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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Blaise (M), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2006-05-30 10:27am
Last Chapter
2006-11-13 5:19am
Last Updated
2006-11-13 5:19am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Invisible Feelings

Hermione finds her feelings for Draco both disgusting and inescapable. It's incredulous how strong love can be . . .

2,812 31
2 Why doesn't he notice me?

I'm afraid you'll have to be a little patient with this chapter - it's not the best, but trust me, the story moves on quicker in chapter three. I just haven't got round to posting it up yet. Don't lose faith!

1,951 19
3 Love Is Beautiful

Ok, so I'm moving a bit faster now, but trust me, there's still a lot to come. The antics unravelling at the ball aren't quite expected for Hermione and Draco

2,157 13
4 Kissing in the Rain

Discovered feelings have been revealed. . . but what will Draco and Hermione make of their first kiss, and the attraction they both share? Is it something strong enough to keep hold of, or just a foolish mistake that only leads to regret and misgivings?

1,830 15
5 Jealousy

Coming to terms with the relationshi proves to be a difficulty for everyone. How will Draco take the sudden news that their love has been unveiled and the taunts of his fellow Slytherins? Is Hermione really worth the trouble?

2,002 15
6 The Liberty Snatcher

Draco's problems only increase as he has a more important one to deal with . . .

2,608 15
7 Suspicion

Hermione's sure she can detect a secret behind the eyes, and she plans to get to the bottom of it. Meenwhile, Ron's not feeling over-joyed about the whole relationship, and tries to intevene.

2,787 17
8 Falling in and out of grace

Draco's return to the manor for Christmas doesn't go quite according to plan.

4,116 11
9 The chill of the Dark side

Draco's finding it difficult to cope with the guilt after that little incident with his betrothed over the Christmas period. He's certain Hermione is suspicious, and worse, there is a Death Eater's meeting creeping closer. Yey, I'm off to France now so I did this quickly especially for you guys!! Enjoy!! xx

3,991 15
10 The Fading of Love

Draco's mind is in a mess. Suddenly everything that was all so wonderful has gone so terribly wrong. Hermione's confused. He seems to be . . . avoiding her. Could their love possibly be fading?

1,606 13
11 Confessions

Draco can't live with lying to Hermione all the time, and finally his resolve to conceal the truth shatters.

3,472 17
12 The Final Night

It's the last night before the final battle, and Draco finds himself in more of a tangle than he expected.

1,838 10
13 Dealing with Fate

Draco goes home after recieving a letter from Emstilla. She has something important to tell him, something that could break him and Hermione apart.

3,464 10
14 The Last Battle

Finally, the battle is here. But will Draco and Potter's plan work, or will Voldemort discover the Death Eater's betrayal? Can two enemies become allies in order to destroy the one powerful evil that threatens to end their lives forever?

3,358 13
15 Epilogue

This is the last chapter for my fan fiction. What happened to Draco and Hermione? Did their relationship work, or must they forever be seperated? This is indeed, Lovers . . . to the bitter end.

1,677 55


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