a girl doesn’t seem very polite,” I gasped for air as the hand tightened.

5,166 99
11 See If I Care

“That’s weird,” I said petting the dog again, “You don’t like Ben?” The dog barked in response, wagging it’s tail once more.

5,188 103
12 I'm Not Okay(I Promise)

“Between you and Sirius. I could practically feel the vibes coming off you two and you weren’t even sitting or talking to one another,” Kirsten smirked.

4,854 114
13 Everything

“I need you, Sirius. I literally need you.”

4,869 82
14 Untitled

“Regulus, this is a girl’s bathroom!” I gasped. Regulus locked the bathroom door behind him and then turned to look at me.

5,290 95
15 She's In Love With the Boy

“Love is a strong word, Libby,” my aunt warned, “You are so young to know what it is like to love.”

4,430 95
16 Amazed

“Yup, practically attacked me when I was coming up the stairs,” Sirius laughed, his voice was muffled, for he had crawled under my covers and pulled the blankets over his head. I rolled my eyes and turned back into my closet.

5,291 97
17 The Navy Song

“He will live,” the healer said. We all relaxed. “Thank merlin,” my Aunt sighed.

5,606 148
18 What Hurts the Most

“Sirius was right about you.” I muttered.

3,507 92
19 Life of My Own

“I don’t know. He just told me that it was important you come as soon as possible,” the Hufflepuff blushed as Sirius looked at her, head tilted to the side.

5,133 102
20 Party Up

“Is Libby with you?” James asked. Sirius didn’t answer. I wished he did, or that I had said something, because Lily pulled open the hangings allowing bight sunlight to blind my tired eyes.

5,172 78
21 Slipped Away

“Yes, Black, your family. Don’t bother getting dressed, this will only take a minute,” Mcgonagall began to leave the room.

4,627 70
22 Voices of Violence

“Put it on his head!” James said eagerly.

5,068 76
23 The World

“Dumbledore seemed to know Sirius left,” James explained, “He wouldn’t do anything. Just said that Sirius will come back at his own time.”

4,885 88
24 Pins and Needles

“I’m going to ask one more time,” Lily said conversationally, “How did you get Remus to impersonate you and do your detention?” “Chocolate,” Sirius said with a sly grin, “Lots of chocolate, ten galleons, and my puppy dog face.”

4,491 83
25 So I Need You

“Regulus is a Death Eater.”

4,340 71
26 Forever and For Always

“Oh, I would have never guessed,” Sirius kissed me on the cheek, “I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you. I was going crazy!”

4,571 64
27 Only One

“The nightmares, they’ll come back,” I whispered, taking a handful of his shirt in my hands and looking so deeply at him. He could see the fear in my eyes.

5,048 61
28 Thinking Underage

“Oh no, Sirius,” Jacob laughed, “Libby can’t dance.” “She can with me!” Sirius laughed and pulled me out onto the dance floor

5,374 88
29 Stab My Back

“I just bought it,” James continued completely ignoring me, “I was walking through Diagon Alley, went into a jewelry store randomly and bought a ring. I wasn’t even planning it.”

4,703 82
30 Still Searching

last chapter

5,614 398


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