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General, Action/Adventure, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence
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First Published
2006-05-29 6:25am
Last Chapter
2011-02-26 2:47pm
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2011-07-21 1:46am

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1 Prologue

He with the power to defeat the Dark Lord does not. Harry Potter is dead. Fifty years later, follow Lottie Rowe as she finds her way into a rebellion and the heart of the war.

782 39
2 Chapter One: The Camp

Rain pitter-patted through the iron bars and onto the chilly glass window pane, alerting the occupants in the small flat of the coming storm. Storms in the middle of August, such as this one, were not uncommon. People had trouble explaining the intense and spontaneous torrents. Unable to connect them with the ocean, sun or planets, they just decided that the only possible explanation of the strange weather they had been experiencing for the past fifty years was magic.

3,294 18
3 Chapter Two: The Invitation

Maelioric folded his hands on the table and leaned in, whispering as well. “There’s an entire movement.” His voice made Lottie shiver. “Hundreds of witches and wizards who aren’t like the Death Eaters are fighting to end Voldemort’s reign.” Lottie gasped at the sound of the Dark Lord’s name, but was too captivated by what this man was telling her to do anything else about it.

2,716 15
4 Chapter Three: Odin Alley

The room was divided into two sections. On the left hand side, there was a rickety sign that read “Witches” and on the right, an equally as old sign read “Wizards.” She followed the other girls in front of her to the left side of the room, and started looking through the clothes. None of the clothes had patterns or writing on the front. Lottie picked a black and a red top, two pairs of faded jeans, and a green sweater. Everything looked as though it had been worn before.

4,190 13
5 Chapter Four: The Ivory Table

“Each House is focused on one necessary role in the war. The members of Professor Clynalmoy’s House will be trained in strategy and war planning. The members of my House learn the skills of battle skills and dueling. And--” his face darkened, “--the members of Professor Palmyitor’s House are spies.”

3,257 15
6 Chapter Five: Alsemore

“As this school is based on fighting the darkest of all evils, this will be the most important class you will take.” Lottie noticed that most of the professors so far had gone through great lengths to explain why their class was the most important. “It is important, especially in our situation to move quickly, and cover everything in depth. Nightly reading is vital, since I will not explain that information, assuming that you have the knowledge to build off of it.”

5,443 11
7 Chapter Six: The Somber Spirit

Her plate was still half full when she heard it. The noise was faint, but Lottie could make out a moaning sound. It sounded like a very far away and old building’s support squeaking, or maybe a dying cat. “Do you hear that?” she asked, turning to Stanley.


“That noise. Listen!”

3,216 11
8 Chapter Seven: Andrea

Lottie dropped her bag where it was and ran down the stairs to her dormitory. The dorm was empty, and she collapsed onto her bed. She hadn’t expected any of it to be like this. She was magic, but she couldn’t even unlock a door without a hair pin, while the rest of her class had mastered it two weeks before. She still hadn’t made a friend, and her parents never wrote back.

2,781 12
9 Chapter Eight: A Practical Lesson in Occlumency

Lottie opened up to chapter one in The Basics of Occlumency and searched for any more clarification on the process of Occlumency. “Oh, here’s something. Occlumecy is a complicated process in which one must clear his or her mind to avoid a Legilmens having access to memories and emotions… That’s all it says.”

3,333 9
10 Chapter Nine: Colm's Tale

“I was trying to get past all of you! It’s not my fault if that’s nearly impossible!” Lottie pushed Colm, sending him to the ground.

“Whoa, first years!” the Maelioric prefect ran up to Lottie who was still glowering at Colm on the ground. “Take it easy.”

Ignoring the prefect, Colm whipped out his wand and shouted, “Phelantio!”

3,490 11
11 Chapter Ten: The Lockdown

“Lottie, what’s up?”

“She--she’s not here!” Lottie shouted through gasps of air.

“Who’s not here?”

“Andrea! I can’t find her!”

“Lottie, the heads know where everybody--”

“Well they must have forgotten her! I can’t find her anywhere!”

2,768 9
12 Chapter Eleven: Never Had a Chance

The camp was different now. Or maybe Lottie just never noticed what she was living in. It was no longer just a rough place for a child to grow up, but a real prison.

1,751 8
13 Chapter Twelve: A Traitor at Alsemore

She had seen this particular group of girls with Stanley, so they must have been seventh years, like him. From what Lottie could see out of the corner of her eye, the seventh years all congregated tightly around a coffee table.

“Where did you get it?” Lottie overheard.

“A Death Eater sold it to me,” answered a rough voice--like sandpaper. “Cost a fortune, too.”

2,647 12
14 Chapter Thirteen: The Other Side of the Wall

She peeked out from behind the tapestry. The suit of armor had moved. It held its hand out, as though waiting for somebody to put something in its palm. Lottie pulled out her key. The suit opened its hands wider.

2,054 10
15 Chapter Fourteen: A Shadowy Discovery

The door was only open a crack, but Lottie noticed some shadows, flickering and changing shape in the torchlight. Who would be out so late after hours? And more importantly was it for good intentions?

1,929 11
16 Chapter Fifteen: The Inspection

Maelioric stood in the middle of the hall, patiently waiting for the students’ babble to die away. “Thank you all for cooperating so early in the morning,” he said to the students. “I assure you this shouldn’t take long. We’ll have you to your classes in no time. We are just going to perform a simple spell on each of you in turn. The easier you make this for us, the easier it will be for you. After that we will either tell you to sit down and enjoy your breakfast quietly or follow one of the teachers to a chamber a little ways down the corridor.”

2,293 10
17 Chapter Sixteen: Neville Longbottom

“Veldario!” As she reached to pick up the nearest bottle, Lottie noticed it shake ever so slightly. Lottie tried to open it. It still stuck. She held it to her ear and shook it to check its contents. Something inside rattled, just loudly enough for her to hear it.

3,442 8
18 Chapter Seventeen: Andrea's Discovery

“I think you’re in the wrong House,” Lottie chuckled. “You’re going to be horrible at disguises.”

“Not that you’re very good at much else,” called a voice from behind them.

Lottie didn’t need to turn around to guess who it was. Nobody else she knew made remarks that stupid.

2,816 19
19 Chapter Eighteen: Grimmauld Place

Finally, the day arrived for the students to visit their families. Lottie didn’t fit in her old clothes anymore, so the teachers had to give her somebody else’s to wear. Andrea brought along her duffle and hid the soap and clean clothes with food. Stainthorpe trusted her enough to believe that there was only food in the bag with only one glance; luckily for them, Stainthorpe wasn’t a talented Legilimens and wasn’t able to tell that they were lying.

4,328 18
20 Chapter Nineteen: The Three Broomsticks

The girl knew she wasn’t supposed to be out at this hour, but the owl she had received from her grandmother seemed more than urgent and the Three Broomsticks wasn’t very far away...

1,348 20
21 Chapter Twenty: The Muggle Revolt

The Death Eater waved his wand and shouted, “AVADA KEDAVRA!”

“Run!” Gabaldon shouted, pushing Lottie and Andrea out of the way. They froze, staring at the curse hurtling towards the professor. “RUN!” she demanded again; the light of the curse reflected the fear in her eyes.

3,414 37
22 Chapter Twenty-One: Bereavement

“I just hate it! I hate this entire war—it only hurts everybody. The only way I can help my family is by not seeing them and becoming completely detached from them. I don’t want to fight anymore. I just—just want to run away!”

2,197 26
23 Chapter Twenty-Two: Arithmancy

“Looking for this?”

In a moment of horror, Lottie dropped her wand. The light didn’t shine any higher than their ankles, but Lottie knew exactly who stood before them. The hair on her arm prickled against her skin, which suddenly felt as if it had been doused with cold water.

3,071 23
24 Chapter Twenty-Three: The Phoenix's Secret

Palmyitor laced her fingers on her desk. Her dark eyes pierced Lottie, sending pins and needles rocketing up the back of her neck. Tapping her long, painted fingernails against the desk, she carefully surveyed Lottie with raised eyebrows.

Lottie could feel her mind being pulled apart and rummaged through. Her stomach lurched as echoes from past conversations slowly grew in volume. Familiar voices shot through her head—Andrea’s, Colm Scrivener’s, her mother’s… Frantically, she

2,756 22
25 Chapter Twenty-Four: Lottie's Flight

“Don’t you try to avoid me,” hissed Palmyitor. She grabbed the third year’s chin and forced her to make eye contact.

Lottie could almost feel the anger burning from the professor’s eyes. “I—I’m—”

“Shut up.”

2,656 17
26 Chapter Twenty-Five: The Professors' Grudge

“He’s in a good mood, huh?" Andrea asked, perched in an alcove a few feet above the ground.

“I don’t understand his problem. Waterman too—she was cursing and swearing at me the entire time. Why is everyone so angry with me?”

3,768 15
27 Chapter Twenty-Six: The Legilimens’ Trick

Professor Gabaldon was lying face up against the London Camp’s tarnished pavement. Her eyes were shocked, wide open, dead. Her stiff hand was in a fist; her wand had been blown several feet away.

The memory melted. Blackness engulfed her as Breckenridge searched.

A thin strip of wood in her hand, eleven-year-old Lottie sat with an old piece of parchment, muttering, “Avada Kedavra…”

3,094 3
28 Chapter Twenty-Seven: Legilimency

It was easier this time to break through Andrea’s mind. The pinpoint of energy glided through the air toward her and a very different emotion filled Lottie. Inexplicable grief made her eyes water with pain. Horrible things were going to happen to her if she didn’t fall to her knees and pound the floor with misery. “Can’t you do something?” It was Andrea’s voice. Lottie head pounded with sadness. “Sometimes—” Stainthorpe this time “—we have to choose between what is right and what is easy.”

5,128 0
29 Chapter Twenty-Eight: Arrival in Paris

“Bouge, chien,” shouted one of the Death Eaters, grabbing a little boy by the scruff of his neck. He leaned over until his face was an inch from the Muggle child’s and growled, “Qu’est-ce que tu regardes?”

The little boy shook his head. “Rien,” he stuttered.

The Death Eater scowled and threw the Muggle to the ground. “Petit merde,” he spat.

3,966 0
30 Chapter Twenty-Nine: Hermione's Tale

“It happened at Hogsmeade,” she said in a whisper. “We were taking a break to meet with some of our old professors to ask questions and—suddenly, Death Eaters surrounded us.”

3,773 1
31 Chapter Thirty: Beauxbatons

“Bill!” Neville shouted louder, pounding against the rock and staring hopelessly at Hermione’s crumpled body. Lottie could see Hermione’s chest rising and falling, labored though it was. “Expelliarmus!” Neville shouted at the Death Eaters. “Stupefy! Imedimenta! BILL!”

4,479 0
32 Chapter Thirty-One: The Dueling Tutor

She stuck it on the tiny table beside Andrea’s bed and tiptoed out of the dormitory. The castle had succumbed to silence. Lottie’s own breath was magnified. Her own pulse was deafening—it roared in her ears, but it couldn’t have been as loud as the thoughts careening through her head; all of the old, dark portraits along the wall were snoozing, leaning their heads against their frames.

Something in front of her exploded. Lottie froze in her tracks and spun around. “Watch it!” she shouted to two teenage boys dueling fiercely before her.

5,610 1
33 Chapter Thirty-Two: A Practical Lesson in Legilimency

This time, François’s shield shattered. Just in time, he dodged to the side, but the curse snagged his leg. Shouting French profanities, he picked himself up and faced her again. Blood gushed down his leg, staining the hem of his robe and leaving a trail of scarlet behind him. Before he could send another curse at her, Bahorel appeared behind him and flicked his wand. The trunk closest to the pair flew open and with a sharp hissing noise, a dead body appeared. The lifeless form of Lottie Rowe stared blankly at the ceiling, creating a barrier between the two duelers.

3,180 10
34 Chapter Thirty-Three: François’s Farewell

“Hey—Lottie?” Andrea called from the front of the Entrance Hall. “We’re about to go.”

Lottie pushed past François to join the others. He put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She sighed. “Goodbye.” She rushed to Andrea’s semi-invisible side. François did not follow her.

2,811 8
35 Chapter Thirty-Four: The Diary of Harry Potter

At least one of Lottie’s Stunners hit him; eyes still wide in shock, Edgar keeled over. His head hit the ground with a loud smack. Grinning triumphantly, Lottie spun around to watch the progress of her other classmates. The room was silent. Every other student stared at her, dumbstruck. Dewitt grinned from behind his desk.

“I didn’t know we were supposed to actually hurt them,” Julianne said blankly.

4,661 12
36 Chapter Thirty-Five: The Potter Legacy

She stopped at the Palmyitor clock and clambered inside after setting the time. The common room was packed. Everywhere she turned, somebody was laughing or shouting across the room. Lottie felt sick to her stomach. Her vision was a blur of bodies and quills, the fire crackling hazily in the corner. She spun around, searching for an armchair, rubbing her forehead furiously.

5,220 6
37 Chapter Thirty-Six: Colm's Secret

Leaning against her desk was a man about Hermione’s age. His hair was completely silver, matching his perfectly grey eyes. It seemed that every detail of his fine robes were decorated with some kind of snake. He seemed to shimmer green. Lottie guessed he would have been quite handsome if he didn’t look as though somebody were trying to convince him to eat food that they had picked off the floor.

4,108 5
38 Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Guilt of Mr. Malfoy

Her heart pounded in her throat. She pulled her wand out and pushed the doors open to the Great Hall. What seemed like every student turned their head as she ran down the aisle between the Maelioric and the Palmyitor table. She could see Malfoy, with his stupid, manicured eyebrows arched in surprise.

The Hall was silent as Lottie pounded down to the staff table. “Sectumsempra!” she shouted.

2,760 7
39 Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Visitor

A smile began to stretch across Severus’s face as he launched his next attack. “Even in the older days, he was known for dealing with new recruits quite strictly. Let us not forget young Draco.”

Lucius spun around. His hair stuck up in each direction; his silver eyes widened manically. Severus could see his wand quivered in his hand. “Draco is dead,” Lucius said. The grey and black sky through the window formed a sort of anti-halo around his head.

1,814 8
40 Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Legilimency Professor

A stranger sat, observing the students with a look of distaste. He talked to no one, and yet appeared to be the object of the professors’ undivided attention. Professor Dyer leaned over his plate and murmured something to Professor Seward, the Flying teacher, who shrugged and shot a quizzical glance at the intruder. His dark hair masked his face, but something about the man seemed oddly familiar to Lottie.

3,314 7
41 Chapter Forty: Detention with Snape

“Very well,” Dewitt finally said, breaking their eye contact. “Class dismissed.”

The students sat, blinking at the tension between the two professors. “He said,” Snape repeated, turning his oversized nose toward them, “class dismissed.”

Immediately, the students jumped to their feet. Grabbing their bags, they dashed out of the room to avoid Snape’s impending wrath.

Lottie hesitated at the doorway, waiting for Andrea. The door slammed behind them. “Come on,” Andrea urged, crossing a few steps into the hallway. “Let’s get out of here.”

4,485 6
42 Chapter Forty-One: Professor Dewitt’s Offer

“Ever since that first class, Charlotte, your first duel with Edgar—ever since that day, I knew you were different—talented.”

“Erm—thanks,” Lottie croaked.

“You have a capability for cruelty far more evolved than any of your classmates. You know what you need to survive. You know and you are willing to execute it.”

3,466 7
43 Chapter Forty-Two: The Battle at Beauxbatons

Trembling, Lottie stared around her. The ground of the second floor had completely caved in. Standing in the entrance hall, Lottie could see directly to the third story. The stones from the fallen ceiling created a barrier, blocking them off from half of the hall.

“Where is everybody else?” Lottie asked.

3,959 5
44 Chapter Forty-Three: The Beginning of Fifth Year

Lottie sat proudly among the other fifth years. She joked loudly with Andrea about the underclassmen and recounted her younger days with a touch of superiority. Now that she was officially older than half of the school, she had earned that right. Andrea didn’t partake, but she did laugh heartily at all of Lottie’s comments. The only person who did not seem to be enjoying the feast was Hermione.

3,060 5
45 Chapter Forty-Four: The Trial

Lottie watched as all of the younger students filed out. Her heart fluttered as she wondered what Maelioric was about to announce. When it was just the fifth, sixth and seventh years left in the Hall, he continued. “We have an exciting announcement to make. We have planned a very important mission this summer.” The room was silent. Everybody held their breath. “To Hogwarts.”

5,953 8
46 Chapter Forty-Five: Lottie's New Mission

“Rowe?” It was Maelioric. He caught up to her in three long steps.

“Yes, Professor?” she asked, turning around to face him.

He crouched down so that he was eye to eye with her. The earnestness in his face reminded Lottie of the day he came to pick her up from the camps. “You’ve got a good friend, Rowe,” he said, smiling warmly. “Just remember that. Don’t throw her away.”

3,904 5
47 Chapter Forty-Six: Christmas with Professor Snape

“I would suggest, Rowe,” Snape said, slowly walking between the tables to her, “that the next time you decide to attack a fellow student, you do so out of the sight of a teacher.”

4,369 4
48 Chapter Forty-Seven: The Journey to Hogwarts

Hogwarts broke into view suddenly. Lottie wasn’t the only one who audibly gasped. If she had thought Alsemore was impressive, it was nothing compared to this. Hogwarts was a dark, brooding castle, but twice the size of Alsemore. It had towers sprouting out of each side, courtyards that sprawled across acres, and brown twisting paths set against bright green grass. The grounds were complete with forest, stretching on for about a mile.

3,969 5
49 Chapter Forty-Eight: Hogwarts

Even when she was not on a broom, the wind whipped Lottie’s robes around her ankles. “Come on,” she told Colm. “Let’s give this place a good search. Lumos.” By the white light of her wand, Lottie could see Colm shiver. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

“It’s eerie,” he said. “This is where it happened.”

4,797 8
50 Chapter Forty-Nine: The Sorting Hat’s Help

Locked in a chamber with nowhere to go and nobody to help her, Lottie glanced at the Sorting Hat and slipped it on. Maybe it could help.

“About time,” groaned a voice from the Hat.

2,768 7
51 Chapter Fifty: Successes and Surprises

It seemed to happen in slow motion. The sword swung down and struck the diadem right down the center. It was a moment of magical destruction that was absolutely bizarre to witness. It was as if the little crown had been alive. When it made contact with the sword, it began to shrivel and writhe. It struggled against the sword, but Palmyitor held a firm grip until finally, the diadem lay perfectly still.

“Is it dead?” Andrea’s voice broke the silence.

3,513 4
52 Chapter Fifty-One: The Fox and the Lamb

Lottie looked up and met his brown eyes. “You fought them for me?” As Colm nodded, Lottie mustered up her courage and placed her hand down on the table. Colm’s eyes grew wide and he reached out and laced his fingers with hers.

2,752 5
53 Chapter Fifty-Two: Halloween in the Camps

Posy grumbled and slumped into a chair. This had been Nathaniel’s idea—all his idea. He didn’t seem to care if they died or led others to their deaths. He didn’t seem to care that there was a movement of underage wizards, their daughter included, fighting for them so they didn’t have to do this.

2,727 5
54 Chapter Fifty-Three: The Wolf Den

They passed the source of the smell and Lottie had to hold her hand to her nose to keep from retching. A pile of carcasses lay rotting in the corner. Every sort of creature imaginable lay there—pigs, horses, rats—Lottie thought she even saw a human arm. Colm nudged Lottie and pointed to the arm too. “Is that—”

“Yeah, it is,” Alcippe said coldly.

4,205 5
55 Chapter Fifty-Four: Colm’s Sacrifice

Lottie stared at him blankly. She had never known him to be this selfless. When she thought of how brave he was being compared to her, her stomach curdled uncomfortably.

Colm held out his hand and took hers. Giving it a tight squeeze, he said, “I’ll be okay. I promise.”

3,577 6
56 Chapter Fifty-Five: A Crack in the Glass

“No! I’m not!” Andrea shouted. The window behind her shattered. The frigid January wind blasted in with a shower of glass. “Colm is disgusting—he doesn’t care about anything.”

“He cares about me,” Lottie snarled.

“That’s what you think, but I wouldn’t trust him with anything. And I swear—you’ll pay if you put your trust in him.”

4,158 6
57 Chapter Fifty-Six: Foiled Plans

It was a wild, horrifying moment. Posy pushed past the rest of the group, farther into the room. Everybody was trying to go the opposite direction to the door. In that moment, Posy was able to get lost in the shuffle and pushed aside one of the mattresses. In the shallow, hollow space, she collapsed into the smallest position possible and pulled the mattress over herself. She hid in darkness.

2,363 2
58 Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Hog’s Head

A haze overtook the cramped battle. The Death Eaters were strong, but Alsemore was putting up a good fight. Lottie could see why everybody praised Maelioiric’s dueling prowess. He was, without a doubt, the swiftest dueler she had ever seen. The three Death Eaters he had been fighting before lay at his feet, and he had taken on a fresh set of four.

2,875 5
59 Chapter Fifty-Eight: Snape’s Flight

“Look, Andrea—” Lottie glanced down at her sheets and over to the opposite wall “—I’m sorry—for the whole year, I mean. I just—”

“It’s okay,” Andrea said gently. “You more than made up for it at the Hog’s Head. You saved my life. The Dark Lord would’ve killed me—and you knocked me out of the way.”

2,514 5
60 Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fox, Lizard and Sparrow

Posy Rowe smiled, but no sense of warmth reached her eyes. She glanced at Nathaniel and at the three, brutish looking men before turning to Lottie in an apologetic way. Lottie understood exactly what they were doing—knew why the men were here and why everybody spoke in hushed voices.

“You can’t do this,” Lottie said, shaking her head. “You can’t—it’s suicide.”

2,833 3
61 Chapter Sixty: Professor Palmyitor’s Offer

“I expect you have been anticipating this,” Palmyitor said, carefully surveying Lottie. Lottie only nodded. “Well,” Palmyitor resumed, “as you know, you are a very talented Occlumens and Legilimens.”


“Your ability exceeds mine, or Severus’s, probably even the Dark Lord’s himself.”

3,539 5
62 Chapter Sixty-One: London Headquarters

“I have been away. After leaving Hogwarts, I went to America and went to spread the Dark Lord’s message.”

The Death Eater narrowed his eyes and straightened up, as if to examine her fully. “How do I know you’re not lying?”

Lottie etched a casual smirk into Shaula’s face. “Why would I lie?”

3,617 2
63 Chapter Sixty-Two: The Initiation

“The theory of the curse is to control completely,” he said, “to hold someone’s mind and not let it go. It is similar to the art of Legilimency—if you are at all familiar with the subject.”

Lottie pursed her lips. She did not turn to Snape and give him the clue he was searching for. She stared resolutely at the Muggle boy and said, “Not very familiar, no. But I’ll give it a try.”

3,148 5
64 Chapter Sixty-Three: The Death Eater’s Task

“Ah—our untraditional candidate has arrived,” Lucius said, examining the unconscious Muggle with a distasteful expression.

“Am I the first one?” Lottie asked.

Lucius looked up. “Always the competitive one, are we? Yes, you are the first one.”

4,461 6
65 Chapter Sixty-Four: The Mark

“You have shown the most talent, through your years at schooling, and he most aptitude in these trials,” the Dark Lord went on. His eyes lingered on each of them in turn—each of the unmasked recruits. Lottie felt his eyes slide on to her, and felt a wave of vulnerability. She stared back at him, trying to look neither confrontational nor meek. Her Occlumency held true, and he turned his gaze to another of the recruits.

Finally, after a prolonged silence, he spoke again. “You are the few chosen to be in my inner circle. The few worthy of the Dark Mark.”

4,826 5
66 Chapter Sixty-Five: The Lost Locket

Lottie wasn’t paying attention. She looked at the bed; it turned out to be nobody she recognized, but the scene was no less tragic. It was a young girl who lay in the bed. Lottie presumed it was a first year, though she looked much younger. Her eyes were shut—maybe she was sleeping—but the flinching look of agony in her face made Lottie think otherwise. Her skin was so pale that it was nearly translucent. Her hair was brown, but it was wispy, and in the light, almost looked white. It was like looking at an elderly woman in a child’s body.

4,764 5
67 Chapter Sixty-Six: The New Ministry

Barksdale gaped at him. Voldemort relished in this moment. Undoubtedly, the Minister had waited for this—had imagined confronting the Dark Lord, slaying him and becoming a hero. When faced with his greatest enemy, for real, though, he could do nothing but stare.

1,638 4
68 Chapter Sixty-Seven: The Old Ministry

They were in the center of a cavernous room. The walls had been almost completely knocked down, but there was a foundation where Lottie could see the ruins of several doors. They spun in a sort of half-hearted away, circling them lazily. Everybody else seemed too enraptured to speak. Almost all of the walls had been knocked down, so they could see everything from where they stood. Palmyitor began to walk and led them in the direction of what looked like a wall of glimmering light.

6,581 7
69 Chapter Sixty-Eight: Back at Alsemore

Lottie drew her legs up and hugged her knees. “Now what?”

Palmyitor looked at her with the intensity of one attempting Legilimency. Lottie shut her eyes. She was too empty for anything to be found.

“You tell me,” Palmyitor finally said.

4,062 4
70 Chapter Sixty-Nine: Inside the Ministry

“Stop the whole Ministry!” Andrea shouted. “Take it down. They’re doing more harm than good these days. Half the people they’ve executed recently are on our side. We could just get rid of Barkesdale. It would be easy. We could free Lottie—”

“Rowe has gotten herself into this situation. It is not my responsibility to rescue her.”

3,176 8
71 Chapter Seventy: Escape from the Ministry

She appeared in the middle of the Alsemore entrance hall and fell to her knees. Now, separate from the adrenaline of danger, she was very much aware of the pain in her body. Her side panged. She guessed that a rib was broken. All of her muscles trembled. And something, somewhere she couldn’t place, ached horribly.

Lottie was aware of her breathing. She sat on her knees with her hands planted firmly against the floor, grateful for the moment of calm and quiet.

3,443 7
72 Chapter Seventy-One: The Traitor’s Bargain

He had spent half a century grieving. Fifty years of tears had passed, and fifty years worth of prayers might finally come true.

2,896 7
73 Chapter Seventy-Two: Preparations

Lottie frowned. Something was wrong, very wrong. The way Palmyitor spoke—she and Clynalmoy were running the war. Someone was missing. “Where is Professor Maelioric?” she asked slowly, afraid to hear the answer.

Palmyitor turned around to face her.

4,325 7
74 Chapter Seventy-Three: The Battle at Alsemore

Lottie took only half a moment to catch her breath before slowly inching towards the doorway and peeking out. There was nobody there. She stood still for a moment among the corpses and inhaled slowly. She had been acting on instinct, not thinking, not feeling—just killing, but now everything was catching up to her. Her breath caught in her throat. Her stomach filled with boiling fear. She didn’t want to die—she couldn’t die—not like this.

4,021 8
75 Chapter Seventy-Four: The Traitor’s Regret

Lottie got to her feet, more slowly this time due to the aching protests of her body. The Death Eater had almost reached the top of the stairs, but she rushed after him anyway. “You coward,” she yelled. Her voice was hoarse.

The Death Eater turned around. He was close enough now that Lottie could see the familiar gleam in his eye.

3,292 9
76 Chapter Seventy-Five: The Camp Again

There was stillness and there was silence. It was not the thick sort of silence that filled uncomfortable conversations or a sorrowful moment; it was just an absence of sound, simple and ever present. It was not dark, but it was not light either. Everything was neutral, or just complete nothingness.

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77 Chapter Seventy-Six: Lottie’s Last Stand

Her footsteps creaked against the old steps as she went. She took her time, waiting to be sure that she had an effective mental block. Nothing could go wrong. She thought of what Snape had taught her: think nothing, feel nothing.

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78 Epilogue

They stepped outside. Over the bodies of friends and foes, they carefully walked and wrenched open the doors. The sun had risen at some point during the course of the battle and the light flew into the castle. Lottie drank it in greedily, like she had never seen the open sky before.

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